Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Controlled

Erectile dysfunction is treatable and the person suffering from such a condition can expect normalcy after proper intake of medicines and drugs meant for curing erectile dysfunctions. Many men often find it quite embarrassing and feel ashamed to discuss their conditions of erectile dysfunction frankly, but they must know that avoiding a timely treatment can lead them to face severe consequences. So, one must surely know the importance of treating ED from reliable medicinal pharmacies. Although almost half of the men who have crossed the age of 75 suffer from erectile dysfunction, there are men of young age who at times experience such disorders and should be treated immediately with proper medications that are available at Canadian Health Care Mall.

Factors and conditions determining erectile dysfunction

erectile dyfsunction

It is quite important to talk to a specialist or consult a doctor if a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Any sort of negligence can give the result to something really harmful and complicated by worsening the intensity of this particular disorder. However, there are several factors behind the occurrence of such disorders, which include:

  • Diabetes;
  • Damages and injuries due to cancer or surgeries;
  • Poor communication between partners and relationship problems;
  • Excessive smoking;
  • Limitless alcohol consumption;
  • Stress and other psychological complications

These above-mentioned factors can either work singly or they can even act in combination leading to inappropriate erection making a man fail to achieve sufficient firmness which is required during the course of sexual activity.

Relevant treatments and medications available for erectile dysfunction

Since ED is defined as an inability to achieve sufficient firmness while having sex, there are several remedies and medications that have been developed in order to provide fruitful solutions and a satisfying answer to such problems. There are several medications and drugs available to cure ED which is either inserted into the tip of the penis or injected into the penis. Doctors at the primary stage prescribe the following pills and drugs for the treatment of ED.

  • Tadalafil (Cialis);
  • Sildenafil (Viagra);
  • Vardenafil (Staxyn, Levitra);
  • Avanafil (Stendra)

Depending on the effectiveness of various drugs, they are taken 15 minutes to 36 hours before an individual decides to have sex. However, this should not be used more than once a day. Only Staxyn dissolves in mouth whereas the other medications are needed to be swallowed. One can purchase these medicinal pills from Canadian Health&Care Mall that assures of best quality medicine in order to cure erectile dysfunctions.

Treat ED

Injections surgeries and other supplements for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

In case the pills and drugs don’t work or if the doctor feels they are not safe for his patient to consume then there are certain injections and suppositories that are prescribed for a patient suffering from erectile dysfunction. Actually, these injections and suppositories act as the medium to transmit a particular drug called alprostadil, which helps in boosting proper blood flow to the penis. This helps a patient to achieve an erection within few minutes.

  • Injections: With the help of injection needles, alprostadil is put into the side of the penis;
  • Suppositories: This involves a procedure called MUSE (medicated urethral systems for erections), where pellets are put inside the penis;
  • Vacuum Devices: The use of vacuum devices help in improving firmness by boosting active blood flow to the penis. There are more 80% of men who have been benefitted with this method of using a vacuum device to treat erectile dysfunction. Such vacuum erection devices are generally made up of three main parts; a clear plastic tube, an elastic ring, and a manual or battery operated a pump;
  • Surgeries: Lastly, in case all the above-mentioned modes of treatment have failed then the doctor shall prescribe and recommend an individual to undergo surgery. Surgeries include placement of implants and vascular reconstruction surgery which helps in proper blood flow and also help in reducing blood leakage from the penis. Implants such as inflatable implants and malleable implants help in restoring the long-lost firmness and erection in men during the time of sexual intercourse.

Several medical consultations and pills related to erectile dysfunction can be purchased online along with suitable guidance and instructions to be followed during the diagnosis of such a disorder.