Online Pharmacies: Will Medications Online be Banned?

Many are accustomed to online ordering everything from household appliances to medicines. On the one hand, for us – consumers, it is very convenient – ordered online, at the right time you received pills, you paid money. And often the price is much lower than in regular pharmacy. And there is no need to stand in queues. It is very important for people with disabilities, families with small children, patients in hospitals, who urgently require medicines.

Yet to unlicensed websites for medicines sale (and there are several thousands of them on the Internet) there is the set of claims: where is a guarantee that products are stored at the right temperature in a specially equipped premises, especially those that require low temperatures? How to control quality, who will be responsible for counterfeit? And according to the World Health Organization, up to 50 percent of counterfeit goods is realized through unlicensed online pharmacies.

Another thing – websites of reputable pharmaceutical networks, essentially Internet is a showcase of existing in reality pharmacies. As a rule, on such websites, there is a description of the drug, its presence in particular pharmacy, and opportunity to book its. But courier delivery is rarely possible. And if courier brought you ordered medication, pharmacy performed this function at its own risk.

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All these nuances were not once discussed at meetings in the pharmaceutical industry. And from July 1, amendments to law began operating on handling medicinal products. Some of them relate to just e-commerce. In particular, websites that do not belong to any network pharmacy, but selling drugs, can simply be closed.

In fact, since July 1, amendment came into force, but unfortunately, there is no norm, that will help to close websites of unscrupulous sellers. To mechanism become operational, amendments to related laws are necessary. Including need to set out clear rules that will require complying with all websites where it will be possible to reserve or buy medicines. For example, the website must belong to a pharmacy, which is domiciled and licensed; consultations on the selection of drugs should carry out a knowledgeable pharmacist; courier, which delivers drugs to the patient, must also have a pharmaceutical education; prescription drugs will only be sold on presentation of prescription. All of these rules are needed solely for the benefit of the consumer. We are well aware that delivery of drugs is in demand and needed. But at the moment, unfortunately, there is no monitoring mechanism for disreputable websites and courier delivery.

Still online pharmacies that provide quality service exist. Canadian Health&Care Mall is one of them.

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