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The new and modern era of human civilisation has seen various new advancements in many fields which has made the human life more lavish and luxurious. Nowadays a person’s hard work pays off as much as he deserves and thus he can get motivated to carve out his full potential. But this motivation. This better and luxurious life style comes at a cost which can have a devastating effect on a person’s health and make him vulnerable and susceptive of various health related disorders. All this said, there still are individuals who get so much engrossed in their work and create such a hectic schedule and a fast paced life that they completely forget to take care of their own body.

And such people have to face the damage caused by overlooking their health too. There are various health diseases which are way more common nowadays than they were in the previous decades. And this is because the same new way of life that has ensured luxury for all of us has paved a way for many health related disorders which have a damaging effect on us.

What is potency?

Potency can be defined as the inability of the male to have or maintain an erection during the time of intercourse. Even though there were cases of potency dating as back as the time of kings and lords, the rate of impotence has increased with a fair growth each year of the so called modern era – see Category of Erectile dysfunction. It is a root cause for breaking relationships, bad work productivity, and even personal lowering of self-esteem and lack of confidence, all of which lead to unhappiness and misery in a patient suffering from it.

Causes of potency

  • There are many causes of potency which are variable and potency can be caused either by one of them or the combined effect of more than one cause.
  • There are many organic causes of potency like cardiovascular diseases or even diabetes can be the root cause for potency. Also there are many other factors that have to be taken in consideration. Sometimes getting into habits like smoking and drinking could also lead to potency.
  • Also there are factors like emotional health, the stress related to work, the environment where the person works and the various means he adapts to cope up with the pressure created while working on making his life better are some factors that have to be considered when taking about potency.
  • Also the levels of certain hormones like testosterone and the levels of DHEA in the body are also said to have an effect on the potency of an individual.

Posture and potency

Various sexologists have been studying the effect of a relax place and a good posture while relaxing as a means of increasing the libido and improve a person’s efficiency. An interesting reality that has been shed light upon is that while going to sleep on your returning, penis can function actively. Lying on his side can be having a fairly neutral effect on a man’s potency. Lying on his prone is identified as the most harmful way a posture can effect potency. Posing with a tight compression to the stomach can cause harm and thus decrease a man’s libido. This happens because lying on the stomach can cause the unwanted deterioration of pelvic circulation by reducing blood circulation in the veins. Also excellent preventive way to ensure a steady libido is to sleep with your feet having at least an angle of 10 degrees with the torso as that helps the blood vessels supplying the pelvis to be completely dilated and thus helps in a good and steady blood flow. Thus these are some ways in which posture can effect potency of an individual.

Nowadays there are companies like Canadian Health&Care Mall which are providing a lot of medications and products for people suffering from potency or low libido. The products offered at Canadian Health&Care Mall are having the necessary chemicals required to increase potency and also increase libido in people who weren’t careful for their bodies and thus helping them lead a better life.

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