Why Were Stamina-Rx Supplements Recalled?

Stamina-Rx is a dietary supplement that was produced by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. The drug was meant to be used as a sex-enhancer for men. It was supposed to help men get a better erection that would last for a longer period of time. It has now been banned completely.

It is easy to see the appeal of a sex-enhancing drug. After all, erectile dysfunction is a major problem in men. Due to the availability of ED drugs these days, it has become easier to get rid of the problem. Nonetheless, there are men without ED who prefer using sex-enhancing drugs to improve their sexual activity. However, these drugs might not always be safe which is what happened with Stamina-Rx.

Why Was Stamina-Rx Banned?

Stamina-Rx has been recalled by its manufacturer completely. All lots of this drug have been taken out from the market and shops like Canadian Health&Care Mall. The reason for the ban is that Stamina-Rx contains a drug that has been unapproved for such a supplement. The drug is benzamidenafil and it is capable of putting your health at risk. This drug was not even mentioned on the label of Stamina-Rx. The FDA has not approved the use of this drug.

Benzamidenafil belongs to a particular group of drugs which also contains the active ingredients found in the popular ED drugs. They include Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. Benzamidenafil can be a threat to your health as it can interact with the nitrates which are found in a number of prescription drugs. The combination of the two drugs inside the body can cause the blood pressure to fall to dangerously low levels. In some cases, it can prove to be fatal. Drugs containing nitrates are most commonly taken by people who are suffering from one of the following diseases.

  • Heart diseases;
  • High cholesterol levels;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Diabetes


Are ED Drugs Safe?

The drugs that have been approved for use in treating erectile dysfunction are generally safe but there are restrictions in place. It is not possible for some patients to consume these drugs due to certain existing conditions. Side effects are, however, possible but they are uncommon. Some of these are given below.

  • Headaches;
  • Feeling warm;
  • Heartburn or upset stomach;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Back pain;
  • Loss of hearing;
  • Changes in the vision such as glare or color.

Warning Signs While Using ED Drugs

While the above side effects are not very harmful, there are certain side effects that need to be treated as warning signs. If you notice any of the following symptoms while using ED drugs, you may need to get emergency treatment from a medical facility.

  • Painful erections;
  • An erection that lasts for over 4 hours;
  • Rashes;
  • Pain in the chest;
  • Fainting;
  • Burning or itching sensations during urination.

Levitra, Cialis and Viagra

Precautions While Taking ED Drugs

Before you start consuming oral medications from Canadian Health&Care Mall for your erectile dysfunction problem, you should make sure that you are taking the right precautions. Doing so will help you keep safe. You must ensure that your doctor is familiar with your medical history so as to get the right treatment for you.

  • Make sure that your doctor is informed about any allergies you have with any drugs.
  • You cannot take these medications if you have been scheduled to undergo surgery of any kind.
  • You cannot take these drugs if you already take medications that contain nitrates. After all, the combination can lead to a dangerous drop in your blood pressure.
  • For the same reason, you cannot take these drugs if you are also taking alpha-blockers.

The Common ED Drugs and Facts about Them

The most commonly used drugs for treating erectile dysfunction are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. These drugs are known to be effective in most cases of ED. All of these ED medications tend to work in a similar fashion. All of them cause the blood vessels to dilate which allows more blood to flow into the penis. As a result, an election is achieved. Out of them, Cialis tends to last the longest with its timespan of 36 hours while the others last for 4 to 5 hours. You can easily get these medications from Canadian Health&Care Mall.