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Asthma Diagnostics
If you have typical symptoms of asthma, it is already enough to make asthma diagnosis. Therefore, the first step in diagnosing bronchial asthma is careful collection of medical history: how long ago symptoms began, what is asthma symptoms duration, what causes their strengthening or relief, what allergic reactions you have, and whether there were cases of bronchial asthma in your family history.
Nevertheless, several asthma diagnostic measures are still necessary to confirm diagnosis given by Canadian Pharmacy Mall.
Spirometry. The most important way to assess pulmonary function – spirometry is to evaluate how well your lungs work. You will be asked to breathe by means of special device called spirometer to prove asthma diagnosis.
Spirometer estimates two indications: volume of air exhaled in one second (the so-called forced expiratory volume in one second), and the total amount of air expelled (called forced vital capacity). Indications are compared with average values of normal indications for people of your age, allowing you to determine whether your airways are actually blocked.


Daily Regime of a Little Asmatic

Asthma is an inflammatory process which leads to restriction of air access to respiratory air-passages. Modern treatment unites the antiinflammatory therapy and drugs of long action dilating lungs. Their task is not to allow a spasm of respiratory tracts structure and a dyspnea attack. These asthma drugs are safe and can be applied for several years.For 90% of sick children the allergy is the reason of asthma. Symptoms can worsen if the allergy is not controlled properly. Attacks of coughing, dyspneas, heavy breathing are possible. Therefore you have to include systematic drug intake in the daily schedule. The rhythm of day is very important for the preschool child as it builds the child’s ”world” and provides safety feeling to the child. This rhythm guarantees health and good health to the little asthmatic. Study other asthma causes, as it’s necessary to have a good knowledge of this disease.


How Should You Use an Flovent Canadian Pharmacy Inhaler?

Flovent Canadian Pharmacy is an oral medication which is taken in order to ease breathing during breathing problem. It is used when you have:

Chest tightness

The medicine from Canadian Health and Care Mall can be used by adults or children below 4 years of age. Flovent Canadian Pharmacy belongs to class of drugs which are known as corticosteroids. It functions by decreasing the irritation and swelling of the air-tract. The medicine has to be used on a regular basis to be efficacious. However, this medicine does not have immediate effect and thus, cannot be used for easing sudden asthma attack. When you have a sudden attack, you will have to use a quick relief inhaler.


Canadian Proventil Is Good for the Treatment of Wheezing and Shortness of Breath

Canadian Proventil is a bronchodilator which is known to relax the muscle air-tract and thereby increase the airflow in your lungs. This medicine from Canadian Health and Care Mall is used for the treatment. It is used for the treatment of shortness of breath and wheezing which is caused by the breathing troubles such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma.


Canadian Health and Care Mall Advair for Ashma Treatment

Medications are very important as means of asthma control. The following information below is aimed at answering the most frequent questions regarding drugs. The first thing that should be mentioned is that under no circumstances you should not change or reduce dosage of prescribed medication without prior consultation with your doctor.
Drugs may be divided into two main groups:

vital medications (bronchodilators);
inhibitors (steroids).


Advair Diskus for Asthma and COPD Treatment

Advair Diskus Canada is used for controlling, as well as preventing, the symptoms that occur during asthma and lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It contains two medications namely salmeterol and fluticasone.
Fluticasone actually belongs to a group of drugs which are referred to as corticosteroids. It works to reduce the swelling or irritation of the airways. Salmeterol on the other hand belongs to a class of drugs which are referred to as long-acting agonists. It works to open up the lungs so that the breathing becomes easier. Controlling the symptoms of breathing problem you will be able to decrease the time lost from work.
The medication has to be taken on a daily basis for it to be effective. The medicine does not have immediate effect and thus, cannot be used for treating sudden shortness of breath. If you have sudden breathing problem then you should use a quick-relief inhaler.
How should You Use Advair Diskus Canada Inhalation?
You need to read the medication guide that has been provided your pharmacist prior to taking the medication. You should follow this even when you are getting a refill. In case, you have any question regarding the dosage of the medicine, you should talk to your doctor.


Uses, Side Effects, and Interactions of Ventolin

Albuterol is used for the treatment of wheezing and also shortness of breath that is caused because of breathing issues such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. It belongs to a certain genre of drugs which are known as bronchodilator. The medicine works by air track by opening up the breathing passages and then relaxing the muscles. It controls the symptoms of breathing problems so that you do not lose time for work and school.
The medicine is taken by the mouth and does not work immediately. It shouldn’t be used for the treatment of sudden bouts of breathing trouble. The doctor might prescribe a quick relief inhaler for sudden attack of asthma and shortness of breath. Thus, you should always keep the quick-relief inhaler with you.
How should You Use Ventolin Canadian Pharmacy?
Ventolin Canadian Pharmacy should be taken according to the recommendations of the doctor. Doctors generally prescribe it to be taken three to four times, every day. However, the dosage of medicine actually depends on the severity of the condition and your response to the treatment. Children over 12 years and adults shouldn’t take more than 32 milligrams in a day. And children below 12 years but above 6years shouldn’t take more than 24 milligrams in a day.


Asthma Issues during Pregnancy: Labor and Breast Feeding

A pregnant woman should know and take into consideration, that at bronchial asthma in comparison with healthy women the risk of both premature labor and postterm pregnancy is increased, which requires careful gynecologist monitoring. To avoid asthma exacerbation basic therapy is not canceled during labor. It is necessary to register peakflowmetry indicators from labor beginning and than at least every 12 hours. If pregnant woman has previously received systemic hormonal drugs, systemic hormones are applied during labor to prevent adrenal insufficiency. It is known that adequate analgesia during labor reduces bronchial asthma exacerbation risk.
Labor coarse at women with asthma is different, according to statistics in most cases there is a need for labor induction and caesarean section (in this case, peridural anesthesia is preferred). For labor induction it is possible to apply oxytocin, but prostaglandin and ergonovine drugs are conterindicated.A number of drugs used for anesthesia and analgesia (morphine, thiopental, etc.) are also conterindicated because of their ability to depress inspiratory center or cause histamine release and provoke bronchismus.
Risk of Having a Child with Asthma and Allergies
Every woman is concerned about her unborn child’s health, and since inherited factors definitely participate in bronchial asthma development, this point should be reviewed in particular. Question of atopy inheritance (hereditary tendency of the body to respond to environmental influences by generation of excessive amounts of immunoglobulin E) is studied more accurately. It should be noted, that it is not essential bronchial asthma hereditary transmission, but risk of allergic disease development in general; it is risk rather than fatal inevitability.


Asthma Issues during Pregnancy: Other Specifics of Treatment

Other Issues of Drug Therapy
Any drug prescription during pregnancy should be considered with caution, including anaesthetics and vitamins. All patients with asthma should be careful when taking non-steroidal analgesics (aspirin, analgin, etc.); at Aspirin-sensitive asthma complete and absolute all this group drugs exclusion is required.
Intolerance to any medicines is not uncommon for asthma. You’ll be safer if you will always have filled by allergologist allergic disease patient passport with you, which contains a list of drugs, that previously caused allergic reaction or conterindicated for asthma (e. g. beta-blockers), as well as related drugs that can cause polyvalent allergy. Before taking any medication a patient should get familiar with its composition and instructions, and discuss all questions with doctor.
As it was already mentioned, during pregnancy it is absolutely conterindicated to use any ephedrine drug (including Theofedrin), because it causes uterus vasoconstriction and worsens fetal hypoxia. Adrenaline during asthma recrudescences is not recommended (if needed, injectable terbutaline is applied).


Asthma Issues during Pregnancy: Basic Therapy

Routine therapy (basic, treatment for disease monitoring)
Routine (basic) therapy for disease control must comply with disease coarse severity, which is a necessary condition for reducing the need for bronchial spasm relief drugs and exacerbations prevention. If asthma coarse severity requires mandatory basic therapy, and the patient only relieves symptoms, asthma becomes uncontrolled, dangerous for mother and fetus. Appointment of basic therapy, necessary to control asthma, prevents asthma attacks and recrudescences, causing fetal hypoxia, i. e. it contributes not only to normal pregnancy course, but also to normal child’s development.
A pregnant woman with asthma is often surrounded with co-called «well-wishers» (sometimes doctors or — more often — former doctors) who try to plant fear of treatment and use of drug. Always remember — you are breathing for two people, and groundless fears are unacceptable. Do not listen to anybody. Focus only on the information obtained from a qualified expert.
Medications for Disease Control
Cromones (Intal, Tilade) are apply only at mild persistent asthma. If the drug is prescribed for the first time during pregnancy, sodium cromoglicate (Intal) is used. If the patient before pregnancy took nedocromil (Tilade) with positive effect, the treatment is continued. But if cromones do not provide adequate disease control, inhaled hormone preparations should be prescribed.


Asthma Issues during Pregnancy: Treatment

Many pregnant women are completely reasonably trying to avoid taking medications during pregnancy. But it is necessary to treat asthma: harm that severe uncontrolled disease course cause and hypoxia (lack of oxygen supply to fetus) are much greater than possible side effects of medications. Not to mention that asthma exacerbation creates a huge risk for woman’s life. But instructions for any medication contain contraindications, limitations or special conditions of their use during pregnancy. What to do?
First of all, treatment for pregnant woman must be prescribed by a doctor. Close contact with a specialist is a necessary condition for successful treatment: it is the only way to achieve maximum effect with minimum risk. All medications are prescribed according to the principle: «only if the expected benefits outweigh the potential risk for mother and fetus.» Especially stringent requirements are imposed on the first trimester of pregnancy period as the most vulnerable to any impacts.
During asthma treatment topical (localized) inhalation drugs are preferable, since their concentration in blood is minimal and local effect in the target area — bronchi – maximal. It is recommended to use inhalers containing freon. Pressurised metered dose inhalers should be used with a spacer to reduce risk of side effects. Prerequisite for successful treatment is proper inhalation technique. Pulmonologist or instructor in Asthma-school can help to acquire necessary skills.


Asthma Issues during Pregnancy: Measures for Limiting Contacts with Allergens (Other Allergens)

Allergy plays an important role for women of child-bearing age suffering from bronchial asthma. In order to avoid asthma exacerbations and get rid of symptoms it is necessary to avoid contacts with possible allergens.
Pets in Your House
Fish feed, feathers and bird excrements, scurf, saliva and other pets’ excrements are the strongest source of allergens. If you have allergy to any of these components, further contact with cause-significant allergen is forbidden for you. Danger threatens not only woman. According to studies, the presence of a cat in the house, where the mother suffers from asthma, increases risk of allergic disease by tree times. And although in recent years there are reports claiming that in some cases early contact of children with cats reduces allergy risks, we can only talk theoretically how accurate and verified this information is, but practically we should remembered that in order to bear a healthy child, a pregnant woman should take all measures to avoid contacts with allergens.

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