FDA Advisory Panel Urges Restrictions on Testosterone Use

Age is a factor that has its own side effects. An aging person would be well aware of the changes occurring in his body. He might slowly become less energetic, might gain weight, his hair may be greying out etc. There will be many symptoms of aging in people. One such symptom in men is the reduced desire for sexual activity and other sex-related problems such as Hypogonadism.

A recent study in the United States has revealed that men have been extensively using Testosterone Replacement drugs for the wrong purpose. The alarm has been raised by the Doctors’ community regarding this and they have voiced their opinions on the actual effects and approved usage of these drugs. Canadian Health&Care Mall is waiting on the decision of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) with regard to the changes in the labeling and restrictions that may be applied to these drugs. But what is this Testosterone replacement and why are doctors against its use? Read on to find out.


Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a male reproductive hormone which is responsible for the sex-related activities. It is required to be in certain amounts in order to have a smooth sex life. But unfortunately, not all men have the hormone in the right amounts. Some may have Low Testosterone leading to several other diseases such as

  • Affects the production of testosterone leading to Hypogonadism.- Primary Hypogonadism – Testes related problems such as an inability to produce testosterone etc.-Secondary Hypogonadism – Hypothalamus or Pituitary Gland related problems resulting in sex-related problems.
  • Certain inflammatory diseases like histiocytosis, sarcoidosis and even tuberculosis.
  • Might cause obesity etc.

Others may have High Testosterone which might lead to heart attacks, obesity etc. Studies show that these men indulge in risky activities like sexual risks, adventurous/injury risks, or may even go further and indulge in unlawful activities.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement TherapyMen with ”Low T” as it is called look for a hormonal replacement in order to become normal. On replacing the hormone, several diseases like the ones mentioned above can be subsequently cured. Canadian Health&Care Mall is abundant in the most suitable drugs for this purpose. But, it is always important to look into the side effects of a drug before actually going for it.

The Testosterone Replacement drug is one of them. It has become really trendy among men in the US. The marketing agencies in the US have been marketing it in a completely twisted way that it could be used to improve their sexual energy and would keep them energetic throughout the sex drive etc. But in reality, this drug is not to be used for this purpose. This drug was approved by FDA for only men with Low Testosterone and suffering from associated diseases. Let us look into the side effects this might have if used for the wrong purpose.

Effects of Testosterone Drugs

Testosterone is actually supposed to be used by men with low T and hence suffering from certain diseases such as hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a common symptom of aging men. But, this drug should not be used in this case. The effects this drug might have on men who are aging but do not have a low T are still not clear. But, the FDA Advisory Council’s study states some serious side effects of this drug:

  • In men under the age of 65 having a history of heart problems, the drug might cause an increased risk of heart-attack.
  • In men above the age of 65, even if they don’t have any heart problems to date, they might have a high risk of heart attack.

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As many as 2.3 million men are using these drugs in the US. Some shocking facts regarding the usage of this drug have turned out to be the driving factor for the study of the side effects of this drug.

  1. About 21% of men taking this drug have not even had their Testosterone levels tested.
  2. Men are taking this drug for purely age-related sexual problems.
  3. Men using this drug are unaware of the inherent risks and are simply being carried away by the advertisements.

The FDA hence decided to pose some restrictions on the usage of Testosterone. It is also looking for some labeling changes to warn the recipients of the possible risk of heart-attack by using the drug. Once these restrictions are posted, there might be a drastic fall in the usage of this drug, but it is for the better good. So, it is encouraged by most doctors to prohibit the inappropriate usage of Testosterone.