What is Diabetes?

Nowadays diabetes is a disorder damaging a lot of people worldwide that’s why Canadian Health and Care Mall makes a decision to explain to you everything connected with this “terrible” disorder. People will get useful information reading this article. However our online pharmacy has medications to overcome this severe disorder for example Glucophage, Actos or Glyburin. But we insist on the idea that it is very important to consult the doctor before starting any medications intake, we do not demand any prescription but doctor’s consultations are mandatory.
A lot of young people think that diabetes disorder appears only in elderly people but we dare to disappoint you: diabetes – a phenomenon much more insidious. Unfortunately, it cannot be cured. But you can prevent its appearance. In this article we will not talk about how terrible consequences of diabetes are. We will talk about prevention, about the early symptoms of diabetes and how to detect the disease after first symptoms appearance.
If we have not called all the diseases using romantic ancient Greek phrases, then to understand their essence would have been much easier. After all, wise Greeks scrambled in names not only disease’s essence, and its symptoms. For example, disease “diabetes” could be called in translation as “people losing sugar.”
The disease’s essence is pancreas dysfunction, which can not produce sufficient insulin. And why do we need insulin?
Imagine body cells is a kind of sphere with closed doors. Glucose accumulates around the cells, but can not get in without insulin help. It serves as a key for cell door. Glucose, in turn, requires cells to their existence, as gasoline is necessary for car to go.
What happens in a situation where there is little or no insulin at all? Here with ingested food, complex carbohydrates are processed into monosaccharides (mainly glucose) and absorbed through the intestinal wall into bloodstream, and are carried on body. It seems glucose is present and everything is normal, but it can not get into cells without insulin. As a result, the cells are starving, but blood sugar level rises.


Actos Canada Pharmacy

Actos canada pharmacy is an oral antihyperglycemic medication the main component of which is pioglitazone. Additive substances are:

lactose monohydrate;
hydroxypropyl cellulose;
carbossimetilcellulose calcium;
calcium stearate.

Pharmachologic Effect
It is an oral hypoglycemic drug of thiazolidinediones raw. Pioglitazone action depends on insulin presence. It is a highly selective agonist of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPARγ). PPARγ-receptors are found in fat, muscle and liver tissues.
Activation of PPARγ nuclear receptors modulate several genes transcription that are sensitive to insulin involved in the control of glucose and lipid metabolism. Actos canada pharmacy reduces insulin resistance in peripheral and liver tissues, resulting in an increase of insulin-dependent glucose consumption and reduced glucose output from liver. Unlike sulfonylureas, pioglitazone did not stimulate insulin secretion of pancreatic β-cells.


Glucophage Canada Pharmacy Application

In the sixties of the twentieth century, biochemists have determined the basic concept of type 2 diabetes mechanism development – obesity accompanied with insulin resistance, which in turn causes hyperinsulinemia, and as a result which leads to absolute insulin deficiency and hyperglycemia.
Insulin resistance in muscle, fat tissues and liver cells is genetically determined main component of type 2 diabetes origin, which is closely associated with pathological conditions such as displidemie, obesity and hypertension.
In clinical practice for more than half a century for type 2 diabetes treatment it is used biguanide class – Glucophage Canada Pharmacy (HCL Metformin). Preparation pharmacological effect is produced in the form of round, biconvex film-coated white tablets.
Each tablet contains the active ingredient – hydrochloride metformin (500, 850, 1000 mg) and auxiliary elements are:

magnesium stearate;

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