Penile Tissue Rebuilding

The causes of erectile dysfunction are many. In most cases, ED can be easily cured with a proper lifestyle and the right medications. These erectile dysfunction cases are usually caused because of medical issues such as diabetes or a bad lifestyle. These medications are available at Canadian Health&Care Mall.

However, in some cases, it is not possible for the patient to regain erection due to the erectile tissues being damaged completely. For patients with such a condition, medications cannot be a solution. Instead, they would have to undergo surgery and get a penile implant. These implants are permanent. Therefore, the patients would have to use them throughout their life in order to achieve or sustain an erection.

There is some good news for erectile dysfunction now. Scientists have shown that it is possible to replace the damaged tissues so as to restore erectile function.

The Experiments and the Research

Researchers at the Wake Forest University were working on a method for replacing the erectile tissues in the penis and thereby restore erectile function in animals. They have been able to achieve success in that matter. The researchers believe that the tissue engineering procedures they used for the animals could be used, one day, to help men. Their procedures can be used for reconstructing the penile tissue and restore its erectile function. These tissues can lose their function because of disease or damage.

The researchers believe that the results have been promising. However, they have stated that further studies are needed before the procedures can be safely used in men. The researchers think that the potential for this technology is incredible especially for the patients who require penile reconstruction. Patients with any of these issues can, one day, use this technology.

  • Traumatic injury to the penile region;
  • Penile cancer;
  • Congenital abnormalities;
  • Certain cases of erectile dysfunction.

So far, the researchers have been successful in using cells derived from rabbits for growing replacement tissue. However, repairing penile tissue that is damaged or diseased is more challenging. After all, the structure and the function of the organ is a quite complex.

Currently, there is no replacement for men’s penile tissue in the medical world. In spite of many efforts and surgeries, it has not been possible to restore natural erectile function. Medications from our online pharmacy are available but they are of no use in these ED cases.

Doctor and patient

How Was the Erectile Tissue Engineered?

At Wake Forest University, the researchers decided to discover a solution to this problem through tissue engineering. They decided to engineer penile tissues that could be used as replacements. In a previous study, these scientists were able to engineer and develop small sets of erectile tissue. These tissues were used in rabbits which had 50% of their natural functional tissue removed.

In order to engineer the tissues, the researchers had to first harvest two types of cells from the penile tissue of the rabbits. One type was the smooth muscle cells while the other was the cells that form the lining of the blood vessels. These cells were then grown and multiplied in the laboratory. Later, they were placed into a 3D scaffold which could provide the support necessary for the growth of the tissue.

After the scaffold was implanted, it took one month for the organized tissue to start forming in the penises of the rabbits. Compared to the previous studies, the number of smooth muscle cells seeded on the scaffolding was 6 times more. According to the researchers, this increase in the number of cells was crucial to the success of the experiment. By increasing the density of these cells, the erectile pressures in the tissues were restored to normal levels.

The Results of the Experiment

Tests were performed which showed that the measures of the erectile function of these tissues were nearly normal. The rabbits that had their penises re-engineered were allowed to mate with females. It was noticed that sperm was present in vagal swabs 8 out 12 times. 4 of these 12 female rabbits became pregnant as well.

While the results are encouraging, it is not yet confirmed as to when this procedure will be available for men. In the meantime, men will have to either use medications or get implants.