How Lumigan Eye Drops Use Effectively

Lumigan (bimatoprost) serves to lower the pressure that is found in the eye through enhancing the number of liquids that usually drains from our eyes.

Lumigan eye drops, also called ophthalmic solution is utilized to deal with open-angle glaucoma as well as other reasons for pressure within the eyes. It can also be used for other purposes.


In case you’ve got an allergy to bimatoprost, do not use Lumigan. Consult your doctor to know how to safely use it, and tell him if you have:

  • Uveitis which is an eye condition
  • Infection or swelling of the eye.
  • Pregnancy or planning to be pregnant.

Also, consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding because it is not known if such eye drops pass on the breast milk or no. Moreover, do not allow kids to use it, as it is approved of only for older than 16 years old people.

Lumigan - Eye DropsThe Right Way to Use Lumigan

You should use Lumigan eye drops the way your doctor instructs you to and follow the directions you find on the prescription label. Use the right amount mentioned, not above nor below it. It is usually preferable to use it in the evening, except if the doctor instructs otherwise. And also:

While wearing eye lenses, do not utilize the medicine, since it may have a preservative which can interact with the soft eye lenses and causes discolor. So, if you want to put your eye lenses again, wait 15 minutes at least.

Wash your fingers and hand before using it.

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When you want to apply it, use these steps to ensure the best effect:

  • Have your head slightly tilted back and drag the lower eyelid creating a small pocket. Set the dropper right above your eye with its tip down. Have your vision up far from the dropper and now squeeze a drop out.
  • Shut your eyes the next 2 to 3 minutes without squinting or blinking, and with the head down. Gently touch your eye corner pressingly for a minute, in order to hold the liquid from going into the tear duct.
  • Utilize only a few drops, as much as the doctor tells you. If you want to use more, wait for drops for 5 minutes.
  • For using other eye drops that your doctor instructed, wait for 10 minutes at least.

Don’t touch your eye dropper tip or put it on the eye directly, as it can cause infection, which may harm your eye. Plus, if you notice that your medicine has changed its color or contains some particles, do not use it, but rather call the pharmacist and get a new one. Do not forget to put it in the refrigerator or a room free of heat and moisture, not to the point of freezing of course. And keep its bottle closed tightly when you are not using it. And notify your doctor if you have an injury in your eye, or planning a surgery on your eye.

This medicine can cause a slow, gradual change of your eye colors or your eyelashes and lids, and also enhance the thickness or the growth of the eyelashes. These changes in color, enhance the brown pigment, it occurs gradually through months and years, so you may even not notice it, and the color change can be permanent despite the end of the therapy. Furthermore, it can occur only in the treated eye, which will cause a difference between the two eyes. Not to forget the discolor it may cause if you use it while wearing contact lenses, so avoid that.

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Keep the Lumigan dropper tip from touching any surface, even your hands or eyes, as it can be contaminated and infect your eyes, thus, resulting even in serious issue or vision damage. Keep a short duration between drops. Finally, follow every direction given by the label of the prescription or your doctor, and notify him about every condition you have, be it allergies or another sickness, as well as all the medications you are currently using.