Men with Erectile Dysfunction Should Get Screened For Diabetes

As per a survey, it has been determined that erectile dysfunction can be a marker for diabetes that has not been diagnosed yet. It suggests that men suffering from ED should start getting screened for diabetes. It is all the more important for middle-aged men.

There are certain risk factors which are linked to undiagnosed cardiometabolic conditions such as diabetes. Some of these risk factors can be observed easily. By identifying them, it is possible to improve the early diagnosis of the conditions and even the treatment that follows. Research conducted over the last few years has determined that erectile dysfunction can certainly be an early indicator for conditions like cardiovascular diseases.

The Survey

A survey was conducted from 2001 to 2004 with only male participants. All of the participants were above 20 years of age. In the survey, the researchers analyzed the links between erectile dysfunction and the risk factors for undiagnosed cardiometabolic conditions. With the help of logistic regression analyses, the relationship between ED and undiagnosed medical conditions such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and hypertension was assessed. Identification of ED was done by a single survey question that was validated.

The results showed that the chances of undiagnosed diabetes were over double among men suffering from erectile dysfunction as compared to those without ED. On the other hand, the survey did not find any relationship between ED and undiagnosed hypercholesterolemia and undiagnosed hypertension. For men with ED aged between 40 years and 59 years, the chances of having undiagnosed diabetes were 1 in 10. On the other hand, the risks were only 1 in 50 for men who did not have ED.

Erectile dysfunction

What Should Men Do?

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction should become aware of the fact that they can potentially have undiagnosed diabetes. As a result, they need to be encouraged to seek screening for the disease. This is all the more important for middle-aged men as they are at a higher risk. In the way, doctors need to be vigilant in recognizing ED as a symptom of potential diabetes and help their patients undergo screening and treatment.

Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction

Once sexual dysfunction has been identified, it is important that the patient seeks treatment. However, it is important that a doctor is consulted for the treatment instead of seeking one yourself. There are quite a few factors that will affect the choice of ED treatment and your medical history is one of them.

People with existing medical conditions or those following a medication prescription need to be aware of how these things can affect their ED treatment. Going for the wrong treatment can only exacerbate matters. It is also important to note that these treatments will in no way reduce related medical conditions like diabetes. Those medical conditions will have to be treated properly. Here are some of the popular treatments for male sexual dysfunction.

  • Oral medications
  • Pumps
  • Penile implants

Oral Medications

Oral medications are the most popular form of ED treatment today. This is mainly due to the ease with which this treatment can be followed as well as the high rates of effectiveness. As the name suggests, these medicines are meant to be taken orally. Out of all the medications available, the most popular ones from Canadian Health&Care Mall are given below.

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Levitra

These medications, though effective, need to be consumed on the advice of a doctor. Such a precaution is necessary as these medications can interact with certain other medicines and lead to a number of complications. There are also certain health conditions which can worsen if these medications are taken. Side effects are also possible but are rare.

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These are external vacuum devices which are used to achieve an erection. They are very effective as a treatment. If used correctly, it is possible to achieve an erection that is good enough for sex. However, it might be months before you can see the results.

Penile Implants

Many consider implants to be a better option than medicines due to their high satisfaction rates.  They are very effective. Being permanent, it is possible to achieve erections with these implants any time. The possible side-effects are fewer and very rare.