Female Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment

To date, very few studies have been conducted on efficacy and safety of various medications and therapeutic techniques. Female erectile dysfunctions are polyethiologically inherent in nature, and the only possible approach to their treatment is joint work of physicians of different specialties. Also, in presence of pronounced organic changes, psychological reasons that support erectile dysfunction are almost always present. Therefore, systematic approach to treatment of female erectile dysfunction is to eliminate both organic and psychological causes.

How is Female Erectile Dysfunction Treated?

According to Canadian Health&Care Mall, an ideal approach to treatment of female sexual dysfunction involves team effort of a woman, doctor and psychotherapist. Most types of sexual problems can be corrected by treating physical and psychological problems. Other treatment strategies focus on the following:

  • providing information. Knowledge of human anatomy, sexual function and normal changes associated with aging, as well as sexual behavior and responses can help a woman overcome anxiety about sexual function;
  • increased stimulation. It includes use of erotic materials (videos and books), masturbation and change in sexual routine;
  • use of distracting techniques. Erotic or non-erotic fantasies; exercises with sexual intercourse; music, video or television can be used to increase relaxation and reduce anxiety;
  • stimulating non-sexual behavior. Such non-sexual behavior (physical stimulating activity that does not include sexual intercourse), like erotic massage, can be used to improve communication between partners;
  • reducing painful sensations. Using sexual positions that allow a woman to control depth of penetration can help reduce pain. Use of vaginal lubricants can help reduce pain at frictions, and warm bath before sexual intercourse will help to relax.treatment of female ed

Is it Possible to Cure Female Erectile Dysfunction?

Success of treating female erectile dysfunction also depends on the cause of the problem. Dysfunctions are curable physical states. A small dysfunction due to stress, fear or anxiety can often be successfully treated by method of psychological consultation, education and improved communication with partner.

How do Hormones Affect Female Erectile Dysfunction?

Hormones play an important role in regulating sexual function of women. With reduction of female sex hormone estrogen, which refers to aging and menopause, most women experience some changes in sexual function, including lack of vaginal lubrication and decrease in genital sensations. Canadian Health and Care Mall scientists suggest that low level of male hormone testosterone also reduces sexual excitement, genital excitement and orgasm. Scientists are investigating effects of hormones and other medications, including Viagra-type drugs to treat sexual problems in women.

How does Hysterectomy Affect Female Erectile Dysfunction?

Most women suffer from change in sexual function after hysterectomy. These changes include loss of sexual desire, reduction of vaginal lubrication and genital sensations. These problems can be associated with hormonal changes that appear after loss of uterus. Nerves and blood vessels important for sexual function may be damaged during hysterectomy procedure.

How does Menopause Affect Female Erectile Dysfunction?

Drop in the level of estrogen after onset of menopause can lead to changes in female sexual function. Emotional changes that often accompany menopause can lead to loss of woman’s interest to sex and / or ability to get excited. Hormone replacement therapy or vaginal lubricants can improve certain conditions, such as lack of vaginal lubrication and genital sensations, which can create problems with sexual function in women.

It should be noted that some postmenopausal women have noted increase in sexual satisfaction. This may occur as a result of reduction in anxiety about possibility of becoming pregnant.

When to Visit Doctor about Erectile Dysfunction?

Many women experience problems with sexual function from time to time. However, when problems increase, they can lead to stress for a woman and her partner, negatively affect their relationship. If you already have these problems, visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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