How Can Sport Change My Life?

Physical culture, sport, and health are in close interrelation. Influence of ecological factors, a rhythm of modern life, a constant presence in the environment of aggressive microorganisms weaken the health of the person. That is why it is so important to strengthen protective forces of an organism in all available ways – the balanced healthy food, timely treatment of various illnesses, preventive actions directed to immunity strengthening and also by means of physical activity.

The relevance of physical activity

How Can Sport Change My Life
With the development of technical progress, with the advent of computers, smartphones and other “devices” facilitating work and everyday life of the person, physical activity of people was sharply reduced.

Lack of physical activity leads to:

  • a gradual decrease in functional abilities of the person;
  • the weakening of the bones and muscles;
  • a poor work of internal organs.

In general, movement lack leads to failures in work of all systems (muscular, vascular, warm, respiratory) and an organism in general, promoting developing of various diseases. Physical exercise and mental health are also in a close relationship with each other

Importance of physical exercise for our health can be overvalued. The physical culture and sport sometimes become the only forms of physical activity available to the person by means of which natural need of the person to the movement and loadings is satisfied. Sports nutrition also plays an important role in maintaining proper health condition. It’s desirable to train sport from childhood. Read how to choose a sports type for your child.

Influence of the movement on systems and organs

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How the sport influences the health of the person? Numerous articles, scientific researchers. Let’s try to issue all these data in a short and available form.

Sport is useful to health for the following reasons:

  • The musculoskeletal system becomes stronger: the volume and power indicators of muscles are enlarged, bones of a skeleton become steadier against physical loads. Training in the gym or run, swimming, cycling improve oxygen supply to muscles, set circulatory capillaries into work — in rest, they are not active, forms new blood vessels. Under the influence of the regular training chemical composition of muscular tissue changes: the content of power substances enlarges that leads to intensive metabolic processes, synthesis of proteins and formation of new muscular cells. Systematic sports activities interfere with the development of such diseases as osteochondrosis, hernias of intervertebral disks, an arthrosis, atherosclerosis, an osteoporosis;
  • The nervous system develops and becomes stronger. It occurs at the expense of dexterity development, speed, and improvement in movements coordination. Sports activities promote the constant formation of new conditioned reflexes which are fixed and developed in consecutive series. The organism finds the ability to adapt to more difficult stresses and to make exercises in a more effective and economical way for the achievement of the necessary results. The speed of nervous processes is enlarged: the brain learns to react quicker to irritants and to make the right decisions;
  • Heart and blood vessels activity improves. Influence of sport on a human body makes heart and vessels stronger. Training force all organs to work in the intensive mode. Muscles at loadings need the increased blood supply that forces blood vessels and heart to pump over the bigger volume of the oxygenated blood for a unit of time. At rest heart pushes out in an aorta about 5 l of blood in one minute: at training, this quantity increases to 10 and 20 l. If a person goes for sports, his heart and blood vessels quickly get used to loadings and are also quickly restored after them;
  • The functioning of respiratory organs improves. Breath becomes deeper and intensive at the time of physical activities due to increase in oxygen requirement. The amount of the air passing through respiratory organs in a minute increases from 80 at rest to 100 at run, swimming, occupations in the gym. Also the vital capacity of lungs increases;
  • Immunity and the blood composition blood improves. The quantity of erythrocytes increases from 5 million in one cubic mm to 6 million if a person is training. Also the level of lymphocytes (white little bodies of blood), which function is neutralization of the harmful factors coming to an organism, increases. This is a direct proof that the sport strengthens protective forces — ability to resist adverse conditions of the environment. Physically active people fall ill less and if exposed to aggressions of bacteria or viruses, cope with it much quicker;
  • Metabolism gets better: the trained organism regulates the content of sugar and other substances in blood better;
  • Positive life changes: physically active people are more cheerful, less subject to sharp changes in mood, irritability, depressions, and neurosis.

The popularization of the sport

Physical benefits of exercise for a person is demonstrated by medical researchers, practical observations, the facts and even folklore: numerous proverbs about health and sport (“Who plays sports, that gains strength”, “It is strong a body — it is rich also with business”, etc.).

Modern medicine and pedagogics try to popularize the sport and to impart the positive relation to physical culture in mass consciousness. At schools and higher education institutions, days of health and sport are spent, students are given free subscriptions on the visit of pools and training halls, however, the percent of those who ignore the value of physical activity for health is still enormous.

It is necessary to go for sports, following reasonable approach and moderation: overloads during the training are inadmissible. There is also a danger of traumatic damages so don’t forget about security measures.

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What sport is better?

  • what sport to choose?If it is necessary to remove aggression and irritability – welcome to boxing, single combats, kickboxing, and others.
  • Women can choose aerobics with elements of east martial arts. Single combats require immediate reaction, endurance, mind and distract from problems. It is important to fight against complete devotion. It is a quick and effective method of the fight against a stress;
  • If it is necessary to learn how to control emotions, then yoga will help you. It is the ancient technique of relaxation, art, and science to hold the body and emotions in harmony. Yoga allows fighting a set of serious diseases, such as bronchial asthma or obesity. It promotes harmony and rest and protects the person from bad emotions;
  • Dancing will remove a cumulative negative. Dances develop flexibility and plasticity, will allow to dissolve themselves in music, to forget the problems and to find self-confidence;
  • It is possible to receive a charge of cheerfulness and good mood during jogs, cycling and skating. All these sports improve blood circulation and metabolism, strengthen muscles of legs and buttocks. It is an excellent training for a figure and health which is available to everyone today;
  • Watersports give a positive charge: swimming, water aerobics. They are useful at any age; breasts, a stomach, and hips effectively “work” at the area of shoulders. At the same time load of joints is minimum.
    Water clears up, gives an effect of a hydromassage. Therefore after the pool the stress and the feeling of tiredness disappear;
  • If you need adrenaline charge – then go for extreme sports: powerlifting, diving, parachuting, parkour, mountaineering, etc.
  • Jumps through a jump rope are the ideal training of an organism: heart beats more often, blood circulation amplifies. Five minutes per day of such sport is a quite sufficient loading;
  • Tennis requires many efforts. It is useful to muscles of legs, to the maintenance of a good shape of a body and concentration. Beginners have to be trained with the trainer at first.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall reminds that the chosen sport should bring you pleasure and joy, then it will bring health not only to a body – but also to your soul.