Sleep Apnea Can Lead To ED But Canadian Health&Care Mall Can Treat It

The reasons for the development of erectile dysfunction are quite diverse. It can be caused by a serious medical condition like diabetes or heart disorder. ED can also be the result of cycling too much. Psychological problems can also be a reason for developing ED. While ED medicines are available at places like Canadian Health&Care Mall for this condition, it is essential that you find out the actual cause of your erectile dysfunction. Recent studies have shown that even sleep apnea be a cause for ED.

The Links between Sleep Apnea and Erectile Dysfunction

According to a study done on sleep apnea and its links with erectile dysfunction, researchers found something interesting. The presence of sleep apnea can increase the chances of developing erectile dysfunction. More importantly, ED medicines such as Cialis cannot help in removing the problem completely. In sleep apnea, the breathing of the patient tends to stop several times over the course of night.

The tests were performed on male mice. These mice were exposed to brief but continuous periods of oxygen deprivation while they were sleeping. Later, they were made to mate with the female mice. Experiments were also performed to get them to achieve erections spontaneously.

After causing sleep apnea, the researchers gave Cialis to the mice. Cialis is a medication for erectile dysfunction. The pills were grounded and mixed into peanut butter which was then fed to the male mice. The mice did certainly become sexually active. However, their level of performance was lower than what is was before they suffered from sleep apnea.

The results of this experiment showed some interesting links between ED and sleep apnea. The problem wasn’t with the testosterone levels. Sleep apnea did not affect the levels of this hormone. The anatomy of the mice remained the same as well. However, sleep apnea affected the presence of another enzyme in the body.

This enzyme is required for the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide plays an important role during erections as it helps in expanding the blood vessels of the body. As a result of this expansion, blood can flow more freely to the penile region resulting in an erection.

Sleep Apnea and Erectile Dysfunction

How to Cure ED If Sleep Apnea Is the Cause?

It is not possible to cure erectile dysfunction completely if sleep apnea is the cause. ED medicines might improve the condition but the results will be less than desirable. Instead, you need to focus on curing sleep apnea. A good way to do so is by using a device called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine.

Using Medications for Treating ED

There are different ED medicines available from Canadian Health&Care Mall. However, all of them tend to work in a similar manner. The medicines will affect the blood vessels in the body and increase the flow of blood. With the increase of blood flow to the penis, a proper erection can be achieved. Some of the medicines you can use for erectile dysfunction are given below.

  • Generic Cialis
  • Canadian Pharmacy Viagra
  • Generic Levitra

While these medications are effective in treating ED, there can be side effects to using them. For that reason, you must make sure that you are following the right precautions by consulting a doctor. The doctor will determine if these medicines will be safe for you. Some of the precautions for these ED medicines are given below.

  • You must check if you are allergic to any medicines including those for ED.
  • Mention all the medications or supplements that you are taking. It is possible that some of those might react badly when taken with ED medicines.
  • You cannot take these medicines if you are also taking nitrates. Doing so can cause your blood pressure levels to drop dangerously low.
  • For the same reason, you must avoid these medicines for alpha-blockers.
  • These medicines cannot also be taken if you are going to undergo surgery.

In spite of the precautions you are taking, it is possible that you can suffer from side effects. On the other hand, the possibility of developing side effects is low. Most side effects are harmless but others are quite dangerous. Make sure that you keep yourself informed about the side effects before buying ED medicines from Canadian Health&Care Mall.