Some Facts about Impotence

Sexual potency in the male is intimately related to a general feeling of adequacy and marital happiness. The provision of a comfortable, lavish and a happy home surrounded by a healthy environment plays a huge role in maintaining this. With the passage of time, a decrease in male potency is something which is not unheard of and is fairly common in today’s modern era where there is cutthroat, neck to neck competition which bring with it a work environment full of stress, a hectic schedule and a crucially fast-paced life. All of this affects potency in ways that the common people mostly tend to overlook while they are busy fighting off in the world.

The Meaning of Impotence and Some Causes

  • In common language, sexual impotence can be easily understood if defined as the inability of the male to have a penile erection and/or consummate the union by ejaculation at the appropriate time. This could be caused by various factors like having a very harsh work environment or a lavish lifestyle which comes with a very hectic work schedule.
  • It can also be caused if an individual has some very distasteful habits of smoking or regular consumption of alcohol. Also, there are various other factors that could be in play and could result in impotence.
  • If a person is not emotionally healthy, that is if he is going through some major life crisis or any other problem that gets to his emotions, it is sure to cause an effect on his libido and this cause impotency.
  • There are also many organic causes that could be in play while considering the male impotence. But most of the time, impotence is caused by the factors being more emotional or psychic than organic.

There is also a factor of anxiety which could be the cause of decreased libido and thus the decreased impotence. Men who constantly worry or grumble about something or another have no energy left for sex and thus can lead to them being impotent. This is called neurotic impotence and a large number of cases of neurotic impotence are found in the past few decades and researchers and medical professionals blame the patient’s lifestyle for this. Sometimes there are various cases of neurotic impotence that seem vague at first but once the science and hormonal imbalance behind them is understood, they become crystal clear. A man’s immature attachment to his mother or a conflict arising in his mind may lead him to think that he is doing something wrong and can create an emotional block. Naturally with a woman he loves and respects he would find himself having decreased libido and find himself impotent. However, he can be successful with any illicit affair with a woman for whom he has no regard or respect.


Testosterone and Potency

Testosterone is a naturally produced androgen and it is the primary sex hormone in men.

  1. It is the hormone which is responsible for the development of male sex organs and drives the physical changes that occur during puberty. It is still a topic of research whether testosterone plays a crucial role in impotence but if it does, there are various products available in the market from companies like Canadian Health&Care Mall to give an individual the testosterone boost he requires to increase his libido.
  2. There are various factors which could cause a decrease in the level of testosterone and thus a supposed decrease in libido leading to impotence. They range from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney problems, obesity, osteoporosis etc.  The only basic fact that can be concluded is that low testosterone levels cause low sex drives and there may be a chance of erectile dysfunction. And one more steady fact that has been thrown some light upon in the past years is that low testosterone levels are related to a number of same chronic conditions that arise during erectile dysfunction.

For this Viagra (sildenafil) from Canadian Health&Care Mall or other products from the company containing chemicals which help in increasing the testosterone levels should be used as it would definitely help in increasing our libido and thus cause the effects of decreased potency to be reversed.