Myths about Healthy Nutrition

There are a lot of weight loss myths nowadays. They do not only prevent us from losing weight. Often myths about weight loss make us follow the wrong way, that won’t lead to harmony, but on the contrary, to extra weight. So should we conduct experiments if all the mistakes have already been made before us? Let’s look at the most popular myths about weight loss that Canadian Health and Care Mall has selected for you.

The most popular myths about healthy lifestyle

myths about healthy nutrition

You should eat little to lose some weight

Yes, you should eat little for one meal time, but for the whole day – quite a lot.

That is the approximate list of products per day:

  • at least two protein meals of 150-200 grams (eg, cottage cheese and baked fish);
  • complex carbohydrates – about 200 grams (such as porridge);
  • 800 grams of vegetables (raw or half a salad) 2-3 fruit;
  • low-fat soup, 0.2-0.5 liters of sour milk drink.

You should eat every 2-4 hours with small portions. When you try to eat this amount per day for the first time, then you likely have to eat some meals without any appetite. Many people even put a timer, not to forget about the mealtime, as they do not have a hunger feeling. So, we can’t call the mentioned amount of food a “small” one, can you?

You have to starve to lose weight

Diet. Dieting concept. Healthy Food. Beautiful Young Woman choosConversely, starvation is strictly prohibited if you want to lose weight.

  • Our body reacts to starvation like this: first of the organism uses glycogen, which is stored in the muscles, then it switches to the muscles themselves. Fat is used only in the last instance, as fat is the most valuable component for our organism, a repository of its energy reserves.
  • Moreover, the organism turns on an “enhanced reserve mode” after starvation – in case another starvation period follows, fat should be postponed, and in good quantity!
  • It must be said that fats deposited after the hunger strikes (especially long ones) are spent by the body is very, very reluctantly. They can become a reason for frequent pauses in weight reduction.

So, stop starving!

It is impossible to lose weight without sports

Let’s get to the numbers. For example, a woman weighing 70 kilograms spends about 400-500 calories per hour walking on skis or playing badminton and 600 calories per hour while swimming.

Have you ever swam an hour without stopping? Although this may be your favorite sport, you can say for sure – it’s easier not to eat chocolate (which is also “would cost” you 600 calories) than to swim one hour.

You should understand – we are not against exercise. We just want to show you by means the figures that when you change your diet in favor of healthy and low-calorie foods, you can lose weight by kilograms (normal speed – 3-6 kg per month). When losing weight only by means of physical activity we are talking about grams.

Another interesting detail – when untrained people suddenly start heavy training, he usually feels an aversion to this activity and also an increased appetite after exercise.

  • Whatever you do, do it in moderation. If you can not call yourself a sportive person, your measure is half an hour of walking per day plus some strength exercises (sit-ups, push-ups, dumbbell swings);
  • And if you categorically oppose physical activity – pay a special attention to your weight loss diet, as you can lose weight without exercise, but only with the help of your ration change.

Bath and sauna fight extra weight

saunaThat’s right. But this weight leaves only in the form of water. “Fat evaporated under high temperatures” – this is one of the most incredible fantasies. Turn on the steamer, pour the oil into the bowl and leave it on a steam for a couple of hours – will you see evaporation? Those grams, which disappear is just a water, not fat.

The situation is even more difficult with a human body. Fat cleaves during certain chemical reactions, and it is impossible to evaporate it.

Although it’s real to slim temporarily in the bath-house, and not just to lose weight (though not for a long period!), but also become prettier.

To lose weight in the hips, it is necessary to do special exercises, and if you need to lose some weight in the waist – exercises for abdominals

We all do daily exercises for the legs – it is a common walking. Following the logic, your legs have to be slim or at least tightened. But this is not the case. Why?

  • Remember that fat has nothing to do with the muscles. When you do the exercise for the press, you just strengthen your abdominal muscles. Yes, fortified muscles increase in size and actively burn energy (and fat, too), but around the whole body. That means that doing exercises for a certain part of the body, you will strengthen the muscles of this very part, but won’t make it thinner. And fat will not disappear from these exercises.
  • If muscle help to burn fat (and even all over the body), it means that there are still profitable exercises. Of course!
  • The most advantageous activity is to train the large muscles, as they will consume more energy after exercises – these are leg muscles. Squats, kicks, etc. are the best exercises for weight loss. Besides, the abdominal muscles have a very small size. Of course, it’s good to have a strong press – but train this area in order to lose weight is not necessary.

Enemas and diuretic preparations help to lose weight

Enemas removed generally beneficial bacteria and some water from the intestines. As a rule, it does not affect appearance at all. But it has an impact on health.

Repeated enemas are especially dangerous, as intestinal microflora does not have enough time to recover, which is fraught with a number of diseases.

Diuretics remove water from the body, in general, without distinction whether this is excess water or not. Frightened organism starts up water storage mechanisms, that results in hydrops. And what can relieve hydrops? Again diuretic. It reminds a vicious circle, and even unsafe for health.

Before engaging in such executions, decide: do you need to lose weight (ie, lose fat) or see the number lower in 2-3 kilograms on the scales, which return to the same place some short time later?

You have to give up carbs if you want to lose weight

carbsDo you know that our brain feeds only on carbohydrates? And you will immediately notice it following some carbohydrate-free diet.

Lethargy, irritability, slow reactions and even slow speech are just external weight loss symptoms. Such diet slows down almost all processes in the body – it saves carbohydrates for the future, in the case when the organism does not get enough of them.

Guess what the body does first, as soon as the diet is over. That’s right, stores for the future! But this is not something that you would like to receive as a result.

Limit the “fast” carbohydrates – sweets, flour is desirable to be reduced. But you must not completely exclude such an important component of the diet as carbohydrates in any case. And where can we get the energy? And where to get the necessary cellulose necessary for normal functioning of the digestive tract? And what is the most important: the lack of carbohydrates combined with plenty of protein and fat leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques.

  • Give preference to complex carbohydrates – porridges, pasta from durum wheat, cereals;
  • do not forget about the fruits and vegetables;
  • do not eat a lot of carbohydrates in one meal – and you will lose your extra weight;
  • you’d better not eat carbohydrates 4 hours prior to sleep so that fats could be cleaved at night actively.

All you need is weight loss drugs

The main objective of dietary supplements is to restore the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Remember: supplements cannot affect the metabolism of the body. It’s just a good addition to a weight loss program. Choosing a supplement, be sure to consult your doctor! You may buy weight loss pills online at Canadian Health&Care Mall: Mega Hoodia, Megathin, Slimfast, Yerba Diet.

If you quit smoking, you will certainly get fat

This is a pure myth, everything is individual and depends primarily on the characteristics of the smoker’s organism. Often the fear of getting fat is just an excuse for the person who wants to quit smoking physically but remains connected mentally with this habit.

Remember, you need a complex program to lose excessive weight. Only combining all these rules you may achieve a noticeable result!

The article is released by Canadian Health Care Mall professional team.