FDA Approved Avanafil for Better Sex

The reproductive system of the human beings has helped in the expansion of the race. With every generation of mankind, the knowledge is increasing exponentially. This has led to the invention of today’s marvels such as a man can walk in outer space where there are a complete vacuum and many others. This process of reproduction will give a next generation which is always smart and makes life comfortable with their knowledge.

Every individual would like to pass on the information or the knowledge he has to his next kin. But, what if he is not able to give rise to the next generation of his family? What if he is incapable of having sex? This inability of maintaining the arousal and the anxiety during sexual activity is called erectile dysfunctional. The number of cases of erectile dysfunction is on the rise with the increase in age.

There are various ways that are being practiced in the cure of this disgrace for men. Out of all the different medicines and methodologies, the Food and Drug Administration (US) has approved only the usage of Avanafil before sometime, say about 15 min, before sex. Before digging any further, let us understand about erectile dysfunction.


Causes of erectile dysfunction

As stated above it is the state where the male reproductive organ is unable to maintain the stiffness needed for the sexual activity. This phenomenon is seen across the ages and the number of patients suffering from this is on raise. Let us check out the reasons for this as below

  1. Medications: Few of the medicines taken as a part of treatment may cause the loss. The medications such as the histamine receptor antagonists and antihypertensive can cause some serious damage to the erection of penis which is essential in a satisfying sexual activity. The medicines inhibit the erection due to some chemical reactions.
  2. Metabolic syndrome: This is the condition wherein the blood pressure is increased along with the increase in the insulin and cholesterol levels. This also results in the dump of body fat around the waist which would seem like obesity. Obesity is also a cause of this disease.
  3. Tobacco and alcohol consumption: The consumption of tobacco and alcohol would damage the respiratory organs as well the liver. The high intake of tobacco causes vascular diseases which in turn lead to erectile dysfunctionality.
  4. Cardiovascular conditions: As said above the cardiovascular problems also cause the erectile dysfunction disease. The reason is that the poor cardiovascular function results in poor circulation of blood to the needed areas. This is not just the primary reason but there are other reasons as well. Visit Canadian Health&Care Mall to know more in detail of other reasons.
  5. Mental illness: There is a limit for everything that our body can withstand, be it a physical or a mental stress. It has been clearly observed that increase in the mental stress and abnormal lifestyle would affect the erection needed for a successful sexual intercourse. The reasons for mental stress can be multiple like troubled relationships with the girlfriend or unbearable stress at work etc.

Above mentioned are the main causes out of the numerous causes of the disease. It is important to understand that like every organ in the human body the reproductive parts also have to be taken care of. Whenever there is a medication prescribed care should be taken to understand the after effects or the side effects of such things on the reproductive system.

Erectile dysfunction

The FDA authorized remedy for erectile dysfunction

There are a number of methods used to cure erectile dysfunction but none of the methods are approved by FDA and does not suggest the use of unapproved drugs. Now after observing the results of the placebo-controlled the authority has approved the usage of Avanafil as a cure for erectile dysfunction. This drug has been approved as this did not result in any adverse effects or side effects in the patient and had shown more than 90% of positive results.

On the video below you can see details about Avanafil.

This new drug can be taken as early as 15 minutes before commencing for the sexual activity. The result is quite faster than the other drugs giving an adequate erection for the purpose. The drug has been tested on more than 400 patients in more than 25 states in the United States of America.

The drug is available is 50-mg or 100-mg or 200-mg doses which have to be taken as per the direction of the doctor. Educate yourself regarding the disease and help others.