Various Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is also known as male impotence which means a man suffering from such a disorder is unable to gain erection which eventually gives rise to sexual problems and other complications during the time of sexual activity. Sexual arousal in men is actually a complex process which may include several things such as a proper synchronization of:

  • Brain;
  • Nerves;
  • Emotions;
  • Hormones;
  • Blood vessels;
  • Nerves

So, it really requires all these factors to work out well which shall result in a proper sexual arousal in a man. If the erectile dysfunction stays for long and keeps occurring every single time, then there is definitely a need for consultation and visiting a specialized pharmacy and medical institutions such as Canadian Health Care Mall. If an individual is going through mental stress and depression then it can also affect and worsen erectile dysfunction. Studies say that for not being able to achieve an erection, men tend to fall prey to anxiety and it is that anxious and disturbed state of their minds which worsens and intensifies erectile dysfunction to a large extent.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

There are several physical causes and factors related which can give rise to erectile dysfunctions in men. Certain physical disorders and health conditions can affect a man’s sexual life by paving way for sexual and erectile dysfunctions. Common causes determining erectile dysfunction include:

  • High Blood Pressure;
  • High Cholesterol;
  • Diabetes;
  • Heart Disease;
  • Obesity;
  • Certain injuries and surgeries that may have affected the pelvic area and spinal cord;
  • Certain medications;
  • Improper sleep or sleep disorder;
  • Treatments related to enlarged prostate and prostate cancer;
  • Substance abuse and heavy consumption of alcohol

However, Canadian Health Care Mall has an answer to it and a person suffering from such erectile disorders can visit the pharmacy and consult an expert who shall further prescribe him the suitable medicinal drug required for a flawless treatment of ED.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

The brain is one of the most important parts which plays the most crucial role in determining various physical factors which can eventually give rise to Erectile Dysfunction. Thus the psychological factor is really crucial as it often gives rise to the eventual physical factors. There are various things that may occur as a psychological effect which include:

  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Stress;
  • Poor communication between a couple;
  • Eventual relationship problems because of stress

Several risk factors that can cause and worsen erectile dysfunction

With age, the erection factor might worsen as it will take a longer time to be erected and might not be as firm as it is expected. At the time there are risk factors related to certain medications and health problems along with other risk factors such as:

  • Overweight: Being overweight or obesity can lead to erectile dysfunction;
  • Certain medical conditions: Medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can also prove to be an alarming cause of erectile dysfunction;
  • Prolonged session of bicycling: This can affect the blood flow to the penis and can compress nerves which may result in temporary or even permanent dysfunction at times.

Neurological disorders can cause and affect erectile dysfunction to a large extent

There are various neurological conditions and factors which can either cause or worsen erectile dysfunction which one individual is already suffering from. Nerve disorders create complications for the brain to communicate with the reproductive system which eventually gives rise to impotence or erectile dysfunction.

The various neurological and nerve disorders associated with impotence and erectile dysfunction include:

  • Brain tumors;
  • Spinal tumors;
  • Stroke;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Temporal lobe epilepsy

Reputed and reliable pharmacies and medical hubs are helping out several suffering from erectile dysfunction by providing appropriated medicines and drugs required to fight against this disorder. However, with advancements and developments in the field of medication, treatment of erectile dysfunction is no more a difficult thing to do rather with various medical assistance and emotional supports there are men who all have managed to do well with it and some of them have even recovered from such dysfunctions.