8 Simple Ways to Increase Libido

The strength of sexual excitement or desire may decrease for both men and women because of a variety of reasons. Most often it depends on physical and psychological condition. Lack of sexual desire cannot be a serious cause to be concerned if such a situation suits both partners. On the other hand, if the lack of sexual desire brings some kind of troubles, the question arises how to increase libido. Regular sex is not only a great alternative to warm-up but also helps to overcome depression, strengthen the immune system and reduce blood pressure. If a woman wants to bring a bit of charm and diversity in an intimate relationship, she needs to know how to improve libido.

How To Increase Libido Quickly?

Romantic Evening

Regular Loadings

It has been established long ago that regular exercise is very beneficial for health, and, moreover, affects the degree of sexual desire. Exercises for perineum muscle tension are especially effective moreover they may be included in a set of daily exercise. Therefore, many sexologists, answering the question of how to increase libido, advise doing exercises every day. For beginners, you can do 15-30 minutes daily exercises. This helps to improve:

  • blood circulation;
  • general health state;
  • libido.

Nuts and Seeds

In addition to loadings, answering the question of how to increase libido, experts advise eating pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, and almonds. They contain a large amount of arginine. This is an essential amino acid that increases blood flow to genitals. Sexologists also recommend using Pink Female Viagra from a Canadian pharmacy. It revives libido, without many efforts. In addition, it is necessary to include in the diet products rich in zinc, vitamins A, E, and B group. Mentioned above elements contribute to sex hormones production and are needed for genital organs health.


Recently it has been scientifically proven that chocolate is a great aphrodisiac that stimulates sex hormones production, improves mood, increases the tone and has a positive influence on the most positive impact on brain areas responsible for pleasure. The chocolate composition contains phenylethylamine, which increases libido in both in men and women. This component is also called “amore” substance because it is produced in humans only when they fall in love. It is up to the exclusive quality of chocolate with a high cocoa content to increase sexual excitement, and this condition corresponds only to a dark and bitter chocolate.

To get more interesting information about how to increase libido at women watch the video below:

Ban on Sex

People living together for a long time suffer from sexual desire lack. One way to establish sexual life is to become short-term abstinence from sex.

Romantic Evening

This advice sounds like something commonplace, but its effectiveness is difficult to downplay. Romantic dinner with a bottle of good wine, surrounded by the multitude of candles and accompanied by soft music strengthens the bond between lovers. In addition, it may be a good prelude. A perfect evening continuation can be a massage enhancing sexual desire with the help of special-aphrodisiac essential oils. In particular, these are:

  • oil ginseng;
  • sandalwood;
  • cinnamon;
  • geranium;
  • ylang-ylang.

Aromatherapy with the use of such oils has for long been used as a natural remedy to restore and enhance sexual desire. Co-bathing with a couple of drops of these oils will also help increase the libido in men as well as at women.

Sex by-Touch

To increase libido just add spice to the relationship which will help complete absence of light. It all depends on imagination, you can simply turn off the lights and draw the curtains tight and blindfolded.

Positive Emotions

In eight out of ten cases, the main cause of low libido is stress and depression. In both men and women, sexual desire depends on the psychological state. The reasons may be different – the conflict at work or a quarrel with beloved. Persistent negative thoughts reduce sexual desire. Therefore, in order to save libido or improve it, everything negative should be left outside the bedroom.

Give Up Smoking

Few people know that nicotine slows down the blood flow throughout the body. This is due to the narrowing of blood vessels, especially in the genital area. In addition, smoking causes bad breath and lowers the energy level.