Yaz: Plain Instructions for Use

Monophasic oral contraceptives are convenient and reliable. Ultra low dose oral contraceptives rarely have side effects. Gestogen drospirenone helps to treat acne and premenstrual syndrome. And all this – about «Yaz» birth control pills.

Preparation Formula and Package

One active pill (pink) contains 20 mcg (0.02 mg) of ethinylestradiol and 3 mg of drospirenone.

Yaz is a monophasic oral contraceptive, which means that all pink pills contain the equal amount of hormone. Inactive pills (white) do not contain hormones and are placebo.

The package may consist of 1 or 3 blisters (plates) of pills. One blister contains 28 pills: 24 active (pink) and 4 inactive (white).

Birth control pills

Yaz Advantages

These pills have an antiandrogenic effect. This means that they reduce male sex hormones (androgens) effect, which are a frequent cause of oily skin and acne. So Yaz can have a cosmetic effect – eliminate or at least reduce acne. Yaz application to achieve the cosmetic effect is acceptable at the age of 14 years or older (unless contraindicated).

Yaz also helps to eliminate pains during (or before) menstruation.

These pills, unlike some other OK, do not retain water in the body, so when applying them weight does not increase.

Yaz Administration

  • After taking the first pill menstruation may disappear or become less excessive than usual. This is normal and is due to hormones influence.
  • During the first months of Yaz reception, you may experience spotting discharge. It is also normal.
  • Pills reception is carried out every day at about the same hour. Taking pills can be independent of food intake.
  • It is desirable to take pills according to the order specified on the package, to ensure that you do not get mixed.
  • If you accidentally mixed up pills numbers but took only pink pills – there is nothing to worry about, because all pink pills contain the same hormones dose.
  • If you accidentally mixed up pills numbers, but instead of active (pink) pills took inactive (white), pills effect may be reduced.
  • After one of the blisters is out, the next day you should take the first pill from the next blister. There are no breaks between blisters.
  • Menstruation usually begins on 27th – 28th pill in the package. New package should be started even if menstruation has not come or finished yet.

When will Yaz Effect Appear?

If you take the pills from the first day of menstruation, the contraceptive effect appears immediately and you do not need to use condoms.

If you take thу pills from 2nd – 5th day of menstruation, or from the next Sunday, then the need to use additional contraception for 7 days after you start taking pills.

How to Start Taking Yaz after Another Oral Contraceptive?

YazIf during last month you were taking another contraceptive pills and want to cross over to this drug, follow these rules:

  • If previous OC package contained 28 pills, the first pill should be taken the next day after previous OC last pill.
  • If previous OC package contained 21 pills, the first pill can be taken either the next day after previous OC last pill or on the 8th day after the seven-day break.

How to Start Taking Yaz after Vaginal Ring or Hormonal Patch?

The first pill, in this case, should be taken on the day, you have removed the vaginal ring or hormonal patch, or on the day when you need to put a new vaginal ring or hormonal patch.

How to Start Taking Yaz after Intrauterine Device (IUD)?

When you cross over to this drug after using an intrauterine device, the first pill is to be taken on the day you IUD is removed. Within one week after starting receiving the medication, use additional contraception.

How to Start Taking Yaz after Abortion?

After abortion at early pregnancy (before 12 weeks), you can start taking Jess on the day of abortion. If abortion was conducted at late pregnancy (more than 12 weeks), the reception of these tablets can be started at 21st or 28th day after abortion. At this, additional contraception during the next 7 days should be applied. If before you start taking the pills, you had unprotected sex, then start taking pills only after pregnancy is excluded.

How to Start Taking Yaz after Labor?

You can start taking Yaz from Canadian Pharmacy at 21st or 28th day after labor. It should use additional contraception during the next 7 days. If before you start taking the pills, you had unprotected sex, start taking pills only after pregnancy is excluded, the drug is contraindicated during lactating period.

What to Do in Case of Vomiting or Diarrhea?

If vomiting or diarrhea occurred in first 3-4 hours after taking an active pill, its effectiveness may be reduced. In this case, take the same action as in case of missing pills (depending upon pill number).

If vomiting or diarrhea continues, use additional contraception during the whole digestive disorders period and the next 7 days after.

Spotting Discharge while Taking Yaz

During first 2 – 3 months after starting taking these pills, you may experience spotting discharges of varying excessiveness degree. It is not dangerous and there is no need to stop taking the drug.

Some women, while taking birth control pills, may experience short-term spotting discharge in the middle of the package. This is also normal and there is no need to stop taking Canadian Yaz.

Spotting discharges can occur when missing one or more pills. It is also normal and is called withdrawal bleeding. Regardless of these discharges, in case of missing pill, you should follow the instructions.

How to Postpone Menstruation with Yaz?

If during reception of the pills, you have to delay your menstruation, after taking the 24th pill in the package (the last pink pill) the next day start a new blister (the first pink pill). So you miss white inactive pills reception.

At Yaz dosage regimen, described above, in the middle of the second pack there may appear spotting discharge, but usually, this phenomenon quickly disappears. The following periods may come only after the second package is out (on inactive pills). Contraceptive effect is fully retained.

Note: You can delay menstruation only if you take the pills at least one month before unwanted menstruation.

Yaz and Other Drugs

The effect of birth control pills can be reduced if you take the following medications: antibiotics of penicillins, tetracyclines groups or rifampicin, phenobarbital, anti-spasmodic drugs for epilepsy, griseofulvin, drugs containing Saint-John’s-wort and some others.

Reduced Yaz effectiveness while taking these drugs can cause the appearance of spotting discharge or breakthrough bleeding while taking active pills. It is not dangerous and thу contraceptives are taken according to the normal regimen. During the whole period of treatment and 7 days after it, use additional means of contraception.

Watch the video about side effects of birth control pills:

Yaz and Alcohol

Small doses of alcohol do not reduce the pills effectiveness. Nevertheless, allowed alcoholic drinks dose is based on age, weight, metabolism and other factors. On average, when taking Yaz, no more than 50 ml of vodka, 200 ml of wine or 400 ml of beer are allowed to drink. If you drink more than that, you need to use additional contraception during the next week after drinking alcohol.

What if Menstruation didn’t Come?

If after the package is out, menstruation does not appear, try to recall if you had missed it during the last month.

  • If you did, then Yaz reception should be postponed until you do make sure that you are not pregnant. To do this, you can undergo pregnancy test or blood test for HCG.
  • In during last month, you took pills according to instructions, after the blister is out, start taking a pill from a new blister. If at the end of second blister menstruation did not come, you need to postpone taking pills and consult a doctor to exclude possible pregnancy.

Note: If during the previous month you experienced vomiting, diarrhea, taken large amounts of alcohol or drugs that may reduce the effectiveness of the pills, you should see a doctor to exclude a possible pregnancy.

What to Do in Case of Pregnancy while Taking Yaz?

If pregnancy is confirmed, immediately discontinue taking these pills and contact gynecologist. If you are not planning terminating pregnancy, then as soon as possible start taking folic acid.

birth control pills

Yaz admission at early pregnancy can’t cause fetal abnormalities and will not affect future child’s health. So you can safely save pregnancy, emerged so unexpectedly.

What if Menstruation Came during Active Pills Reception?

You can experience spotting discharges of varying excessiveness degrees while taking active pills: 1st – 24th pill. Very often such situations occur during first months of receiving these pills.

Such discharges are acceptable, they will not reduce pills contraceptive effect and will not harm your health. Despite such discharge, it is recommended to continue receiving Yaz normally – one pill per day. Do not stop taking the pills, if you have blood-tinged discharge – pills withdrawal can significantly increase menstruation and lead to uterine hemorrhage.

Yaz Administration before Surgery

If you are to have an operation (for any reason), then you must stop taking the pills a month (4 weeks) before surgery. This is done in order to reduce risk of thrombus formation. If urgent surgery is needed, be sure to tell your anesthesiologist or surgeon that you are taking birth control pills. In this case, the doctor will take further measures to reduce the risk of thrombus formation.

Resume reception of the pills 2 weeks after you will be able to move independently.

How often is it Necessary to Visit Gynecologist when Taking Yaz?

Even if nothing bothers you, it is necessary to prophylactically visit a gynecologist at least once a year. In case of complaints or side effects, contact gynecologist as soon as possible.