Daily Regime of a Little Asmatic

Asthma is an inflammatory process which leads to restriction of air access to respiratory air-passages. Modern treatment unites the anti-inflammatory therapy and drugs of long action dilating lungs. Their task is not to allow a spasm of respiratory tracts structure and a dyspnea attack. These drugs are safe and can be applied for several years.For 90% of sick children, the allergy is the reason for asthma. Symptoms can worsen if the allergy is not controlled properly. Attacks of coughing, dyspneas, heavy breathing are possible. Therefore you have to include systematic drug intake in the daily schedule. The rhythm of the day is very important for the preschool child as it builds the child’s ”world” and provides safety feeling to the child. This rhythm guarantees health and good health to the child. Study other asthma causes, as it’s necessary to have a good knowledge of this disease.

Daily Regime of a Little AsmaticHow to organize the child’s daily regime?



  • Get up early. Your haste and dismay should not transfer to the kid — the stress is contraindicative to the asthmatic, especially in the morning, as it is necessary to take medicine at this time.
  • Just after breakfast give drugs to the child, the asthma drugs need to be swallowed and inhaled (by means of a special inhaler). If the disease causes dermal changes, spread the sore pieces with cream during morning washing. The agent will manage to be absorbed by that moment when it is time to dress on.
  • If the night was serious (a night asthma attack), allow the child to have a longer sleep. He can be tired and weak. Air out bed linen in the sun or spread out near an open window. Once in two-three days hoover pillowcases at temperature 60 °C (and also when the child sweats at night) and vacuum a mattress to avoid benders.

8.00 — 15:00


Drawing at lesson

  • Before going outside the child should be dressed warmly no to freeze, but also not to overheat. It especially important in the early spring when it is easy to catch an infection, and it’s an easy thing for a case of asthma in children.
  • It is important to wear clothes from natural fabrics (but not woolen!), which don’t irritate sensitive skin.
  • Before going outside with the kid, check whether there are no other symptoms indicating the strengthening of an allergy, for example, purulent allocations in eyes or cold. If there are such symptoms, give medicine to the child which was prescribed in this case by the doctor.
  • If the kid accepts medicines for expansion of bronchial tubes in case of an attack, give him inhaler before leaving the house. If a child is distracted, keep an inhaler by the teacher, in the kindergarten or by the grandmother. Make up a list of products which cause an allergy. Besides, ask that teachers treat the asthmatic in the same way as they treat other children, not as the patient. All inhalers types may be ordered online at Canadian Health&Care Mall – a pharmacy which operates day-and-night for you! We advice trying Advair Discus – one of the most effective modern inhalers of long-term action.
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15.00 —18.00



  • Too intensive exercise stresses can cause attacks. There is a feeling of a choking around a thorax. Your kid can be tired earlier, than his age-mates. But it doesn’t mean that you have to forbid him any activity! Absolutely on the contrary. He takes medicine for this purpose.
  • According to doctors, you have to encourage the kid to physical activity — if the child is in good physical condition, it will be easier for him to cope with asthma attacks (it is proved that athletes and singers cope with attacks better).
  • For a start choose not too intensive occupations. Let the child ride a bike, also rollers, and in the winter – skis and skates.
  • If the kid has an allergy to pollen, you shouldn’t play sports in the fresh air during blossoming.
  • Learn how exercises in a garden or school are conducted. They shouldn’t be conducted on dusty mattresses where the mold can develop. If you can’t achieve a regular gym cleaning, tell the doctor about it.
  • If the child has suffocation attacks after physical exercises give him drugs before them. At the present time, there is a great number of medications; the main treatment is inhalers. You may buy them in any pharmacy, but we recommend buy asthma inhalers online at Canadian Health Care Mall, as it is convenient.
  • You should instruct your child that as soon as he feels fatigue or begins coughing after sports activities, he needs to have a rest for several minutes (for this time it is possible to distract him, for example, with the book).
  • After the kid returns home, change his clothes not to prolong contact with the allergens which are on clothes. It isn’t obligatory to wash at once — you may beat clothes out on a balcony or brush them.
  • If the kid likes to play with his pet, don’t forbid it. But watch that the child doesn’t rub his eyes at this time, and after a play, he should wash up his hands. Comb out a dog or a cat regularly, and hoover the flat to minimize contact with wool.
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18.00 — 21.00



  • To provide a healthy sleep to the child, you should air his room before going to bed within 20 minutes (but only not during the intensive blossoming of plants is the child has an allergy).
  • When batteries operate, moisten air indoors. If it is too dry, it will lead to gain of asthma attacks. You can set up an electrical humidifier in the nursery (best of all a special one for allergic people). Don’t use humidifiers in the form of the wet towels hanging on the battery because it may provoke dangerous mushrooms development.
  • The next ritual is bathing. In a bathroom, you may wash away allergenic motes from the kid, and soft cosmetics will moisten children’s skin, especially if the child is inclined to skin displays of an allergy. If you were on the street during plants blossoming, it’s compulsory to wash the kid’s hair.
  • Half an hour before sleeping you should tap the kid’s back for a while. This procedure will ease breathing at night (especially if he has coughing attacks at night). Start patting of a lower back in the direction of a neck. Ask the doctor to show the right technique of patting.
  • If the child doesn’t want to fall asleep without a favorite soft toy, allow him to take it with. But move the toy away from the bed as soon as the kid falls asleep. Wash the toy as often as possible (if there is no opportunity to wash it, replace washing with freezing), air it together with bed linen.
  • Don’t allow a pet to sleep in the child’s bed. The door of the nursery should be left open for the night.
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21.00 — 6.00



  • The night is the time of trouble for the asthmatic and his mother. Especially if the disease was diagnosed recently, and you took medicine during a too short period and it can’t help effectively.
  • If the child has a suffocation attack, make him sit and give medicine (the inhaler has to be always near at hand). The medicine will reach lungs quicker in such situation. The relief will come within several minutes.
  • When the child ceases coughing, sit with him a little more, take by a hand, embrace. Explain that the night indisposition is temporary, and there is nothing terrible in it. You may also wait until the kid falls asleep. Selection of drugs in the corresponding doses which will help to prevent attacks demands time and when you manage it, problems with a sleep will end.

As you see, there is nothing to be afraid if your child has bronchial asthma. If you follow all the described directions, your child will live a full and happy life!