How Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Connects with Depression?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the inability of a man to hold or achieve erections firm enough for sexual activities. This affects many men, who belong to the age group 35-45 generally. Erectile dysfunction has many psychological and social ramifications. Men suffering from ED, also suffer from depression arising from low self-esteem. Canadian Health&Care Mall sells drugs which can cure erectile dysfunction and hence treat depression.

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Not being able to perform during sexual intercourse is one of the greatest fears that can wreak havoc with a man’s ego and mind. A person, who suffers from erectile dysfunction, suffers from low self-esteem as well and retracts himself from social gatherings. And as such, they suffer from depression. But patients should keep in mind that erectile dysfunction does not have only psychological causes. It can have pathological causes as well. A thorough investigation by a doctor can reveal the real culprit, which generally remains hidden from the view. The causes may be:

  • Atherosclerosis of arteries supplying penile tissues;
  • Neuropathy and damage to the nerves that supply to the penile regions;
  • A diseased condition of prostate glands;
  • Chronic hypertension leading to damage to the arteries;
  • Hormonal imbalance in the body;
  • Abuse of recreational drugs and alcohol;
  • And age factor.

Apart from these pathological causes, there can be psychological causes as well. These include:

  • anxiety;
  • fear of intimacy which is inexplicable;
  • feelings of guilt;
  • emotional imbalances;
  • Any thought which interferes with brain’s capability of concentrating on the job at hand.

Depression and ED

Curing Erectile Dysfunction to Cure Depression

If investigations by your medical practitioner do not reveal any of the above mentioned pathological causes, then you are the best candidate for drugs that can cure erectile dysfunction. The preparations like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Stendra can help cure erectile dysfunction. Yes, you read it right, erectile dysfunction is curable to a great extent. And patients suffering from erectile dysfunction have claimed 100% result after using these preparations.

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These drugs work by increasing blood flow through the arteries that supply penile tissues. The subsequent blockage of venous return keeps the penis erect for the duration of sexual intercourse.

Curing erectile dysfunction will help a patient gain his potency. With better performance during sexual intercourse, depression arising due to low self esteem will subside and the person may be able to return to his normal life. All other emotions which arise as a result of low self esteem like anxiety or unexplained fear of intimacy in relationships will also gradually subside. This, in return, will help the patient perform his sexual and social duties easily without any hiccups. As an added advantage, the patient will not have to depend upon the anti-depressant drugs to cope with depression. So to say that if the body is well, the mind also works well, is completely correct.

If the patient is given due support and medical attention, erectile dysfunction can be cured completely.

Concerns about the safety of ED drugs

ED drugsConsumption of drugs that cure erectile dysfunction has been reported safe by a large number of men who use them. If the drugs prescribed for erectile dysfunction are taken according to the prescribed manner, then these preparations can deliver near perfect results. Viagra, which has been around for a few years now, has been a quite popular recommendation for curing erectile dysfunction.

Your medical practitioner, who knows your medical history, can recommend the best possible way and counter-indications for taking such preparations. If such regulations are taken into consideration, the negative effects of these drugs do not generally manifest.

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How to procure these medicines?

One can legally procure medicines like Viagra and its variants from Canadian Health&Care Mall, which has a reputation of being the most trusted online retailer. We have made the process of ordering the medicines easy to the extent that anyone can easily navigate and find the required medicine. Viagra that you get from us is generic, low cost and completely safe. It is available in various dosages that are generally recommended and in various packet sizes that are economically priced.