Sexual Life During Pregnancy: 10 Main Rules for a Pregnant Women

The instinct of procreation is inherent to man as well as all flesh. To continue family heritage sexual relations are required. That is, these two innate instincts are inextricably connected with each other.

Thus, a woman becomes pregnant. But she finds out about it only after 2-3 weeks, when next menstruation will be delayed. And before that, she continues her daily life, including sex with a husband or lover. But it is worth seeing a doctor in an antenatal clinic, which makes the diagnosis of pregnancy, as a result, a strict, indeed Puritan ban on sex will wait for you in the nearest future. Thus it is created artificial separation from the woman and her partner. They ignore their natural needs, just like breathing and food intake.

In fact, if pregnancy is not burdened with the threat of interruption, normal sexual life is not contraindicated. And the fear of “something disturbs” is completely unfounded. Having sex up to 15 weeks (3.5 months.) is also justified because of increased sexual attraction in the early stage.

If there are no restrictions in early pregnancy regimen, clothes, diet, so they can not be in sexual life as well – or in the frequency of sexual intercourses, nor in their features. The embryo when it consists of a few tens or hundreds of cells has no influence on the female body. Therefore, the desire to protect the fetus in early pregnancy is groundless.

ATTENTION: Let me repeat: all of the above is true only under the condition of an uncomplicated pregnancy.

The embryo almost to 13-14 weeks needs the spermatozoa, both as high protein nutrient, and building material.

sexual life during pregnancy
The sexual life of spouses or lovers during pregnancy is psychologically and organizationally much easier and relieved that you no longer require protection against pregnancy (no pills, gums, creams, suppositories), only the joy of communicating with each other.

ATTENTION: During pregnancy, hygiene is especially important for a woman. Intimate hygiene 2 times a day is not only desirable but also strictly necessary. This also applies to a sexual partner.

With the further development of pregnancy (4-7 months) you have to make some limitations due to abdomen increase. You just have to change posture, favoring poses behind. Oh, and intensity of having sex is needed some decline. All these conditions must be met in the final, third trimester (7-9 months).

The Birth and Postnatal Period

For 2-2.5 weeks before the expected date of delivery, you should refrain from sexual activity. During this period of the fetal head is already very close to the exit from the cervix. When engaging in sex at this time a great danger of beginning premature labor or premature rupture of membranes.

But now, finally, you become happy parents. For as much as 6 weeks after childbirth, it is necessary to abstain from sexual activity, high risk of infection is present because the uterus after childbirth is a solid wound surface. Sex is strictly forbidden, as the uterus and birth canal of women must come to a normal state: the uterus shrinks to its normal size; soft tissue injuries should heal.

When, at last, this ban is removed, seemingly long-forgotten problem of protection against the next pregnancy comes to the forefront.

ATTENTION: In these difficult times, when we are all far, far removed from nature and the environment in a catastrophic state, as well as our bodies, even breastfeeding women, in the absence of menstruation can become pregnant.

Methods of contraception should be chosen already in the period of forced sexual abstinence. Now there are ultra low dose oral contraceptives, which do not affect quality and quantity of breast milk, or for your baby

The size of your genitals, dear young mothers, will never be the same as before the birth. As a result of stretching the passage of fetal birth canal widen and injured by cracks, ruptures, and it makes sizes several times larger. In the restoration of the former sizes plastic surgery can help, but if you plan to have children, the meaning of such an operation is completely lost: the following labor will be reduced the effectiveness of this operation to zero.

If your son or daughter were born by cesarean section, the period of abstinence from sexual activity is even longer (as much as 8-10 weeks), and contraception should be more reliable. This reliability can be only provided by modern ultra low dose hormones. But genital tract in women is kept the same as before labor.

Very gentle, loving, safe sex, as nothing else can protect a woman to overcome postnatal depression in recent years.

ATTENTION: Dear men, never force your wife to have sex after giving birth if she does not want. You should be especially kind and patient with her.

10 Rules for a Future Mother

№1 – Fresh Air

A pregnant woman should make walking in fresh air. Every day, at least for one hour. It is best to walk in the forest, park or garden. First, it is followed the norms of motor activity, and secondly, the fresh air increases blood circulation, which is useful for both mom and future baby.

№2 – Vitamins

In our time, when the majority of the population suffer from a state of hypovitaminosis and lower immunity, modern women during pregnancy should be sure to take special vitamin and mineral preparations, such as Pregnavit, Materna, Hendevit, Unikap-M Ladies’ formula, and others. These vitamins promote a normal state of pregnant women health, strengthen the immune system, protecting, both woman and fetus from the anti-viral respiratory diseases. The best thing is to start taking the above vitamins three months before child conception to be prepared for forthcoming pregnancy.

№3 – Special diet

The diet of pregnant women differs from the nutrition of non-pregnant women. It does not mean that you should simply increase or reduce the amount of food consumed. It is necessary to qualitatively change the diet and take a course on food rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats of vegetable origin. In the very first months of pregnancy, you can not deny yourself the pleasure of what you want. But towards the middle of pregnancy (18-20 weeks) requires a specific diet.

weight control№4 – Weight Control

It is important to closely monitor weight gain! The main thing that it was linked with an increase in fetal weight and size of the uterus. It means that every week you can gain 200-450 grams (depending on your overall weight and growth factor). Weight gain for entire pregnancy should not be more than 8-12 kg. Superfluous kgs will not only spoil the figure of a young woman after childbirth but also significantly burden pregnancy!

ATTENTION: Subcutaneous adipose tissue requires the circulation of the same intensity as the fetus. With an increase in body weight of pregnant women, fetal circulation deteriorates, thereby violating its development.

№5 – Calcium

At 22-24 week fetus body begins the process of bone formation. If the level of calcium in women is not high enough, the calcium begins removed from her teeth and bones. To avoid tooth decay, in the period of pregnancy it is important to take care of the calcium entry from outside. The most effective drugs are soluble Calcium-Sandoz, Calcium-D3-Teva.

№6 – Hemoglobin

At 24-25 weeks’ gestation from maternal hemoglobin formed hemoglobin of fetus. Therefore, in this period in pregnant woman sharp decrease in hemoglobin in the blood happen. In this regard, it is sometimes recommended prophylactic administration of preparations containing iron, such as Gyno-Tardyferon, Ferrum Lek, Sorbifer Durules, Fenules etc.

№7 – Allergens

In the same period, fetus immune system is developing. Therefore, we must eliminate from your diet the most allergenic foods such as chocolate, honey, oranges, and tangerines.

gymnastics during pregnancy№8 – Gymnastics

To strengthen the body before forthcoming birth it is necessarily required to be engaged in special exercises for pregnant women, including both restorative and breathing exercises, and special exercises to strengthen the muscles of anterior abdominal wall, thighs, and crotch. During labor, you will need a lot of strength. It is important to be physically prepared for this important moment.

№9 – Permanent Medical Control

In our time there should be no uncontrolled pregnancies! There are too little healthy people left. In this regard, a lot of women for whom pregnancy suffer a real threat to their health and often life. In order to give birth to a healthy baby and stay healthy, timely ask your doctor, hand over the necessary tests, go through ultrasound examination.

In addition to all the above tests, a woman should be screened for blood group and Rh factor. This is very important, because the presence of Rh-positive fetal Rh-negative mother may be the beginning of a serious problem: Rh-conflict pregnancy.

It is also recommended screening for infection: chlamydia, mycoplasmosis and other viruses of this group, which can cause defects formation or such as AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B antigen may lead to fetal abortion. Testing for AIDS and syphilis should be performed three times during pregnancy (every trimester), and hepatitis B virus – twice.

The systematic review also needs the level of hemoglobin identification. The greatest load during pregnancy are observed in female liver and kidneys. Therefore, we must regularly check the biochemical composition of blood and urine analysis. Without all of these procedures, you cannot be confident in the prosperous course and outcome of pregnancy.

№10 – Precautions

In the first and last months of pregnancy abstinence from sexual activity is recommended. Since it is fraught with miscarriage or premature birth. In other periods sex is not prohibited (within reason, of course), only you need to pay special attention to genitals hygiene and choose poses for sexual intercourse correctly.

Prospective mothers can not overwork! Moderate loads are necessary, but it is necessary to exclude night work, lifting weights, too often slopes, a long-standing or sitting. It is also not recommended long trips, especially in the second half of pregnancy.

And the most important – is the state of mind of the pregnant woman. Stress, nervous stress is not allowed! After all, feelings and emotions during this period is particularly aggravated. Therefore, the expectant mother herself and all her family members must ensure that none did violate its peace of mind.

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