Male Problem ‘’Impotence’’ is as Old as the Hills

Erectile Dysfunction, commonly referred to as “ED” is a common chronic disease in men which disables you to have a satisfactory intercourse. It is also one of the most commonly diagnosed sexual problems, especially in older men as its prevalence increases as you age. There are a number of causes that can contribute to this problem of ED, like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, epilepsy, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.

While Canadian Health&Care Mall offers a number of modern treatments for ED, the problem itself is not as new as one would imagine. Yes, it was not as common as it is now, in the ancient times, but it was not an unknown condition. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that has been affecting men since ancient times. This is very much evident from the number of traditional African, Chinese and Indian medicines that are still available in the market.

Ancient Treatment Methods

The oldest attempts for treating ED can be found in the texts of medieval world of Islam, where Muslim pharmacists and physicians tried to treat this problem. These medieval physicians were the first in the world to prescribe treatments for ED. Their medications included oral drugs or a combination of drugs and diet to treat the problem.

Apart from the oral drugs and diet, they also made use of medications that were applied through the urethra. Such treatments were very prevalent during the period of 9th to 16th century. Some of the well-known Muslim physicians of this time who treated ED were

  • Ibn Al-Jazzar;
  • Muhammad Ibn Zakariya Razi;
  • Avicenna;
  • Ibn Al-Nafis.

Many of these physicians also wrote a number of books on this problem.

Then in the 1800s, the extracts from the testicles of sheep were injected in men as a source of testosterone for treating the problem of ED. Then in the 1930s, testosterone purification took place and this led to the development of modern ED medications.

Earlier Modern Treatments

Between the period of 1920 and 1930, Dr. John R. Brinkley in the United States tried to treat this problem with the help of medicines, injections of mercurochrome and a surgery for placing expensive implants made from the glands of a goat. In the early 1930s, the Medical Board of Kansas State revoked his license and he moved to Mexico where he again opened a clinic and used to offer this treatment. Moreover, he also advertised this treatment in radio and newspaper as well.

In 1960, a physician named Geddings Osbon created “Youth Equivalence Device” (YED), which is still used as a vacuum-based pump for treating erectile dysfunction. It was not until 1970 that the surgeons started recommending inflatable implants for the penis which would take care of their ED problem.

Advancements in Medications of ED

All the medications that were developed for treating the problem of ED were almost useless. Then in 1983, Giles Brindley, a psychologist from Britain successfully proved the effect of phentolamine on resulting in an erection. He injected his veins with an alpha-blocking, non-specific vasodilator which resulted in the relaxation of smooth muscles to result in an erection. This is when the development of oral medications that can successfully treat the problem of erectile dysfunction started.


Revolution in the in the field of treating ED took place in 1989 with the discovery of Viagra or sildenafil. Albert Wood and Peter Dunn, employees of Pfizer are known as the inventor of sildenafil. They, along with other employees

  • Nicholos Trett;
  • David Brown;
  • Andrew Bell.

Synthesized sildenafil in 1989 at Pfizer’s Sandwich research facility located in England. Then in 1991, Dr. Nicholos Trett filed a patent in which sildenafil was recommended as a medicine for heart related problems. Wood and Dunn were responsible for the creation of Viagra pills.

Viagra pills are now largely sold all over the world and a number of variations are also available now. A number of powerful and safe Viagra pills are also available on Canadian Health&Care Mall’s official website. If you are suffering from ED, consult with your doctor before using Viagra.

As you can see, the problem of erectile dysfunction has been around since the ancient times and will probably take a lot of time to get completely eliminated. In the mean time, science has made some amazing advances in the field and has provided us with a number of medications to treat this problem.