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Erectile dysfunction issues in men can dampen the sexual act. For this, it is vital to undergo treatments and Levitra has demonstrated a quick response time in erectile dysfunction treatment. Studies have proved that Levitra can result in an erection is just 10 minutes in few men. 25 minutes has been the response time in men in few other cases. A clinical study was conducted to measure the speed in achieving an erection after the consumption of Levitra. This drug was proved to be most rapid in the study conducted thus proving its effectiveness.

Study on Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Levitra

The study conducted on Levitra was presented in Brighton at the 7th European Federation of Sexology congress. The study was titled ontime. The study showed that Levitra demonstrated a significant response time when placed in the placebo for 10 and 11 minutes. This study assessed the elapse in the time from the dosing till the erection necessary for penetration this helping in achieving sexual intercourse.

The fastest onset action was demonstrated by Levitra implying that men could confidently engage in satisfying sexual encounters whenever they wished to with the use of Levitra. In yet another study that was presented at the conference, the speed of action was considered to be an essential attribute of the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The combined results of both the studies presented demonstrated that men consider it worthy when a rapid onset of action is initiated in them. This is offered by Levitra and hence can prove out to be a great drug for treating erectile dysfunction issues.
Erectile dysfunctionOne study included interviews of 2912 men who were aged between 20 and 75. Men from 8 countries participated in the study. The ONTIME study was done on 724 patients from Europe and 8 countries of North America. The trial was double-blind, random, multicentre trial and parallel. A 4-week study on men was done without medications and a 4-week trial was done with medication. Treatment was done by giving 10mg and 20 mg of Levitra dosages. The initial dosages given helped in determining the earliest onset time. During the study, the adverse effects related to the consumption of the drug were found to be mild. The effects included flushing, dyspepsia, rhinitis and headache.

Half of the men who are aged above 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction issues. As per a study, 152 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. This figure is going to double by 2025. Experts claim that only 15-20% of the erectile function issues receive treatment to address the issue impacting their sexual life significantly.

Mechanism of Treatment

PDE 5 [Phosphodiesterase type 5] is an enzyme that is predominantly found in the erectile tissue of penis in men. This enzyme is associated with ending erections. This enzyme is inhibited by PDE 5 inhibitors, which block the enzyme, thus enhancing and prolonging the erectile response. Levitra was selected for development specifically for treatment erectile dysfunction issues. This was because of high selectivity and vitro potency for the inhibition of the enzyme PDE-5.

The drug Levitra has been discovered by Bayer AG after years of research by GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) and Bayer AG. This was done through a worldwide and co-development and co-promotion agreement signed by them. This drug was approved by the European Commission on the 6th of March 2003 depending on the safety, efficacy of the data submitted and based on the quality of the drug. The data were collected by carrying out a study on 3750 men. Levitra was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 19th of August 2003 for the treatment erectile dysfunction issues.
Erectile dysfunction treatment

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The efficacy of Levitra has been demonstrated in clinical trials. This drug demonstrates improvement in erection and also in sustaining it till the completion of successful intercourse. This drug can significantly boost the confidence in men who need a little or frequent help while indulging in any sexual activity.