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All Truth about Smoking

Canadian Health&Care Mall wants to tell you about how bad smoking is! Our pharmacy team has gathered facts about smoking, in order to make you think a little bit about your health and health of those around you!

Consequences of Smoking during Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy is the most common mistake of expectant mothers. Pregnancy period for women who smoke usually occurs harder than for non-smokers and those who quit smoking before conception. Smoking expectant mothers suffer from early toxicosis, gestosis, as well as varicose veins, constipation and frequent dizziness. Smoking accelerates vitamin C destruction, as a result the body is experiencing its deficiency and its consequences can be very serious. Vitamin C…

Facts and Myths about Smoking

Canadian Health Care Mall decides you to explain the main facts and myths about smoking. You may ask why? – Smoking habit is spread all over the world making all people addicted and unhealthy. Inhaled nicotine deteriorates all the organism’s systems that’s why it is better to give up this habit to improve your health conditions. Moreover we may offer you medications directed to weaken your smoking habit. Let’s speak…

Stop Smoking Pill for Effective Results to Witness Quicker

Quitting smoking is not easy task for any addict. If you are used to the habit of smoking for years together, then you will have to suffer from side effects if you are quitting smoking all of a sudden. These are called as smoking withdrawal symptoms . It could be anything from a small headache, to that of a big coughing issue or nausea and so on. Get things set…

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