Increase your Potency by Using the Best Aphrodisiacs Provided by Canadian Health&Care Mall

In the various medical dictionaries available in the market for the general public or as a means for research for medical professionals, sexual potency can be defined as the ability to carry out and carry out sexual intercourse, usually referring to the male. Now this term can be used as a reference to females too but most of the products available and the basic centre of attentions for those products are males and therefore, by and large, it is restricted to males.

Causes that lead to decreased potency

  • As many of the researches of modern era have rightly formulated, the male potency is very fastidious.
  • The very physiology of male hormones and the way they work and cause their effect on an individual’s potency is still a topic of interest for medical researchers. The male potency has a very delicate mechanism and due to the modern day life which is unaccountably fast paced and requires a hectic schedule, it can be very easily disturbed.
  • Now it is of no doubt that potency is something that varies man to man and has a lot to do with factors such as health, age, the type of life style and most importantly the genetic makeup of an individual. One of the factors contributing to potency is emotional health of a person. But that being said, it is not uncommon for a male to lose his potency suddenly and apparently for no reason if he is in a perfect shape and generally healthy.
  • Occasionally factors like physical conditions or organic conditions may be involved but most of the times it is seen that psychic or emotional factors cause a far more effect on potency.

Amongst the organic causes certain diseases or prolonged illness are more often than not the root cause of decreased potency. Sometimes high dosage of drugs whether medically advised or self-implemented could be the reason. However approximately 10 % of the impotence can be cited to this. Such males usually suffer from the loss of penile erections and sometimes even complain about the lack of libido.
Natural aphrodisiacs

Ways to increase potency

  1. The ways to increase potency are natural as well as artificial.
  2. There are many cases and instances that point out the use of natural aphrodisiacs to increase potency for men. To increase potency many of the Italians ate chili peppers, chocolate, caviars and oysters.  And the French Kings used to drink a shot of cognac with egg yolk every morning to increase his potency, though it is always safe to assume he didn’t actually knew about that in great detail.
  3. These are some natural ways, which men from previous eras used to increase their potency but things have changed in the modern era.

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The use of aphrodisiacs

An aphrodisiac can be best defined as a substance that increases libido when consumed. Even the male sex hormone testosterone can be categorised as an aphrodisiac as it helps in increasing libido. If a decreased libido is seen in a patient due to low levels of testosterone then administering him with few doses of that would help him to increase his potency. Other chemicals include compounds like bremelanotide formerly known as PT-141. This a universal aphrodisiac which is effective in the case of both men and women. Chemical like phenethylamines can also be used to increase potency. These chemicals mentioned above are formulated into a product by companies like Canadian Health&Care Mall and are very helpful in increasing potency and are thus advised for people who are suffering from decreased libido.

So people who are suffering from decreased level of potency due to factors such as hectic schedule, any emotional or general health related reason should be aware that there are many aphrodisiacs available to help them increase their libido and with companies like Canadian Health&Care Mall in play it has become a lot easier to get help related to this matter.

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