Cholesterol Medicines from Canada

Our online pharmacy sells all most popular cholesterol medications that are united by similar features: indications, effects, side effects, and contraindications. Let review them in details.

Cholesterol MedicinesIndications for cholesterol medication:

  • Elevated cholesterol level and other metabolic disorders;
  • Prevention of myocardial infarction and other complications of cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol medication side effects: nausea, disruption of the liver cells, muscles pain.

Cholesterol medication contraindications: severe liver disease, pregnancy, breastfeeding, the age under 18, individual intolerance.

Common cholesterol medication features: they affect the biochemical processes that occur during cholesterol production and its transformation in the body. These drugs can significantly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular complications and reduce the mortality of patients with atherosclerosis – this fact has been proven by numerous international studies.

Common Drugs to Treat High Cholesterol

Name of the MedicationActive Substance(s) Starting price per unit at Canadian Health&Care MallMost Important to Know Drug Features
ZetiaEzetimibe$1.52Zetia is often given with other cholesterol-lowering drugs being only part of a complete treatment program
ZocorSimvastatin$0.89Grapefruit may interact with the drug and lead to dangerous effects. Do not consume grapefruit while taking Zocor
NiaspanNiacin$0.53Should be avoided in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not compatible with colestipol and cholestyramine
CrestorRosuvastatin$0.85In rare cases, the drug can cause a condition that affects skeletal muscle tissue, leading to kidney failure
CoumadinWarfarin$0.45Do not take the drug if you are pregnant.
Coumadin may cause life-threatening bleeding
AggrenoxDipyridamole and Aspirin$0.72Do not take the drug if you are pregnant.
Coumadin may cause life-threatening bleeding
VytorinEzetimibe and Simvastatin$1.50Do not use the drug if you suffer from active liver disease or abnormal liver function tests
LovazaEicosapentaenoic acid and Docosahexaenoic acid$1.60Lovaza can’t be used by anyone under 18 years old

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* Remember, self-medication is life-threatening, consult a doctor or our professional team about any medications.