Is Erectile Dysfunction a Disease?

There are several studies and researches related to the real cause of erectile dysfunction. Researchers and specialists had found out several reasons and conditions that can determine the occurrence of erectile dysfunction in a man. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to certain health conditions and also because of aging since most of the men who have crossed the age of 70 are likely to experience erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems and complications to a large extent. Erectile dysfunction is basically defined as the inability to maintain an erection and keep it for long which is required for ensuring a satisfactory sexual intercourse. The term erectile dysfunction is also known as male impotence. However, this particular disorder can even occur among younger men and not only those who are aged over 70 years. There are several medicines and pills that can help an individual to cope up with erectile dysfunction and such medicines and drugs can be purchased from Canadian Health&Care Mall. However, there are certain causes and health conditions which can determine the reason behind erectile dysfunction among men of the younger age. These may include:

  • Lack of sexual desire;
  • Diabetes Mellitus;
  • The poor form of communication between partners;
  • Heart disease;
  • Excessive smoking;
  • Consumption of alcohol, out of limit;
  • Prolonged bicycling;
  • Use of certain illegal drugs

So, people suffering from erectile dysfunction due such reasons are common and if the disorder does not fade away after a certain point of time then he must definitely consider consulting a doctor immediately or he can even consider visiting our online pharmacy as he is then required for prescribed medical guidance in order to get back his sex life back on the right track.
Erectile dysfunctions

How does aging affect and cause erectile dysfunction?

Several studies have come up with the conclusion as the age, erectile dysfunctions are likely to appear and affect his sex life to a large extent which of course consists of several reasons behind such an occurrence. Men aged 53 to 90 were being researched upon in order to their ability to maintain an erection with and without medication. It was seen that men with really poor ability to keep an erection for long were subjected to erectile dysfunction largely. Though it was concluded that aging is one of the crucial factors behind men suffering from erectile dysfunction, the researcher was also of the opinion there are several other factors that can lead a particular man to become a victim of erectile dysfunction. The factors may include:

  • Certain physical activities
  • Intake of alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Certain health issues and diseases

Does ED appear due to the aged?

Majority of younger men are observed to rate their sexual function and overall satisfaction as significantly satisfying and good while men with growing age were seen not be so happy with their sex life as they have observed and suffered from erectile dysfunction at the point of time or the other. For those who have been suffering this particular disorder for a prolonged period were definitely required to take medical help and certain medication in order to put a step forward for the treatment of erectile problems. However, men who have a healthy lifestyle and no severe disease or health problem as such are likely to lead a perfect sex life with no such problems that may give rise to erectile dysfunction and other sexual complications. This means a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a naturally enriched health condition can actually help in avoidance of such sexual disorder occurring in men. So, it is concluded that younger men are less likely to possess an erectile dysfunction if they are not victims of any kind of chronic physical and health disorders which may otherwise affect a proper blood flow to the penis.

But men with growing age can develop such complications due to aging and other factors including heavy drinking, chained smoking and consuming certain illegal drugs which they might have been subjected to for quite a long period of time over the years. One can definitely opt for Canadian Health Care Mall for medical assistance which can help them out to recover from such dysfunctions, significantly.