How Can Sport Change My Life?

Physical culture, sport and health are in close interrelation. Influence of ecological factors, a rhythm of modern life, constant presence in the environment of aggressive microorganisms weaken health of the person. That is why it is so important to strengthen protective forces of an organism in all available ways – the balanced healthy food, timely treatment of various illnesses, preventive actions directed to immunity strengthening and also by means of physical activity.
Relevance of physical activity

With the development of technical progress, with the advent of computers, smartphones and other “devices” facilitating work and everyday life of the person, physical activity of people was sharply reduced on comparing even with the next last decade.
Lack of physical activity leads to:

gradual decrease in functional abilities of the person;
weakening of the bones and muscles;
poor work of internal organs.

In general, movement lack leads to failures in work of all systems (muscular, vascular, warm, respiratory) and an organism in general, promoting developing of various diseases. Physical exercise and mental health are also in a close relation with each other


Secrets of Healthy Lifestyle by Canadian Health and Care Mall

The term “healthy lifestyle” is not defined clearly. Let’s see come different healthy lifestyle definitions.

From the point of view of the philosopher, this is health of spirit. If you are a religious person, this is health of soul, following posts and rules;

sociologists will tell that it is life without alcohol and drug addiction;

diet doctors will note healthy nutrition;

doctors – prophylaxis of diseases.

This series can be continued infinitely. But the general definition is approximately identical: healthy lifestyle is ‘modus vivendi’ (a way of life, a way of existence) oriented on health strengthening and illnesses prophylaxis. Everyone decides for himself what means “illness” and “prophylaxis”. We will mean by this term set of measures for strengthening our physical health
If we say that we choose as the motto the phrase “there is a sound mind in a harmonious body” it won’t be absolutely correct. It is the important, but not the only part of our existence.

Women’s Healthcare with Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Decent nutrition is one of the best ways you can take care of yourself and those who depend on you. What you eat makes a great difference in the way you look and feel. A healthy nutrition makes you energetic, improves your mood, controls your weight, and can be a huge support through the different ages. Healthy products can help reduce stresses, boost fertility, make pregnancy and nursing easier, and relieve symptoms of menopause. Whatever your age, keeping to a healthy diet will help you look and feel perfectly and you can enjoy your life.Women's Healthcare with Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Good nutrition for women of all ages

When it comes to improving your meals system or trying to reduce excess weight, it’s important to remember that our organs respond differently to all products, it depends on genetics and other factors. Find the diet that is effective for you and you can take some time for experimentation, but it does not mean you should be obsessive over some definite foods or products, focus more on your eating method and habits. Reduce sugar, ignore carbs and fried foo, eat more fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein sources will help you look and feel good at any age.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall advice to control appetite and boost energy

In addition to limited refined carbs and sugary products, there are eating habits that can have a sufficient effect on your food cravings, stress levels, and energy during the whole day:

  1. Have a breakfast.  People who eat breakfast weigh less than those who ignores it. A decent high-calorie breakfast accelerates your metabolism in the morning and provides energy for the whole day;
  2. Eat regularly. Too long cravings between meals can make you feel istressed and tired, so support your organism’s natural cycle of energy by eating a proper healthy breakfast, a nutritious lunch, an afternoon snack a light early dinner;
  3. Boost energy with protein. Adult women should eat at least 0.8g of protein per kilogram of their body weight every day. Mature women should eat from 1 to 1.5 grams for each kilogram of weight. A higher intake may help to reduce risks of diabetes;
  4. Control cravings eating healthy fats. As you know, fat is rich in calories, a small amount of correct fats will make you feel full and keep that feeling for longer time.

Concentrate on healthy products

All women are at a special risk of developing osteoporosis, so it’s very important to get enough calcium and magnesium in combination with vitamin D, thus you will keep your bones healthy.

CalciumFoodsCalcium: The recommended daily quality varies from 500 to 1,300 mg/day. Dairy products are good sources of calcium, leafy green vegetables, oatmeal and other grains, tofu, cabbage, summer squash, green beans, garlic, and sea vegetables are also enriched with calcium. Your body cannot consume more than 500 mg at one time and there’s no need in exceeding the recommended daily dosage. In fact, if you do that you may even harm the heart seriously.

Magnesium: The recommended daily allowance for magnesium is from 400 to 900 mg/day. Calcium only is of benefit when taken in complex with magnesium. Green vegetables, summer squash, broccoli, halibut, cucumber, green beans are perfect sources of magnesium.

Vitamin D: Try take in for about 400 and 1,000 international units daily. You can get Vitamin D if you stay on the direct sunlight for half an hour, such foods as red fish, milk and eggs are good sources of this vitamin.

In this article we would like to focus our attention on some important matter:

Preventive measures

When a woman is 40, she is pursued by all sorts of fears that from this moment she will start fading rapidly, the skin will become flabby, organs will no longer cope with their functions. The most common fear is the rapid aging and loss of basic life functions. What a foolishness! There is absolutely no reason for panic.

Cross a dangerous line without fear with Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Happy mature couple outdoorsIt is not a secret that the female body copes with all stressful situations, colds, physical and emotional stress much easier. Magic means of these women’s abilities is estrogen – hormones, that stimulate the work of all organs and provide cells regeneration and the rapid resumption of the whole system. But there comes a time when women’s health is close to the dangerous point – a menopause. At this point, the amount of estrogen reduces drastically, and the female body is endangered. And this is the time to start taking care of yourself:

  • Change your diet;
  • train your body;
  • refuse your bad habits;
  • monitor your health condition;
  • spend more time outdoors.

Do not forget about modern female drugs, supplements and vitamins, which may significantly improve women’s health. You may buy female medications online at Canadian Pharmacy: Neurobion Forte, Folic Acid, Riconia, Aloe Noni Juice, as well as Pink Female Viagra.

We say goodbye to extra calories without the slightest regret

The most important point after 40 is healthy nutrition. A healthy diet must contain all the components: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals. But you have to say goodbye to extra calories. There are rules of proper nutrition for women who want to be beautiful:

  1. Grilled FishEat at least 60 grams of protein per day;
  2. Do not forget to add dairy products in the menu;
  3. Cook fish and poultry by mean of a steamer instead of frying;
  4. Fatty pork and lamb should be deleted from the menu;
  5. The potato must be combined with lots of greens or carrots, beets, cucumbers, cabbage;
  6. The shelf with cereals should contain only brown rice and buckwheat;
  7. Once a week you can eat one or two eggs for breakfast;
  8. If you really like the beans – do not refuse them, simply restrict their intake and boil properly.

Do not let your muscles relax

weightsTo keep a healthy lifestyle does not mean simply to eat correct products.

The skin begins to lose its elasticity, muscle atrophy and become flabby. But you should not let it happen! Load your body with exercises – this is what you need. It is not necessarily go train in a gym-hall and suffer from hours of hard training. There are a few secrets:

  • Stop using an elevator (unless of course you do not live on the tenth floor) – try walking up the stairs;
  • Waking up in the morning, do not get up out of bed until you raise your legs up 10 times – one or two at once;
  • Stand while cooking food: cut the salads, vegetables soup, peel the potatoes;
  • Do a general cleaning at least two times per week – it’s good for the figure, and is the best prevention of allergy to dust in the house;
  • Fill a five-liter bottle with the water and pick it up with each hand in turn until the hands get tired. Or you may purchase small weights in the store of sport equipment.

Fill your cell with life-giving oxygen

You should think seriously about giving up smoking. Every woman knows about smoking dangers. Get rid of all the enemies of the body, give him a chance to survive a little longer. Get used to daily evening walks. If you can not find the time, get a dog. This small friend will make you walk 2-3 times a day. Saturated with oxygen, the body begins to recover. Brain cells breathe, blood vessels also do, rich blood runs to the heart, which start operating much better. Morning and evening walks are especially useful, when the nature breathes and shares its breath with you.

Avoid excess weight gain

You should be careful, taking care of your body and changing your life.

  • At the first sign of dizziness, tingling in the heart, headaches take a tonometer and measure the pressure.
  • Keep an eye on the general condition.
  • Weight yourself in the morning before breakfast at the same time.
  • Try to observe the regime and move as much as possible.
  • Use special supplements and weight loss pills to control your weight.

Order the best weight loss pills online at Canadian HealthCare Mall: Xenical, Mega Hoodia, Orlistat, Megathin and many others.

If you follow at least one third of the recommendations you will feel different in a month – energetic and fresh. And nobody will ever let the idea cross his mind that you are 40!


Life is a Motion! Canadian Health&Care Mall Review

How to maintain healthy lifestyle? No doubt it is necessary to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The awareness of this fact is a good sign, but, unfortunately, this good idea remains just an idea without any practical action. In this article Canadian Pharmacy talks about how to live a healthy life.
It is surprising to hear, but there are many people in the world who know that it is obligatory to take care of your health, know what is necessary to do to reach results, but have no idea how to approach to this case.
Healthy lifestyle trends now, you may easily insure in this fact coming up to the newsstand or turning on the TV on weekends. Another thing is that the trend remains the trend, but in reality very few people are engaged in the popularization of physical culture, sport and nutrition. And the man who wants to start a healthy lifestyle, is simply lost: where to start from? There are so many methods that promise you steel muscles, abdominals cubes for five minutes training. CrossFit, street workout, pitates, callanetics, yoga, Taipei – there are so many sports directions!


Benefits of Hiking: Get up and Go!

Hiking is a component of a healthy active lifestyle and carried out as a result of a complex muscles activity of a body and limbs. The advantage of walking on foot is defined by the fact that it involves the biomechanical and neurophysiological processes which influence the whole organism. The process implicates operating of different legs muscles groups, which activity provides a tone of the whole body.
What are hiking benefits?

While walking the organism moves legs in three planes simultaneously: vertical, longitudinal, cross. The higher the speed of walking is, the higher the level of spent energy is;
Legs activity during walking produces blood-activity: blood enriches body organs with oxygen, accelerating exchange processes;
Regular walks in the fresh air strengthen health: respiratory, muscular, cardiovascular systems become stronger;
Activity of muscles improves a blood flow in veins. The result is prevention of a varicosity, an output of slags from an organism;
Active energetic processes save us from extra-kilos: 15 min. of average speed walking (1,5 km) burn 100 kcal;
The advantage of walking for men is connected with the fact that stagnant processes in a small pelvis are removed;

The advantage of walking is also prevention of somatic diseases, a hypodynamia, diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Regular walking increases immunity, endurance, positively influences mental health, improves sleeping.

Running or walking?
What it is more beneficial – running or walking? According to experts, their effect is almost identical. Both types of physical activity involve the same muscles and departments of the musculoskeletal apparatus. But running demands bigger endurance and skills.
Transition from walking to running is rational when walking becomes a habit and the organism is already strengthened. Running is recommended for people with a normal weight. Loading at surplus of weight will do much harm to joints and heart.
What is benefit of hiking in comparison with running? Doctors claim that an intensive walk within one hour is more useful to health, than 30 minute of running.
Indications and contraindications


Myths about Healthy Nutrition

There are a lot of weight loss myths nowadays. The do not only prevent us from losing weight. Often myths about weight loss make us follow the wrong way, that won’t lead to harmony, but on the contrary, to extra weight. So should we conduct experiments if all the mistakes have already been made before us? Let’s look at the most popular myths about weight loss that Canadian Health&Care Mall has selected for you.
The most popular myths about healthy life-style

You should eat little to lose some weight
Yes, you should eat little for one meal time, but for the whole day – quite a lot.
That is the approximate list of products per day:

at least two protein meals of 150-200 grams (eg, cottage cheese and baked fish);
complex carbohydrates – about 200 grams (such as porridge);
800 grams of vegetables (raw or half a salad) 2-3 fruit;
low-fat soup, 0.2-0.5 liters of sour milk drink.

You should eat every 2-4 hours with small portions. When you try to eat this amount per day for the first time, then you are likely have to eat some meals without any appetite. Many people even put a timer, not to forget about the meal time, as they do not have a hunger feeling. So, we can’t call the mentioned amount of food a “small” one, can you?


Excess Weigh Consequinces: Canadian Pharmacy Mall Review

Excess weight is not just a physical disability, but a disease that prevents a person to lead a full life and may result serious consequences.
Obesity is a weight gain due to fat deposits. Obesity is a chronic disease that can occur at any age. It manifests in excessive increase due to the accumulation of fat in the tissues of the body weight. The number of people with overweight and obesity in recent years is growing inexorably. As a result, the overall morbidity and mortality of mankind are increasing.
Obesity develops due to the lack of balance between the energy absorption and its expense. The action of the energy systems of our body is regulated by certain genes. Children of parents suffering from obesity, have a genetic predisposition to this disease. That is why obesity in children is often a hereditary disease.
In addition to genetic factors predisposing to obesity, there are other factors leading to overweight:

sedentary lifestyle;
diseases related to the endocrine system;
high susceptibility to stress;
lack of sleep;
administration of drugs containing psychoactive substances;
violation of meals on the basis of mental disorders (psychological eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder).

Healthy people, unlike those who have a predisposition to excess weight, have two main factors which may lead to obesity: overeating and physical inactivity. An excessive amount of calories, which enter the body, is not consumed and deposited in fatty tissues. Often people choose a wrong obesity treatment, that’s why it’s important to know main facts about obesity.


Main Facts about Obesity

Obesity is excess fat in subcutaneous tissue, organs and tissues. It is manifested by an increase in body weight of more than 20 percent of average values by adipose tissue. Obesity delivers psycho-physical discomfort, causes sexual disorders, diseases of spine cord and joints. It increases the risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, kidney damage, liver, as well as disability and mortality from these diseases. Women are twice likely to develop obesity than men, a critical age for excess weight emergence is from 30 to 60 years.
Endocrinology deals not only with of obesity and methods of its combating. According to international experts, WHO (, obesity is a global epidemic of modern times, spanning millions of people around the world, regardless of professional, social, ethnic, geographic, gender and age groups. In the USA, 30% of the working population are obese and and 25% are overweight.
Patients with obesity 2-3 times more suffer from hypertension, 3-4 times – angina and coronary heart disease than those with normal weight. Almost any disease, even such as ARVI, influenza and pneumonia, in patients who are obese, last heavier, having a higher percentage of complications.


Eyes are Mirror of Soul – Canadian Eye Care Tricks

Today I want to tell you about eye care. After all, your eyes are not only mirror of your soul, but also reflection of our health and mood. And for our eyes to be beautiful and healthy, we need regularly to take care of them.
In our time, load on eyes increases with each passing day. The amount of information, digital media, sitting all day in office – all this, sooner or later, may adversely affect our eyes. And we are unlikely to desire such an outcome. Therefore, eye care is becoming more relevant. So we have to care for their eyes gradually, step by step, so that our eyes were beautiful and healthy.
First and foremost eye care ( is hygiene. Every night, no matter how you get tired and at what time you come home (let it be even late at night), be ready to remove eye make-up. Make-up can be removed by special means, and can be removed with cotton wool soaked in warm oil. By the way, this means is much better. After all, unlike cosmetics, here you will know exactly what you use to get rid of make-up, including the fact that you nourish your delicate skin around eyes.


How Lumigan Eye Drops Use Effectively

Lumigan (bimatoprost) serves to lower the pressure that is found in the eye through enhancing the amount of liquids that usually drains from our eyes.
Lumigan eye drops, also called ophthalmic solution is utilized to deal with open-angle glaucoma as well as other reasons of pressure within the eyes. It can also be used for other purposes.
Precaution before Medication
In case you’ve got an allergy to bimatoprost, do not use Lumigan. Consult your doctor to know how to safely use it, and tell him if you have:

Uveitis which is an eye condition
Infection or swelling of the eye.
Pregnancy or planning to be pregnant.

Also, consult your doctor if you are breastfeeding because it is not known if Lumigan eye drops pass on the breast milk or no. Moreover, do not allow kids to use it, as it is approved of only for older than 16 years old people.


All You Need to Know about Generic Xenical

Xenical, also called orlistat blocks part of the fat we eat, to keep the body from absorbing it. Xenical primary use is for weight loss, or to reduce gaining weight that you already lost. Only adults use it, and it should be accompanied by a healthy diet with low calories. The drug can be bought without a prescription for clients who are older than 18 years old.
It is dangerous to buy the generic xenical from an unreliable source, be it the internet or an outside vendor, as it may consist of dangerous ingredients as it can be non-licensed.
Facts about Xenical
The generic xenical is not recommended for pregnant women, since weight loss is not good while in pregnancy, even for obese and overweight people.
In case you got a chronic malabsorption syndrome, or gallbladder issues, do not take the drug. Before taking it, consult your doctor to see if you have any underactive thyroid, types of diabetes (read about males with diabetes), a history of pancreatitis or gallstones. An eating problem, other medications either prescribed or over the counter or liver disease.


Fight Glaucoma with Alphagan Eye Drops and Prevent Blindness

Alphagan P eye drop solution, which also goes by its generic name Brimonidine, is used to treat glaucoma and other related conditions of the eyes.
What is Glaucoma?
Glaucoma or ocular hypertension is the build-up of the pressure of the liquids inside the eye. The pressure builds up due to improper drainage of the intra-ocular fluids, especially the aqueous humor. Aqueous humor flows in mesh-like channels, called trabecular meshwork. If the flow is blocked due to any reason, fluid builds up. This building up of the liquid pressure is the reason for the slow damage to the optic nerve. If left untreated, this eventually leads to blindness that is permanent in nature. It generally occurs in both eyes but generally to the varying degree. Though the exact reasons for glaucoma are relatively unknown, people over 40 years with a family history of glaucoma and diabetes are generally more likely to suffer from glaucoma (what is glaucoma).
Glaucoma is of two types:

Open-angle Glaucoma: or wide-angle glaucoma which is more common in occurrence. The structure of the eye may appear normal but there is blockage in the trabecular meshwork which leads to improper flow of the fluids and subsequent build-up.
Angle-closure Glaucoma: or narrow-angle glaucoma is caused due to narrow angle between cornea and iris. The iris physically blocks the channels and the fluid pressure rises up suddenly.

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