Treatment Methods for Erectile Dysfunction

Because many patients and even doctors believe that erectile dysfunction is not a disease but a natural process that accompanies aging of the male body, as well as due to the extreme sensitivity of the problems, only a few patients, suffering from this disease, turn to medical care resort. One of the factors impeding the realization of an effective treatment is the reluctance of men to consult a doctor because erectile dysfunction is considered to be a personal problem. Also, some men think that erectile dysfunction is incurable. But it is not true, because, in 95% of cases, erectile dysfunction can be cured. As mentioned earlier, impotence – is not a full disease, but merely a symptom of another disease. Therapeutic, drug or psychological treatment is selected depending on the diagnosis.

In the appointment, the treatment of erectile dysfunction the patient must take an active part in the selection of therapy. In the adopting a decision, in addition to the traditional criteria of efficiency and safety, a definite role is played by cultural, religious, social motives, as well as the following factors:

  • the lightness of therapy;
  • the possibility of cancellation the therapy;
  • the cost of the course of treatment;
  • the mechanism of action of the drug.

Patients with erectile dysfunction should first establish the etiology and if it possible to eliminate the causes of the disease, rather than to carry out a purely symptomatic treatment.
Sexual intercourse

There are some ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Classification by Canadian Health Care Mall:

  1. Drug therapy
    At the present time drugs deal with impotence are successfully used. There are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis and some other. The effectiveness of drugs is beyond doubt, but they can cause a lot of side effects. Current medicaments (so-called sexual doping) are used in clinical practice and allow achieving a higher treatment efficiency, which reaches 70-80%.
  2. The method of intracavernous injection vasoactive drugs
    The method essence consists in microinjections of vasoactive drugs directly into the penis before the intercourse.
  3. Intraurethral therapy of impotence
    For intraurethral applications, different medications are used. From the urethra the drug is absorbed through the bloodstream and enters into the corpora cavernosa, where reactions occur, causing an erection. This method is similar to the previous one, but avoids an injection into the penis. But it has some adverse reactions (burning sensation in the urethra) and the need for mandatory condom use.
  4. Vacuum constrictor therapy of impotence
    There is creating of a negative pressure in the cavernous bodies of the penis by a vacuum pump and the cylinder, which causes the flow of blood and an erection retained by blending on the base of the penis a special restraint ring restricting venous outflow. Thus, it becomes possible to have intercourse, no more than 30 minutes. Treat of impotence
  5. Surgical treatment of impotence
    Surgical intervention has been recently used less frequently because of the high efficacy of drug therapy. Surgical techniques are used in extreme cases, when conservative treatment does not produce the desired results, and according to certain indications. Causes of erectile dysfunction, in the first place, are possible due to pathological changes in vascular disease. In the case of vascular disease of the penis, surgery is conducted, which is aimed at strengthening the flow of arterial blood to the penis and difficulty of venous outflow. It is conducted microvascular arterial bypass surgery. This operation shows a high efficiency with young patients.Penile implants are currently the main method of restoring penile rigidityProduction of the special prosthesis into the place of the corpora cavernosa of the penis – this is the most radical method of recovery of erectile function. At the present time, there are several types of prostheses, and the easiest of them are semi-rigid rods. But today are used more sophisticated devices, which are based on an elastic cylinder in which fluids are pumped, and develop an erection.
  6. Psychotherapeutic techniques
    On the issue of the treatment of impotence, scientific medical advice sounded in unison in some heads of “Kama Sutra.” The main role is played by the three-step technique of focusing on sensuality. This method advises during sexual intercourse pay more attention to the satisfaction of the partner. In the first stage, partners deliver mutual pleasure without contact with the genitals. In a second step, the partner touches genitals and erogenous zones of another partner, but do not engage in sexual intercourse. And only at the third stage, the sexual intercourse takes place.

So, how you can see, the problem of impotence can be solved by different measures. Patient just must choose one of them.