What are the Consequences of Protein Intake?

Many athletes who want to save time on building muscle mass naturally begin to abuse protein intake, oblivious to the fact that redundancy is much worse than insufficiency.

What is Protein?

ProteinProtein is a protein concentrate powder, which by means of special methods it is relieved from carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Types of protein:

  • meat protein;
  • ovalbumin;
  • vegetable protein;
  • milk (casein and whey) protein.

Whey protein is much more easily absorbed by the body, and ovalbumin often causes allergic reactions.

By itself, protein is very helpful for a person, because:

  • it supports cellular metabolism;
  • is involved in healing processes, growth, and regeneration.

Hence one of the most popular myths arose that protein shakes help to rapidly and effectively build muscle mass.

Protein must be present in the diet of people who are experiencing excessive load from intense exercise or as a result of heavy physical work. For a better absorption, protein concentration should be mixed with water. In order to prevent undesirable effects, it is recommended to avoid:

  • tea;
  • juice;
  • milk;
  • other liquids.

Protein dosage is individual to each person, about 1-1.5 grams per 1 kg of body weight. But we must remember that excess of permissible norms can lead to undesirable consequences, especially in old age.

Effects of Protein Consumption

Due to protein purification from impurities, it can be included in the diet without increasing caloric content of food portions. High-protein mixture is necessary for weight loss, bodybuilding, and for a healthy diet with reduced fat and sugar.

The main negative impacts of protein use include:

  • allergic reactions;
  • digestive disorders (diarrhea, constipation or flatulence);
  • kidney disease;
  • reduced potency.
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Allergy to protein and digestive disorders are part of human body natural reactions to foreign substances that enter it with food. This unpleasant phenomenon is difficult to call it consequences of receiving purified protein because their appearance is caused by characteristics of each human body. They may occur with conventional products use containing protein.

The cause of allergies is individual intolerability of a particular substance. If it is found in normal healthy food, the presence of many other body substances reaction may be virtually undetectable. These substances reduce or even neutralize allergen. If it enters the human body in a concentrated form, the substance may cause a reaction in a characteristic rash and other digestive disorders. Protein purified from carbohydrates and fats is so invisible in the normal diet as a result protein intolerance can occur when taking the concentrated power.

Digestive disorders are sometimes called dysbiosis, or lack of enzymes that are necessary for digestion and absorption of protein. In any case, excess undigested protein accumulates in the gut, causing these active putrefactive bacteria appearance. This process is accompanied by large amounts of gases release. This may occur with excessive use of protein concentration (250-300 g / day).

To avoid the unpleasant effects of protein consumption, you should adhere to recommended dosage (15-20 g per reception) and be taking probiotics and digestive enzymes. Thanks to enzymes in body proteins quickly digest and better assimilate. And to prevent constipation, it is desirable to consume more fluids and foods containing fiber.

Protein Effect on Kidneys and Potency

One of the most common myth is that protein affects potency. But Canadian Pharmacy Mall notes that quality protein does not contain harmful substances for potency. Steroids may harm male power, not proteins. But do not forget that food additive should be of high quality because cheap ones may contain various strange substances, even those of steroidal nature.

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But still, some men who use high-quality protein, argue about potency deterioration. First of all, cheap soy protein has a negative effect on male potency, which contains in its composition phytoestrogens – female sex hormones analog. In addition to this, additive negatively affects potency, it will have to consume huge quantities, because not so much soy is included in it. In addition, some men noted sufficient level of potency and they do not feel its decrease after taking soy protein. So there is still need to take into account individual characteristics of the organism.

Much more harm to potency physical activity does and poor recovery from them. Rest should be implemented during sleep, nutrition, and other procedures. If a person is normally not recovered, then, accordingly, potency will fall, and then protein action does not matter.

Especially dangerous are consequences of sports nutrition consumption only if a man has undetected kidney disease. Therefore, before applying protein product it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination. In identifying renal failure, protein consumption will have to be abandoned.

The organism spends a lot of liquid on protein processing, so the application of sports nutrition for muscle growth or weight loss should ensure that the number of drunk liquid per day is at least 2 liters.

Remember that basic nutrients should come into our body from natural products. This also applies to protein, so do not forget for a full healthy food, protein concentrations that have to be extremely food supplement.