What Antibiotics Can Treat a Cold?

Happens quite often when an individual suffering from a bad cold and under the treatment of some primary basic medicines tends to come up with dissatisfactory results due to the certain ineffectiveness of those medications. This is the time when an individual would wonder whether antibiotics can help him/her to fight against such cold and lousiness. Colds are basically caused by viruses and antibiotics are taken to fight against those infections that are brought by the bacteria causing cold. There are several effectively successful antibiotics available from Canadian Health & Care Mall that can fight against cold and ensure a perfect immunity. However, it is also quite important to consider the various cases and instances when an antibiotic can work well and effectively.

A Cough and Cold


A cough and common colds keep on occurring among various people affecting their health and lifestyle at a moderate level and are generally curable. If a healthy man is affected by a cough and cold then it would take somewhat around a week or 10 days for this person to recover completely since his immunity is much more strong since the person is not at all preoccupied with any other disease which would otherwise weaken body immunity and overall strength that is required to fight against the infection caused by certain bacteria. Common colds and coughs can also give rise to fever and nasal congestion. These are the associates of common cold which mainly occurs due to viral infections caused by viruses which can be eased and treated effectively in order to ensure that there is no infection. Antibiotics execute the task of fighting against such viruses and help an individual to recover from such viral infections. The Canadian Health & Care Mall tells further about the possible symptoms and factors that determine cold and cough.

Symptoms of a Cold

It is quite easy to determine the symptoms and causes of cold and cough. The symptoms and causes of cold are given as follows:

  • Watery eyes;
  • A sore throat;
  • A runny nose;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Sneezing

What Causes a Cold?

There are people who would probably tend to find out the actual causes of cold so that it can be determined beforehand and appropriate precautions can be taken accordingly.

Here are the causes of cold and cough:

  • Coronavirus: The Coronavirus mainly stay active during the winter and early spring and about 205 of cold are caused due to Coronavirus. Among thirty kinds of such Coronavirus, only two or three of them affect people.
  • Rhinovirus: About 10-40% of colds are caused due to the presence of Rhinovirus which becomes active mainly during early winter, summer, and spring.
  • Parainfluenza and RSV: These viruses can also lead to chronic pneumonia among children and cause about twenty percent of colds.

A person affected by such cold and cough or any other chronic disease that has occurred due to the inception of a common cold can visit Canadian Health&Care Mall for further details and effective treatment for such infections.

How Can Antibiotics Help to Fight against Colds?

According to studies and real-life example, it has been proved that antibiotics do not help to cure colds rather it helps to fight out the infection that has been caused due to the virus that has affected an individual’s health, causing cough and cold. Antibiotics basically help to improve the situation and other symptoms of cold quite significantly. Thus, antibiotics such as Aspirin, Codeine, Chlorpheniramine, and Benzonatate helps out a person suffering from allergic conditions of watery eyes, hay fever, runny nose and the likes.

So, antibiotics can be definitely taken and used in order to treat cold and cough but one must even take note of the fact it would not help to recover faster or restrict the cold from getting worse. An antibiotic eases the situation and helps a person to fight against the pain and infection that are caused due to the virally affected immune system of an individual’s body. One can definitely seek help and assistance from Canadian Health&Care Mall if the person wishes to be diagnosed quite effectively.