Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

When browsing medications to treat erectile dysfunction in Canadian Health Care Mall, you will notice many alternatives to treat the problem. One of them is Viagra. The medicine was made available in 1998 and has been used by many men worldwide. In fact, consumption of the drug has increased up to 250%. It is a proof that may men experience the condition and they opt for a medication that will treat the condition. From Viagra to Cialis – these are medications that don’t require a surgical procedure or therapies. Most men prefer this treatment rather than any other. Apart from that, there are several remedies to treat erectile dysfunction.

Penile Injection

Another way to treat erectile dysfunction is to receive a penile injection. This procedure uses an injection method that triggers erection. A doctor will inject a certain drug directly to the penis. This is effective especially when a patient is unable to take oral medication. Urologists also suggest this method due to its 80% success rate. However, there are also side effects of the treatment such as priapism. Some even feel a burning sensation.


This method is a dissolvable pellet that needs to be inserted into the opening urethra of the penis. It helps to trigger an erection from 10 minutes up to 1 hour. However, there is a side effect of using the Muse. A patient may experience an unpleasant feeling followed by bleeding and redness.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapyHormone therapy is done when a male has low testosterone hormones. It helps to increase the desire in males through using patches or injections and sometimes gels that can improve the sensitivity of the skin. Hormone therapy also includes boosting sex mood and drive. Hormonal therapy also works for other non-mechanical problems related to erectile dysfunction.

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There are certain side effects that can cause a bigger issue. Some males are reported to have prostate enlargement and also acne. Serious problems include breast enlargement and fluid retention.

Herbal Treatment

There are patients who prefer natural treatments like taking herbs formulated for erectile dysfunction. Natural treatment has the least side effects but the improvement may run slower than any other type of treatment used.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapyIf erectile dysfunction is caused by stress or anxiety, the key is to have sex therapy. A poor relationship may cause the condition to arise – which is why many health professionals offer couples therapy to treat erectile dysfunction using a psychological approach.

Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is used when a patient doesn’t want or cannot take pills. A vacuum pump creates an erection of the penis and then forces the blood to flow. The ring that is placed at the penis’ base is used to maintain an erection. A vacuum pump is an effective treatment and many men successfully (almost 80%) use the method. There are side effects to this type of treatment, which include bruising and numbness due to the forces involved. The ring may not be worn for longer than half an hour.

Surgical Implant

Surgical implant penisSurgery is another way to treat the disorder. An erectile dysfunction treatment like surgery offers an effective and instant solution to the condition. However, there are risks that involve breakdown and even infection because surgery requires an implanted pump that pumps the fluid through a ring placed in the penis.

Viagra, Generic Cialis and Levitra

More than 20 millions of Americans are reported to be affected by erectile dysfunctions. This is why the consumption of Levitra, Viagra or Cialis has also increased over the past decades. It is also reported that more than 75% of men who take the medication are successful. Viagra, Cialis and Generic Levitra are FDA approved drugs to increase blood circulation to the penis and cause an erection. However, apart from the benefit, there are several side effects experienced by some men. Mild effects include a headache and nasal congestion whilst severe effects include hearing loss and heart palpitations. It could be dangerous when you already have a heart disease because it affects the blood pressure.

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