Canadian Health&Care Mall: Facts and Myths about Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

How many of you know exactly what erectile dysfunction is and how it can be treated? Not all of us truly understand the problem and the underlying factors of this health condition – a sexual related issue that perhaps people find it difficult to discuss, so they keep it a secret when they’re supposed to address the condition and take further action.

Erectile dysfunction is quite a sensitive subject. This is why it is always surrounded by facts, myths and stereotypes that make it difficult for most of us to exactly know the truth about it. When it comes to causes and treatments, there are myths to be dispelled.

When hearing about a possible erectile dysfunction myth, it is necessary to learn the truth from the experts. It helps to understand that not everything you hear about this conditionis true and, yes, there are ways to cure erectile dysfunction if you know the facts.

Myth #1: Erectile dysfunction is a phase that every male will eventually experience as they grow older.

Fact: Indeed, it is a common condition found in older males, but that does not make erectile dysfunction a normal phase to go through. A young man can experience the condition when they are not in a good health shape. What’s more, it is not an acceptable condition in a sexual function. Older men may find it inevitable, so they could need more of a sexual boost to stimulate an erection, but there are young men that aren’t able to enjoy sex because of the dysfunction. Many health reports proved that erectile dysfunction could hit at a younger age instead of for men over 75.

Erectile Disfunction

Myth #2: There is nothing harmful about erectile dysfunction.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is an upsetting condition, but some cases have proven that it is important to take notice and do something. It can get serious. This is because the underlying problems may vary. A person with diabetes may experience erectile dysfunction. The problem can also come from cardiovascular disease or hypertension. Some imbalances in hormone situations also contribute to the dysfunction.

If someone is having erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to find the root of the problem and get it treated. It may not only improve a person’s sexual life but also their health condition. Some cases also need immediate treatment before it’s too late and it becomes a more severe problem. A qualified physician may recommend medications and perform an examination for further testing.

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Myth #3: No attraction means no erection.

Fact: When a man isn’t attracted to someone, he may still experience erectile dysfunction. The lack of sexual attraction may be due to erectile dysfunction from a condition such as high blood pressure. Thus, it could or could not be because of the lack of attraction that a man may have erectile dysfunction.

Myth #4: Erectile dysfunction requires lifetime medication.

Fact: There are many options to treat erectile dysfunction. For instance, Canadian Health and Care Mall offers loads of alternatives to treat the condition. There are FDA approved pills that a male can use which have been proven to be effective. This can either be orally taken, inserted, or injected.

Due to the fact that many cases of erectile dysfunction are the result of various diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes, it is necessary to treat the underlying causes before treating the erection problems. Consulting with a specialist may be necessary in case the pills are no longer working out. Keep in mind that medications are not taken for a lifetime for some cases.

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To avoid lifetime medication, one can also perform a healthier habit each day. Losing weight or reducing alcohol intake may help to improve the sexual health condition. Daily changes like eating nutrient-rich foods also improve sexual potency.

Myth #5: Erectile dysfunction can be treated without a doctor.

Fact: Trying medication without being supervised may risk your health. It is necessary to consult with an expert like a pharmacist or a doctor to address the problem so that they can prescribe you with the right medication. There are medications that are suited for a person with cardiovascular disease or diabetes in particular.

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