How to Recognize a Legitimate Online Pharmacy?

More and more people are buying drugs online. What is an online pharmacy? How safe and convenient is this service? You need to understand the benefits of online pharmacies and learn how they work.

online pharmacies

Choosing legitimate online pharmacies

Today, online pharmacies are very popular. However, the convenience of ordering and speed of delivery are not a priority for many customers.

Potential buyers are afraid of being deceived by fake sites, which, unfortunately, do exist.

How does the genuine online pharmacy look like?

  1. The main page of the online pharmacy’s website does not contain annoying commercials or links to other websites;
  2. The main page is simple and contains a search bar for entering the necessary drug;
  3. “Contact us” section contains the addresses of the pharmacy, its legal address and phone numbers – for example, you can always contact our specialists using toll-free phone numbers;
  4. The pharmacy’s website mentions the schedule of work, information on how to order drugs online.

An example of the genuine website of an online pharmacy is Canadian Health and Care Mall.

After choosing the goods, the website will offer to choose the payment method and the delivery method. Upon this, the ordering process is completed.

A decent online pharmacy should send an email confirmation the order to the customer. You have the right to refuse a purchase if the packaging, the integrity of the package, or the content is broken or the quality seems suspicious.

If you decide to place an order online, the procedure looks simple and more convenient than in a regular pharmacy:

Benefits of online pharmacies

  • No need to stand in a long queue;
  • Discount on drugs (for example, you can save a lot by using our discount coupon);
  • Home delivery.


Rogue websites can steal customers’ money only on condition these same customers allow them to do so.

Make sure to take into account some nuances:

  • Do not purchase medications on suspicious new websites with a minimum of information about the pharmacy;
  • check the address of an online pharmacy on the map;
  • call the number listed on the website, find out whether they are engaged in online sales and how it works;
  • do not hesitate to ask questions. Real online pharmacies will give you a maximum of information, even if you refuse to purchase medications;
  • carefully check the package and the expiration date of the goods;
  • carefully read the instructions for use and ask the courier to give you the checks;
  • only after making sure of the safety and quality of the drug, you can take it from the courier.

Who should use online pharmacies?

Keep in mind that online pharmacies are not meant for urgent purchase of drugs. This is a service for those who do not have enough time or opportunity to go to the regular pharmacy. An online pharmacy will help you get rid of queues and search for the right drug in several places. Canadian Pharmacy will be convenient if you need to buy many different drugs at the same time or carefully choose one item.

But if you cut your finger or hurt your elbow, you’d better run for iodine or pain medication to a nearby city pharmacy. Fortunately, you will find them on every corner.

The sale of medicines online is common throughout the world. And there is no reason to prevent this activity. It is convenient to buy online drugs that should be taken regularly for a long time.

However, there are some disadvantages of online pharmacies. Choosing a medicine, a person often refuses to consult a doctor. In addition, open access to online pharmacies provides a theoretical opportunity for children to buy drugs. And this is especially dangerous. In addition, it is much more difficult to monitor Internet resources than traditional pharmacies.

Therefore, a person needs to be very careful about buying drugs online. We have more tips for customers of online pharmacies.

Avoid online pharmacies if:

  • the website does not have a professional pharmacist consultant;
  • the pharmacy offers “miraculous remedies” that cure all diseases;
  • the company offers huge discounts and sales of expensive drugs.