The Communication of Partners about ED

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, the loss of ability to live a sexual life has far-reaching consequences, affecting both on the psychological state and on daily life. The loss of satisfaction from sexual activity is often accompanied by depression and a decrease in self-esteem. There is a strong correlation between erectile dysfunction and emotional dissatisfaction.

The success of treatment depends not only on objective measures of effect and tolerability of any drug or treatment but also on how the patient meets the expectations. Currently, there are many different treatments for erectile dysfunction. However, not all of them can achieve sexual satisfaction and not only erection. Sexual life is a complex phenomenon which to a large extent determined by subjective factors. Satisfaction of the sexual life is also understood differently by different men and their partners. Although the importance of the hardness of an erection is obvious, we should take into account and other indicators. In one research the indicators were examined as the most important goals of treatment of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. They included the recovery, the pleasure of sexual life, partner satisfaction, the spontaneity of sexual relations, natural erection and frequency of intercourse. The obvious need for a more holistic approach to assessing the successful sex life, based not only on the hardness of erection, but also on partner satisfaction, and psychological state of the patient. Satisfaction of the partner is associated with greater patient satisfaction of the treatment thus increasing the positive effects of the therapy.

Erectile Dysfunction: the View of the Partner

It should be noted that it is now recommended to focus primarily on the effect on the whole couple by erectile dysfunction, not only on man. Doctors should involve a woman in the screening and choose the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Appointment of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction affects not only the man but also on his partner. Researches show that erectile dysfunction is accompanied by a decrease of satisfaction with sex life for both partners. The importance of this information is determined by the fact that women are not only engaged in sexual activity, but are also affected on that fact, which drug their partner will take in the future. Some women noted that it is difficult to them to discuss these issues with doctors.

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So what Must Woman Do?

Most important for a woman in this case, it is remember that the problem is not in her, i.e., she is not the cause of the problem. Such reaction – is one of the most common mistakes. A woman will want to get an explanation and will ask, as a result, don’t receive any clear answer. Moreover, in response to accusations or offensive tone a man can seriously close, move away, and then the pair will begin the long conflict, which excludes not only sexual relations, but also all the others. Another variant of inefficient behavior is when a woman decides to establish, to achieve an erection, trying new ways of excitation. Unfortunately, such tactic exhaust both partners: an erection not occur, but the sense of dissatisfaction will be provided. And the third, which really do not need to do – is to behave as nothing had happened and you don’t notice anything.

Covering up the problem can lead to the fact that the partners will switch on work, hobbies, parenting and intimate relationships will come to naught, become friendly. From the state of friendship, it would be extremely difficult to restore the original partnership.

Steps that help to rebuild the live:Sexual problem

  • It is necessary to understand, what kind of feeling impotence caused in you: frustration, disappointment, anger, panic or something else. Tell the partner about your experiences.
  • Try not to put pressure on the man. Just try to understand him.
  • Sensitive men often prone to the impotence by psychological origin. In some ways is the flip side of spirituality and intelligence;
  • Do not underestimate the importance of impotence. If it necessary to you to have a sexual relations, drop the excessive modesty and tell him about it in your own words, directly, without a hint;
  • If you have already asked for the help of the doctor or psychologist, try to strengthen emotional intimacy during the all therapy. Touch the partner, hug and show other signs of attention;
  • If your pair address to a doctor, it means that you have a close relationship – love, friendship, trust.
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Remember that sexual problem is a kind of indicator that shows the quality of human relationships. When a man and a woman love and appreciate each other, treatment is always successful.