Facts about Meldonium

Canadian Health&Care Mall represents a new medication – Meldonium being effective in the treatment of cardiac disorders and it doesn’t matter that WADA has decided to add it in the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods.

David Howman, executive director of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has claimed that meldonium has been added to the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods after the comprehensive and careful investigation. The USA announces such an initiative after that WADA has received the information that this preparation is being utilized by the sportsmen from Eastern Europe. He also points out that all the persons concerned have been informed about this alteration beforehand.

Meldonium was synthesized in 1976 in Latvia by Ivars Kalvins but it was included in the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods on the first of January of 2016.

Meldonium refers to the drug class the so-called as partial fatty acid oxidation inhibitors. Meldonium is carnitine precursor which in exchange is the crucial regulator of fat metabolism and is necessary for oxygen delivery and acidification fats in mitochondria.


In accordance with actual understanding this preparation supplies with the protective effect for mitochondria in the condition of oxygen deficiency. It is considered to be that this remedy normalizes cell metabolism been subject to hypoxia and ischemia besides it sustains the energy metabolism of heart and other organs.

According to the producers’ assurance in case of acute ischemic heart disease, the implication of this medication ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall slows down the emergence of necrotic area, improves the blood circulation in the site of ischemic damage, promotes autoinfusion in favor of ischemic location and besides decreases the rehabilitation period. At cardiac decompensation, meldonium increases the myocardial contractility, magnifies the exercise tolerance and reduces the frequency of stenocardia attacks.

In the increased load circumstance the preparation is possible to:

  • restore the equilibrium between oxygen delivery and oxygen demand for cells;
  • eliminate the accumulation of toxic byproducts in cells;
  • protect cells from damage.

As a result, this medication implication acquires the capability to:

  • withstand the load;
  • revive the energy reserves quicker.

2015 has witnessed the increased frequency of meldonium consumption by sportsmen worldwide. Medical specialists and experts have started to study how this medication influences man’s organism more accurately. And at the end, some of researchers display that meldonium consumption by sportsmen if used not in medical aim may have doped action. Consequently, WADA includes the medication in the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods. Though the therapeutic application of meldonium is likely to be admissible by laws of WADA. Maybe there is the difference in dosage consumed by a sportsman.

In the consequence, Meldonium was banned by WADA on the first of January of 2016 as it was mentioned above. A lot of sportsmen were excluded from the competitions. We have meldonium in the assortment because it is an effective preparation of ischemic heart disease. If you come across with cardiac diseases you may place an order of meldonium favorable.