How To Use Flovent Inhaler?

Flovent is an oral medication which is taken in order to ease breathing during breathing problem. It is used when you have:

  • Chest tightness;
  • Wheezing;
  • Coughing

The medicine from Canadian Health and Care Mall can be used by adults or children below 4 years of age. Flovent belongs to the class of drugs which are known as corticosteroids. It functions by decreasing the irritation and swelling of the air-tract. The medicine has to be used on a regular basis to be efficacious. However, this medicine does not have immediate effect and thus, cannot be used for easing sudden asthma attack. When you have a sudden attack, you will have to use a quick-relief inhaler.

The Procedure of Using the Asthma Medicine


Flovent comes as an aerosol and can be inhaled by the mouth with the help of an inhaler. It is also available in a powdered form which is also to be used as an inhaler. This medicine for breathing trouble has to be inhaled twice in a day. Make sure that you use the Flovent from Canadian Pharmacy at the same time every day. Follow the instructions that have been provided on the label. Use as per recommendation and do not use more or less than prescribed.

Talk to your doctor and find out how you should be using the inhaled or the oral medication. Your doctor might start off with an average dose of the medication. He/she might decrease the dose when the symptoms are under control. He/she might also increase it if the previously prescribed dose fails to have any effect.

It takes about two weeks for the medicine to have its effect. Call your doctor if your fast attack medicine fails to have any effect. You need to continue with the medication even if you start feeling better.

The inhaler for this breathing trouble medicine has been designed using a canister. Make sure that you keep a track of the number of inhalation that is used. This will help you to know the time you will have to change the inhaler. Discard the canister after having used it for the labeled number of times. Do not keep it even if it continues releasing spray. Avoid using this inhaler in front of open flame or heat. This is because the canister might explode if exposed to high temperatures.

How to Use an Aerosol Inhaler?

  • If you are using this Flovent inhaler for the first time for your breathing trouble, make sure that you remove the overwrap. Now, discard the overwrap and dry the packet that is present inside the overwrap.
  • Ensure that the inhaler is at a room temperature.
  • Remove the cap from inhaler’s mouthpiece. The strap present on the side of the cap will remain attached to the actuator. This will prevent the cap from getting lost. floventKeep checking the mouthpiece, so that it doesn’t accumulate dirt or any other objects. Follow this before using it every time and especially when the mouthpiece isn’t covered.
  • Make sure that the canister has been firmly or fully inserted in the actuator. Shake your inhaler well for about five seconds.
  • In case, you are using the inhaler for the first time then you need to prime it by releasing about four test sprays. You should test these sprays away from your face. Shake it well before each use. If you haven’t use the inhaler for about one week or when you have dropped the inhaler, you need to shake the inhaler for about five seconds. Thereafter release a spray into the spray.
  • Now, breathe out through your mouth.
  • After this, hold the inhaler with the mouthpiece at the bottom and let it face you. Place the index finger over the canister and the thumb over the mouthpiece. Now, place the mouthpiece over your mouth and enclose it with your lips.
  • Inhale deeply but slowly through your mouth. Press down on the top of the canister with the help of the index finger, simultaneously. You need to release the index finger as soon as the spray has been released.
  • After inhaling fully, you should remove the inhaler from your mouth.
  • Now, try and hold your breath for about ten seconds.
  • If your doctor has prescribed you to inhale more than once then wait for thirty seconds and shake the canister before repeating the previous steps.
  • Now, put the cap back over the mouthpiece.

Make sure that you rinse your mouth with water after you have used the inhaler. Keep your inhaler clean. You can use a damp cotton swab for cleaning it. Dry the mouthpiece properly after wiping it with the dampen swab. Replace the mouthpiece when the actuator dries up.