Reviews on Yasmin Contraceptive Pills

Yasmin is created to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is a drug, based on active ingredient ethinylestradiol (30 mcg/1 tabs.) and drospirenone (3 mg/1 tabs.).


Yasmin is a low-dose monophasic oral estrogen-gestagenic combination drug. Its high contraceptive effect is achieved due to complementary mechanisms. Feedback from those who take these pills, confirm this fact. Women noted reduced pains during menstruation, cycle became regular, its intensity and duration reduced. These factors reduce the risk of such diseases as asiderotic anemia.

yasminStudies show that development of female ovarian and endometrial cancer is reduced by Yasmin use. Doctors’ reviews confirm this information.

Other positive aspects of this contraceptive means should also be considered. Active substance drospirenone contained in the medication has an anti-aldosterone effect. It is able to prevent weight gain, edema. Furthermore, drospirenone reduces acne symptoms, hair and skin oiliness. In its action, this substance is similar to natural progesterone, which is produced in the female body.

It is worth mentioning that Canadian Yasmin drug is not only a reliable means for unwanted pregnancy prevention. Women’s reviews point out that it helps to improve hair (treats seborrhea) and skin condition.

Pregnancy after Yasmin

Often women ask a question: «Will I be able to get pregnant after taking hormone contraceptive pills?» The answer is unequivocal: «Yes, you can!»

Of course, there are some deviations from this rule. So, you applied the drug for a long time and now have decided to have a baby. Pregnancy after drug discontinuation may occur in a few months when the natural menstrual cycle is restored. If it has been more than this period, and the positive result still hasn’t come, do not panic. Going to doctor with possible problem of infertility should take place no earlier than 2 years after Yasmin discontinuation.

Individual patients’ reviews indicate that after using such pills for a long time hemorrhages (menstrual) may be absent. Naturally, in this case, pregnancy is not possible. In such cases, you need to consult your doctor for further advice.

Breaks during Yasmin Reception

Many people believe that taking contraceptive means without a break for a long time is contraindicated. And that is right! The body gets used to external hormones and its own hormone release gradually reduces.


This may adversely affect the female reproductive system. It should be noted that breaks should be taken while taking any means of oral contraception. If you ignore this rule, pregnancy won’t occur for a long time. It should also be remembered that chances for rapid fertilization are reduced in women after 30 years old. Therefore, after treatment cessation, you may have to wait for full reproductive system functions recovery. It may take a year or two.

Rapid pregnancy after taking Canadian Yasmin also raises a number of issues. Doctors do not see anything strange and dangerous: the baby will be healthy. Just do not forget that oral contraceptives should not be taken during pregnancy.