Answers to Top Questions about Buying Drugs Online

How to protect your rights when buying drugs online? How to return a defective product? Should you get a separate bank card to pay for purchases in online stores? Canadian Pharmacy will answer all these questions in this article.

Can I buy medicines from online pharmacies?

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Legislation of some countries allows a distant sale in medicines. Of course, the benefits of online ordering are immense. For example, if a person is sick, he should stay at home instead of going to the city pharmacy. Also, ordering drugs online would be convenient for young mothers who have no one to leave the child with, and for people with disabilities.

Can I not pay for the delivery or refuse the goods if the courier did not deliver it in time?

Under the law, a consumer who purchases goods online has the right to refuse it at any time before receipt or within 5 days after receipt. You can’t refuse only those goods that were manufactured in an individual order.

The same product is sold in several online pharmacies. Should I buy it from an unknown supplier at a lower price?

Indeed, online pharmacies offer different prices for the same goods. For example, our website offers one of the lowest possible prices for ED medications on the net. The low price does not mean that the store is low-quality. A low price can be caused by many factors of the internal policy of the store. However, it is impossible to completely ensure yourself against a dishonest seller. However, there is a way to reduce the risk: the seller provides the contact information on its website, which allows to identify it: location address, telephone number, etc. The good website has all the necessary information about the product, images, guarantees, etc.

Competition among online pharmacies is growing, and this inevitably improves service. As a rule, complaints submitted to the pharmacy are decided in favor of consumers. Most of these appeals are probably due to the fact that people are not getting used to buying drugs online.

Is it safe to buy drugs online?

how to Find a reliable pharmacy

Products, like medicines, should be ordered in large and respected pharmacies only. The pharmacy must have a good history and a big amount of customer reviews. The website of a reliable pharmacy has an antivirus and an encrypted connection.

Can I require that the courier keep the goods and reimburse the amount spent?

Under the law, the buyer has the right to demand a refund of the money (or exchange for the same goods) within the first week after receipt of the goods. A loyalty store can increase this period. You need to contact the seller and state the essence of the appeal. The store can also send its courier to pick up the defective product. By law, the seller is obliged to refund your money no later than 10 days after receiving the request, which means that the courier can leave a document for a refund instead of money.

What types of cards are the most secure for online shopping? Do I need a separate card for this?

It’s safe to pay for your online purchases with any bank card since the data transfer occurs through secure communication channel protocols.

But, unfortunately, there are Internet scammers who make fake Internet shops with domain names similar to the original ones in order to collect data on customers’ bank payment cards. If you suspect that your card information has become known to fraudsters, you should immediately contact the bank.

Is there an official catalog of proven online pharmacies?

To date, there is no such a directory. But we can say that if the online pharmacy has a license, then your rights will be fully protected. The license is a guarantee of the high-quality business. Canadian Health and Care Mall is a representative example of a legitimate online pharmacy.

What documents do I need to receive the delivered drugs?

The list of documents that the consumer must receive together with the drugs upon delivery is determined by the Law. These are the same documents as when buying drugs in a regular pharmacy (cash receipt, warranty card, instructions for use, etc.), but there must also be conditions and the order of return if a fault is detected. When you receive the drugs, you do not always have an opportunity to verify them, so you should sign in the seller’s securities only for what was actually done.

I used a card to pay for the drugs. How to return money correctly if I do not like the goods that were delivered?

The consumer has the right to refuse the goods at any time prior to its delivery, and within seven days after the delivery of the goods. If the goods are delivered, and you did not like them, then you should contact the seller for a refund. The seller must return the money within 10 days from the receipt of your application for refund. The exception is the goods manufactured on an individual order.