Impotence Can Now Be Treated Using Acupuncture Therapy

Till date, acupuncture had always been a thing of the Far East. However, today even the West is not far behind as scientists and doctors discover new benefits and opportunities for treating patients suffering from different ailments. Acupuncture is now used by many healthcare specialties as a remedial treatment for almost everything, be it back pain or depression. And as cited by some group of Austrian Scientists, the latest addition to the list of ailments that can be treated using acupuncture is impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction or Sexual Impotence

There are many factors that can lead to sexual impotence.

  • It can be due to physical damage or hormonal imbalance
  • The problem can also arise due to mental conditions


Systematic Execution of the Study and Observation

Acupuncture is the process of treatment using fine needles. The needles are placed in various parts of a human body that helps to relieve stress and pain. The study was conducted by running an acupuncture test on a total of 13 men, all of whom belonged to the age group of 42. The men were then split into two groups. Each of these groups was subjected to different nature of treatments. Read for more information about acupuncture in the treatment of ED.

The subjection of Treatment that was Meted Out to Both the Groups

  • While one group was subjected to actual acupuncture treatment methods, the other group received treatments that were not related to impotence. While undergoing the tests on the second group, researchers tried to detect the function of a strong ‘placebo effect’ – a kind of relief treatment, where patients are led to believe that they are receiving an actual treatment.
  • There were seven men in the first group and each of them was made to undergo at least two acupuncture sessions, for a period of 10 weeks. This is a kind of treatment that followed the Chinese tradition of acupoints – an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • The second group on the other hand, which consisted of six men, was made to undergo acupuncture treatment for a period of four weeks only. However, the kind of treatment that was meted out to the second group was different from the one meted out to the first group. According to Engelhardt, the acupoints used in the treatment had no correlation to the erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • In order to ensure that the nature of sexual impotence suffered by these men was in no way linked to physical causes, the men were put for a period of three nights test. In the test, they were made to take in an erection stimulant drug. The outcome (which was based on a RigiScan testing) – it was observed that all the men achieved a healthy erection.
  • Next, the groups were made to switch their places. The reason behind doing this was that none of the patients belonging to the placebo group (the second group that is) showed good results. That is why; they were made to switch over to the first group.
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Effective treatment for erectile dysfunction

The Final Outcome

This is what the test result turned out to be –

  • According to the observation made by Engelhardt and his group, about two-thirds of the patients were reported to show good test results. None of them demanded of any additional therapy.
  • On the other hand, about one-third of the patients were reported to be enjoying a slightly improved life, now that their erections have become a little bit better than before. It is this group that felt that the improvement was not sufficient and that an additional therapy could help them treat the problem completely.

However, since the treatment is an ongoing process, it is difficult to conclude the end result in full.

While running a test, the patients were not only given systematic treatments but also regularly followed up and communicated. It is actually a treatment process that combines everything. Doctors believe that acupuncture has the potential to treat an impotent patient by working on the emotional and psychological level. This is why it would be wrong to rule it completely out from consideration.

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