Testosterone – Male Sexual Hormone

It was great to work as a doctor in some XVII century! If you do not know why your patient was suffering from something, he was announced to be a demon and “was sent upstairs”. But once people have decided for some reason that demons do not exist, and doctors had to find a way out from such a troublesome situation. As a result, they discovered hormones – semi-mythical substances with long names that supposedly flow through the human body and are responsible for everything that happens to it.

No one has seen them, but everyone believes that they control our happiness and personal life. When something goes wrong and there is no reasonable explanation for ailments as usual hormones are guilty of this fact. Hormones cause depression, aggression, and sexual concern. The majority of hormones, in fact, is like «naughty children». Their effect on the body is negligible. But there is one that stands out and is revered as a real hell. It is testosterone. The main male hormone is considered to be the quintessence of aggression and sex appeal. It is also was not seen by anyone except doctors.

No, of course, we believe that testosterone exists. We believe it is the real truth. It is a shame to think that some milligram colorless liquid can turn a lonely man into a man adored by women, and vice versa. Therefore, we have collected a lot of scientific evidence to finally understand what testosterone is, why you need it, and how to improve it if it can become a reason for female breast growth.


Testosterone Essence

Thus, testosterone. Similar as is the case with many medical words, this term is enough to translate in order to understand its meaning. Testosterone is derived from two words: the Latin word – “testis” meaning Didymus and the Greek word “stereo” – meaning strengthening. Although hormone not only strengthens what is stated (to whom he was then necessary!) but erection – absolute truth. Testosterone, or D4-androstenol-17-OH-3, as it is called to confuse all people round – to tell you the truth testosterone is a steroid hormone that is responsible for the formation of male sexual characteristics and libido. It is produced by testicles and adrenal glands, and quite bit liver participates in this procedure.

Pure testosterone – a colorless crystals having a melting temperature of 155 ° C. But to look at it in this form is impossible. After all, to obtain 10 mg of the hormone, you need to castrate 100-150 people and vaporize the crystals of their testicles. This is barbarism, even from the point of view of scientists. For scientific experiments, usually, it is used chemical testosterone analogs.

In the body, this hormone exists mainly in dissolved form. It floats on plasma-like droplets of fat, and make everything unnoticed. In men’s blood, it is about 0.6 mg per 100 ml of testosterone. In women – women’s blood – five times less. And you thought you (men) had a monopoly on testosterone? Certainly not. This hormone is also flowing through women’s veins. Moreover, women are even able to produce it – for example, placental cells.

“Crazy” Theory

Have you ever thought why nature, in general, is needed to come up with two sexes? After all, any polyps have only one sex – and their life is also interesting.

It turns out that two sexes are the main condition for evolution. Judge for yourself, if you multiply by budding, and your offspring have an exact copy of yourself, firstly, how would you distinguish between them, and secondly, as if you were fighting against viruses and mutations? If there is something that can kill one, it potentially threatens the entire population, because all around resemble each other. Another thing is with two sexes. They can crossbreed and you can watch what can happen. And if that – go on crossbreeding. The genetic material is distributed randomly, and all around are not similar. So you can not be afraid of viruses – someone will survive!
male hormone
As a result, nature’s protective mechanism was excellent, but there was a problem: how to divide the individual into men and women? It was tried a lot of ways, many of which are still working. Some adult butterflies species sex depends on which side cocoon was formed. If on the right, then it will reproduce female sexual organs; if the left, then – male. And with Galapagos tortoises, everything is much easier. If temperature around the egg is high (and in this case, it will not be cooked in a pot), a boy will be born; low temperature – visa versa – a girl.

Of course, such mechanisms are unstable, breaking from one chance, were unsuitable for nature. And nature invented a substance that determines the baby gender – sex hormones. The amount of testosterone (m) or estradiol (f) in the germ depends on many random factors. Here we may speak about the mental state of parents, and number of males in the population, and nutrition during pregnancy. “Scientists now and then specify the list of factors and, by the way, so still can not predict with absolute certainty baby sex.”


Actually, we do not like to encourage to male chauvinism, but it happened so, that men are parking better than women and rarely come out of the shop thinking, as it has managed to buy them so much odds. You will be surprised, but at this cute evidence of our superiority testosterone is also responsible. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Primary Function

Anyway, testosterone is still sex hormone. But forming your penis by about during the fourth month of your life and growing “vegetation” on the chest twenty years later, it is not going away from the body. On the contrary, there is teeming activity in the body due to testosterone. In men and women, testosterone is responsible for the formation of a “sexual response.” Simply put, it is flowing in blood without any business at all until you will not get a suitable object for sex.

But really once that happens, testosterone begins to “wake up” other hormones, including adrenalin, saying that it is necessary to run to the brain for making heart pump more blood! The very same testosterone rushes to genitalia – leading to “combat readiness” of penis tissue – or at least erect clitoris if we speak about the female body. If the alarm is not educational and erect penis has become more suitable, testosterone gently disperses throughout the body, ready to dematerialize. When excitement subsides, testosterone can be expanded with a sense of accomplishment which is converted into other substances, including dopamine and serotonin – hormones of joy.sexy man

Furthermore, since testosterone is still a steroid, its main function is to increase muscle mass. And there is usually a vicious circle: the more hormones there are, the faster the muscles grow; the faster they grow, the more of hormone they need for future growth. It should once unleash the wheel – and all consider, owners of the fitness center lure you into their network.

Testosterone Secondary Functions

However, only one sex and rocking job responsibilities are not limited by testosterone. In its spare time messing around with an erection it makes body remain in the state of vigilance, that is, sources of possible danger. Besides, encouraging a number of departments in brain left hemisphere, testosterone activates spatial thinking. It was an instant testosterone injection helping men to park the first time and immediately find the right product at Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Side Effects

But it still does not give you the right to look down on women. In contrast to female hormone – estradiol, which has almost no side effects, testosterone is able to poison the great man’s existence.

First, the perfect man for hormone version is not a muscular handsome man with thick hair. Ideal set for testosterone is a rather thick squat bald human. The excessive hormone level in the body generates “gorilloids” appearance. So before a woman realizes that mighty power lies in you, she should like you to fall in love or something like that. But this would be quite difficult if your appearance is like mentioned above.

Second, excessive hormone leads to aggression. Scientists from University of Virginia “Old Dominion” in the 80-ies have investigated the relationship between football on TV, testosterone, aggression and domestic violence. And they established a curious fact. Testosterone itself is a good guy, in case if it is on the level in the organism. The adrenal glands begin to produce a hormone of anger and irritation – cortisol, which suppressed testosterone excess. And it has already become a cause of aggression. As a result, your spontaneous erection may start to annoy you.

Third, according to the University of Giessen, testosterone levels are closely connected with cardiovascular diseases. After all, your body usually produces sex hormones from cholesterol. If this process is interrupted prematurely, cholesterol excess in the blood is observed. Over time, it can lead to atherosclerosis and heart diseases appearance. Just so you know, men around the world are dying from such afflictions seven times more often than women.

Finally, “sneaky” hormone can provoke on you – female bust growing. If cortisol cannot suddenly no longer cope with their responsibilities, and surplus of testosterone begins to accumulate in the blood, the body will work out a plan B to avoid hormone poisoning. It just starts to turn all excessive estradiol in! As a result, you will have hair on the face, chest growth and give off the whitish liquid – colostrum. Against the backdrop of a bald head and hairy back, believe me, it will look pretty comical. Scared? Do not worry, we’ll tell you how to find out if there is enough testosterone in your body. If anything has, you have time to stop in time.

Testosterone Tests

In fact, even the most modern medical tests on hormones are not identical in their accuracy with horoscopes even, because hormones are an almost unexplored thing. The level of testosterone, for example, depends not only on age and time of the day but even on whether your team won in the last match and whether there was a lot of fat eaten. Of course, these rapid tests, made by specialists of the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and Hormone Chemistry, much less are observed as absolute reliability. However, their results, if anything, will be a reason to go to a doctor.

The Main Male Stimulant: All You Need to Know about Testosterone

  1. Bend your left hand. The position should be as natural as possible and does not cause pain in joints. Look at your fingers. The ring finger should be visually longer as pointer finger. If it is shorter – most likely, you inherited a low testosterone background. In people with normal and prone to higher levels of male hormones the ring finger is longer than it seems in such a situation. There cannot be done nothing because genes are not corrected.
  2. Pointed at the chest (or in the armpit if hairless chest) square with one centimeter side – it is possible to do by some bright marker. Pinch out all the hair in this square, through the pain and humiliation. Every two hours inspect the resulting baldness for bristle. If the first hair will appear on the site within 14 hours or less – then with your testosterone everything is all right. If hair does not appear at all – it is too low.
    Secretly from others turn on some porn film. Do not touch penis. Clear your mind. Treat what is happening on the screen as an ordinary film. Wait until your erection reaches its climax.
  3. If you are:
    • under 20 years, the response time should be not more than 4 minutes.
    • 20-30 years – 4-7 minutes.
    • 30-40 years – no more than 11 minutes.
    • 40+ (thank you for reading us all these years) – no more than 20 minutes.

    If you stay within these time frames, you can be relaxed about your testosterone. Everything is on the level.

Awake your Inner Monkey!

sexy coupleAs mentioned above, the basis for testosterone is cholesterol, about which you have repeatedly heard that it is poison. Do not jump to conclusions. It turns out that cholesterol exists of two kinds. One of them, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad” cholesterol which is contained in fat foods, Big Mac, chips, and other yummy things. He really poison because it destroys bloodstream and clogs the smallest capillaries in brain complicating nervous performance.

But there are “good cholesterol” – high-density lipoprotein (HDL). It did not damage the organism; Moreover, fights plaque formed by “bad” cholesterol and serves as building blocks for testosterone.

Therefore, attention! Tip One: eat more nuts. In principle, any kind of nuts. But special preference should be given for peanuts, almonds and pecans. These are strong champions of HDL content among nuts, which are able to provide you a lifetime supply of testosterone.

If you’re too lazy to lift a kitchen table to chop nuts, you can also include in your diet any unsalted fish such as trout or salmon – it is also suitable. “Good” cholesterol, we have in mind.

As for the other components of testosterone, the main of which is zinc: it consists hormone almost for 20%. To pamper your body with a portion of rare trace element, it is not enough to lick the battery or stainless bucket. We need to eat more oysters. Their season is now just at the height. Particularly oyster juice is useful. If you will eat 3-4 oysters during one week the result will appear in one month already.

An alternative for oysters can be blue cheese, which we have repeatedly written. Just do not overdo it. In any case, remember about the spontaneous female breasts and clown fishes. Oh, and good luck in new, thoroughly soaked with testosterone life!