Life is a Motion!

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle? No doubt it is necessary to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The awareness of this fact is a good sign, but, unfortunately, this good idea remains just an idea without any practical action. In this article, Canadian Pharmacy talks about how to live a healthy life.

It is surprising to hear, but there are many people in the world who know that it is obligatory to take care of your health, know what is necessary to do to reach results but have no idea how to approach to this case.

Healthy lifestyle trends now, you may easily insure in this fact coming up to the newsstand or turning on the TV on weekends. Another thing is that the trend remains the trend, but in reality, very few people are engaged in the popularization of physical culture, sport, and nutrition. And the man who wants to start a healthy lifestyle, is simply lost: where to start from? There are so many methods that promise you steel muscles, abdominals cubes for five minutes training. CrossFit, street workout, pilates, callanetics, yoga, Taipei – there are so many sports directions!Life is a Motion! Canadian Health&Care Mall Review

  • The easiest way is to go out and buy (or download from torrents) some training drive or a book, there is much such stuff on the Internet. The person does exercises, and, if he likes it, works out more. Then he quits because he feels tired;
  • One more simple, but more expensive way is to go to a fitness club, pay individual sessions with a trainer and do everything that he says. Unfortunately, this way is also not the right one. First of all, very often a coach does not give even a half of those loads that are needed in order to “wake up” your body. Second, the hour exercises in the gym, even daily, will not make you healthy, if you sit at the computer and cracking rolls and cookies the rest of the time. Such activity is also useless.

But what do you need to do to live a healthy life?

You need to follow five principles to stay healthy:

  1. How-Much-Cardio-to-Lose-WeightStay active and move as much as possible;
  2. eat healthy food;
  3. clean and train your body;
  4. cultivate healthy thinking and develop the willpower;
  5. strive to obtain new knowledge about your health.

So, you decided to improve your health and want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. You can already build a solid foundation without drilling into the training systems. With this foundation, you will be able to choose what you like to do and focus on it.

Stay active

Voltaire said one phrase in his time, these words have become the motto of all sportsmen and athletes years later:

“Life is a motion!”

Indeed, many philosophers, scientists, and physicians recognized that man is made to move, and the more he moves, the longer and happier life will be. Nowadays, when the Internet when the computer became our best friends, we may work, socialize and have fun without getting up from the table or from the couch. Meanwhile, stiffness makes us weak and sick. It makes sense that you need to move more, but how?

  • Start doing morning exercises. Regular exercise, consisting of swings and kicks, jumps, slopes lasts for only ten or fifteen minutes, but kneads and stretches muscles, preparing them for the daily load, improves blood circulation, which can saturate all the organs of the body with oxygen. It is important for exercises to bring the joy.
  • Open the windows to fill the room with light, turn on your favorite music, in general, do everything that brings you fun.
  • It’s wonderful if you do exercises not only in the morning but in the evening, but do not do it before going to bed – you will sleep poorly.
  • Spend the afternoon training. This may be a workout in the gym, home exercises or cardio, yoga, gymnastics, etc. Let this be a major part of your activities during the day – you need to extract the maximum benefit out of this time.
  • Do not forget that you need to give your muscles a rest day or two after extreme stresses. However, it all depends on your body.
  • During the day, avoid simple ways to do something, if you can make it “active”. Instead of using elevator lift up the stairs. If you go by public transport, get off at the stop earlier and walk a part of the way on food.
  • Go for a walk in the middle of the day and in the evening.
  • If you have a sedentary job, get up from time to time and walk, do some sit-ups or push-ups where nobody sees it. Look for any reason to move.
  • Spend your free time actively. Find an active hobby, enjoy a workout.
  • Go skating, running, swimming.
  • Motivate your friends and relatives for an active pastime – walking, playing football, badminton, table tennis. In winter – skiing and skating. Do not sit at home in front of computer or TV when there are so many opportunities to move around.
  • Run. Just arrange a regular running and marathons. There is one limitation – if you have excess weight or you are an aged person, treat running with caution. Consult your doctor, probably he will recommend you to choose walking or swimming instead of running.

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Healthy nutrition

dietIn theory, a healthy diet is quite a simple task. It is known what products are beneficial to the organism eaten. There is a number of questionable products. The matter is to choose a diet menu based on the available data on the benefits of a particular food. The problem is that very often a person does not have enough willpower to force himself to change habitual unhealthy meals, which may become obesity causes. However, this is a separate issue: how to make yourself eat healthy food instead of harmful one?

All associated with a healthy diet is easy to summarize in one simple rule:

  • You can eat organic foods, that are the products which have ever grown on the earth or moved on the ground.
  • These are fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, eggs and so on. Various studies are being conducted at the moment trying to prove or disprove the benefit of some of these products, but in general, natural food is much more beneficial for your body than an unnatural one. So start eating healthy natural food, and you will understand, how healthy they are for the organism.
  • Conversely, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of synthetic products as well as natural products containing artificial chemical additives. These are semi-finished products, carbonated drinks, all kinds of chemical curds and yogurt, synthetic juices, sausages, mayonnaise and other condiments, bouillon cubes, cooked breakfasts, “fast food”, a sweet pastry, a sweet, and others.
  • 99% of all the additives are used to prolong the life of the product, reduce its cost and improve its taste and appearance. It is beneficial to food producers who want to get the maximum profit from the sale, but it is unprofitable to us because the body is not adapted to this type of fuel. Try to fill the car with a sunflower oil instead of gasoline. What distance will you drive? And we regularly fuel ourselves with chemistry and live losing our physical form and getting ill.
  • Some enthusiasts of natural food follow the rule: if a product has more than five components, you should not eat it.
  • We should mention that alcohol contradicts a healthy lifestyle. You should refuse it or consume in a small amount.

Cleaning and strengthening the body

  1. Compliance with the rules of hygiene. We do not mean just “washing hands before meals” under hygiene but taking care of the body and maintain its normal functioning. Think of it as an addition to the rules of physical activity and nutrition.
  2. Quit harmful habits. Dangers of smoking are know all the people. Cigarettes, beer, and vodka are not just the drugs that destroy people and create dependency, it is a part of our national culture, unfortunately. And if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you just have to stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum, for example, only on holidays, and only a small amount. However, it is for you to decide, our task is to remind you.
  3. showersQuenching. Most people associate quenching with pouring cold water on the body, ice swimming and walking barefoot in the snow. However, it is not necessary to rush to such an extreme immediately, Besides, it would be neither helpful nor harmful to the untrained body. Start with a morning contrast shower and then wipe with a towel. Douches is alternating flows of cold and hot water, for example, the minute you stand under the warm shower and then ten seconds – under the cold. The cycle is repeated several times, and then the time of a cold shower may be increased.
  4. Starvation and fasting. It is believed that the Christian fasting was designed specifically to give people an opportunity to be cleansed from physical impurities and become clearer in the body and soul. Regardless of your attitude to religion, you can practice fasting, and surely, it will be able to give your body a break and opportunity to recover its condition. Arrange fasting days, during which you will eat very simple food – bread and vegetables. If your body is young and strong, practice one-day starvation – it will not do harm to the organism and bring only benefits.