Uprima: New Erectile Dysfunction Drug

The advisory committee for the Food & Drug Administration will be reviewing the data for a new drug that can treat erectile dysfunction. If the drug is approved, it can certainly be a benefit for a large section of the male populace as ED is a fairly common medical condition. On the other hand, it can prove to be another problem for the FDA.

Uprima: Its Uses and Problems

The new drug is most certainly not another version of Viagra, one of the most popular drugs available for treating erectile dysfunction. Viagra is an oral medication which can help in the stimulation of an erection by increasing the flow of blood to the penile region. This drug is meant to be consumed orally.

The new drug is called Uprima. Unlike Viagra, this drug will cause an erection by affecting the brain. This drug is meant to be taken orally. However, the patient will have to keep the tablet under his tongue before participating in sexual intercourse.

The generic name of Uprima is apomorphine. The approval of this drug by the FDA will be dependent on the clinical data provided by its manufacturers, just like any other drug.

Be that as it may, FDA will have a major problem on its hands if this drug is approved. After approval, Uprima will begin to be sold by online pharmacies that operate overseas. People will be able to purchase it over the internet from those websites like other ‘lifestyle’ drugs as they have come to be known.

Uprima: Its Uses and Problems

The Issue with Lifestyle Drugs

One of the features of lifestyle drugs is that they are mainly used for treating medical conditions that are not serious in nature. Erectile dysfunction is one of those medical conditions. Nonetheless, it is important for these medicines to be used only on the advice of the doctor. They are, in fact, supposed to be sold to patients only when a doctor has prescribed it.

However, there are many websites which sell these drugs. Of course, these websites do not check for the prescription when someone wants to buy these drugs. As these websites operate overseas, they are nearly impossible for authorities to regulate.

A variety of lifestyle drugs are sold by them. After all, doctors have begun to design and create drugs which can enhance and improve the quality of life. Huge amounts of money have been spent in the development of these substances. The efforts have been successful as doctors have managed to create drugs for various conditions such as the following.

These drugs are a problem for the FDA as they are being sold without regulation. Patients have been purchasing these drugs without prescriptions. In some cases, they do not even provide any medical information. It can be dangerous as the substances may cause side-effects in patients. Misuse can lead to a number of serious conditions.

Viagra Cialis Levitra

Drugs Available For Treating Erectile Dysfunction

There are quite a few drugs that have been approved by the FDA in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Most of these drugs are available in the form of oral medications. These medicines have been tested by FDA which has noted their efficiency in the treatment of that medical condition. These drugs can be bought from Canadian Health&Care Mall. Some of these drugs which have become popular in recent times include the following.

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Levitra

These three drugs work to help the patient achieve an erection in a similar manner. As a result, their effects tend to be similar. More importantly, they have a number of side-effects which is why patients should only take them on the advice of their doctor. Otherwise, it is possible for their health to be impacted negatively.

In some cases, the patients may have other existing conditions such as a heart disease. Consuming these drugs can be very dangerous in such situations. Many people who buy these drugs online are unaware of the potential interactions between different medical conditions and those drugs. There can also be risk between certain medications and these drugs. As a result, they put themselves at risk for even worse medical conditions. As a result, patients should always consult a doctor before consuming any of these medications.