Secrets of Healthy Lifestyle

The term “healthy lifestyle” is not defined clearly. Let’s see some different healthy lifestyle definitions.

  • From the point of view of the philosopher, this is the health of the spirit. If you are a religious person, this is the health of soul, following posts and rules;
  • sociologists will tell that it is life without alcohol and drug addiction;
  • diet doctors will note healthy nutrition;
  • doctors – prophylaxis of diseases.

This series can be continued infinitely. But the general definition is approximately identical: a healthy lifestyle is ‘modus vivendi’ (a way of life, a way of existence) oriented on health strengthening and illnesses prophylaxis. Everyone decides for himself what means “illness” and “prophylaxis”. We will mean by this term set of measures for strengthening our physical health.healthy lifestyle

If we say that we choose as the motto the phrase “there is a sound mind in a harmonious body” it won’t be absolutely correct. It is the important, but not the only part of our existence.
However, if the person is healthy, his thoughts are more sensible, he rejoices events happening all around, he deals with any problems in minutes. To be healthy means to have a fantastic treasure which practically any person can have if he tries. But it is worth trying: we speak of physical health.

The popularization of a healthy lifestyle is necessary now: organism physical loads have changed, we are moving less. But our culinary preferences were left without changes. People have promptly begun to grow fat, so, to be ill and lose the ability to the full performance of the social role.

What do we wish to the family, congratulating them on holidays, as a rule? Health! What do we pray in churches for? The health of the family! And what do we do to be healthy? Yes, almost nothing.

The immune system is responsible for health. We say about the healthy person that he has a good immunity. Immunity is an ability of protection against infections and other harmful effects. It is necessary to support immune system daily. And for this purpose, it is necessary to know how to lead a healthy lifestyle!

Let’s consider the main aspects of a healthy lifestyle, trying to answer a question: how to be healthy.

The main aspects of a healthy lifestyle

1. Healthy nutrition is the basis

natural-and-heatlhy-foodFood is very important for a healthy lifestyle of the person:

Without food, we won’t be able to live.

Lack of food leads to irreversible changes in health. Even in our, in general, ‘satiety time’, we often meet the diseases connected with lack of food. The most “popular” among them is anorexia. The most terrifying is the fact that the person brings to this illness himself.

Healthy food doesn’t mean that you should overfeed. The surplus of calories is detrimental to us.

The first rule of our organism: it is better not to eat up than to overeat! It is known that the healthy person following healthy nutrition will hardly eat more than it is necessary for him. But some diseases can cause increases in appetite. Diabetes of the second type is especially dangerous in this regard. At this disease, the pancreas regularly produces insulin (sometimes even in larger quantity), but the organism doesn’t distinguish it and “demands” a glucose. The person begins to eat more food and sweets, thus gathering more and more extra kilos, the sugar level in a blood increases, but the patient wants to eat more and more. The organism ceases to produce insulin, in that case, diabetes turns to achrestic diabetes which is more hazardous to health. The healthy nutrition helps to avoid many age diseases and it is recommended for health maintenance.

2. Sport and physical exercises

African American FamilySince ancient times the person constantly had physical activities. It was necessary to work much to get food. Ancient people had no excess weight.
Now loadings are minimized. At work, we sit at a table, we move on cars, we are on vacation resting on the beach. It isn’t correct and it isn’t useful for health. Genetically we didn’t change. All researchers show that the people playing sports fall ill less often.

But do not be fanatics!

You can imagine the ancient person during the era of the paleolith which is continuously running for a mammoth? The same researchers say that there are no healthy people among professional athletes at the moment. The healthy lifestyle provides moderation of physical activities. Scientists have found out that 150 minutes of exercises per week will be optimum.

What should be chosen to feel fresh and be healthy? Everyone has to decide for himself. It is better to change several various gyms, than not to derive pleasure from this occupation.

  • Swimming, water aerobics is a great idea to stay healthy.
  • Physical exercises in water are the most sparing.
  • For women,  all types of dances are recommended. During dancing, all muscles work. And it is simply beautiful.
  • For men, we may recommend group sports, soccer, volleyball. If you build up muscles, do not be fanatic!
  • If you categorically object gyms, do at least exercises, having chosen the complex which is most suitable for you.
    Often morning exercises are propagandized. But if you do them with a great effort and feel tired after them, then what is the advantage of such exercises? Remember that in case of a correctly picked up set of exercises you will feel easy physical fatigue and huge moral satisfaction.

3. Take vitamins

  • Vitamins are necessary for a human body.
  • Of course, the best is to receive all vitamins from a nutrition.
  • Doctors advise refusing thoughtless reception of vitamins.
  • The last researches show that the people who are regularly accepting vitamins live less.
  • But if it is impossible to get all vitamins from nutrition, it is necessary to fill the shortage, accepting vitamin complexes by a doctor’s advice. Buy the best vitamins online at Canadian Health Care Mall: Neurobion Forte, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zincovit, and others.

4. Practice quenching

The healthy lifestyle provides spending much time in the fresh air and water procedures, love to these procedures it isn’t even necessary to impart. You will seldom meet the healthy child who doesn’t like to walk in the street (notice, in any weather!) or to bathe. It is necessary just to support this love. And if parents walk with small children, with grown-ups they do not. Earlier we let our children take a walk. There was someone in the yard to look after them. Unfortunately, all this is lost. Organize your family walks in the fresh air as often as it is possible. It will do good to all the family and form a basis of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Clear water is a life source!water2

  • Water is a life source on Earth.
  • The human body consists of water for 80%.
  • People can live a month without food, without water – several days.
  • It is necessary to drink no less than 2 liters water a day, water brings toxins and other harmful substances out of an organism.
  • Unfortunately, clear water is almost not available to most people. Use filters to reduce the number of harmful substances in water.

6. Laugh and communicate with each other as often as possible

The healthy lifestyle and laughter are inseparable from each other. Have you noticed that children laugh much and often? Sick children rarely do it. People with a positive emotional spirit are happy, fall ill rarely and are capable to work creatively. Happy people are successful in career and more satisfied with life. It is proved by scientists that laughter is useful to health. It is better to laugh with friends. The more friends you have got, the higher your life duration is.

7. Tell “no” to depressions and stresses

  • Control your emotions – do not be nervous;
  • All of us refer to constant stressful situations, on the accelerated tempo of our life. It seems it is impossible to get rid of stresses. It is impossible to do. But we can pass them through, be out of them;
  • Meditation helps to fight stresses. Meditation is the way of concentration helping to calm a nervous system, to keep mental health and to organize the mind;
  • The tranquility of mind – that is the basis;
  • Peace of mind is also the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

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8. Quit alcohol intake and cigarettes

  • Smoking and health aren’t compatible. If you still smoke, try to make everything to get rid of this addiction;
  • Alcohol is admissible, it helps to activate a longevity gene. But only wine and in small amounts.

A healthy lifestyle is a refusal of addictions.

9. A decent dream and rest are the help to health

The healthy lifestyle involves 7-8 hours of sleep. It is the usual recommendation. But sleeping is a very individual thing and is a little studied. It is known that some people need four sleeping hours to feel fresh, and some sleep ten hours and still it is not enough. And it isn’t expressed in any special abilities and talents. The main thing is that you should enjoy every new day when you wake up. The organism needs also alternation of work and rest. Rest is not just pleasure, it is a need.

10. Take care of hygiene

Hygiene is a basis of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Wash hands as often as possible – you will get rid of the majority of bacteria on hands, so, reduce a probability of “diseases of dirty hands”;
  • Massaging hands, you make active special points which stimulate the immune system.

11. Visit a bath-house!

Any which is pleasant to you. Baths are very popular all over the world and aren’t separable from the lifestyle of the most various nations. There are Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian baths. All of them have the specific features, but all they promote a healthy lifestyle.

The bath strengthens your health. But it isn’t necessary to visit her daily, it can only do much harm, especially if you already have heart troubles, the high pressure, and other diseases.

12. Choose environmentally friendly areas for accommodation!

Healthy lifestyle in the environmentally friendly area is possible. In cities look for the areas in which there are no plants. And best of all, choose life in the suburbs. We don’t agitate you to go from the cities to the godforsaken country though it is an optimal variant for a healthy lifestyle. In modern society, not everyone will do it. And civilizations were developed for some serious reason. But at least try to spend much time in nature!

These are not so difficult rules which can become a basis of the life of any person. It is necessary just to have a desire. It is necessary just to live, love, to rejoice every day. The healthy person has no spirit diseases – a depression, melancholy. Stay healthy!