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Medications are bought by all people: billionaires and poor people. But in contrast to the fact that some people selected brand medication, while others – cheap analogues. But you can always buy generic drugs online.

Generic and Brand-name Drug: What is Difference?

Recently, a new word came into use – “generic”. What does it mean? According to the World Health Organization ( generics are considered to be drugs that are manufactured without license, but are able to replace the original drug. They appear on the market after the expiration patent date comes to an end.
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To create a new drug, you need to make substantial investments (hundreds of millions of dollars or even a billion) and spend a lot of time (10-15 years) for active ingredient development and production technology, thereby testing drug effectiveness and side effects finding, as well as advertising campaign conduct. Basically, patent is valid during up to twenty years, half of whom is proved to be preparatory work for drug creation. Therefore, for company’s remainder it is necessary not only to return money spent, but also to receive significant profit. Because of this fact, patented drugs are very expensive, but it is characterized by high quality.

In generic drugs production manufacturer is spending a lot less money, as this technology has developed and promoted by “company-manufacturer”. Therefore, price of generic drugs is much lower than proprietary funds.
In fact, generic drugs are fakes, but fakes are legal and qualified. They contain the same active ingredients as original medications, and have a similar effect: biological, pharmaceutical and therapeutic. In their production it is complied with established regulations, technologies and standards. Therefore, generics are safe and effective as patented drugs. They differ only in lower price and appearance. Sometimes they add some other substances which may change taste.
In order not to violate copyrights generics medications are made under different names.

Generic Copy and Forgery

Not to be confused with cheap generic copies and fakes. How do they differ?

Copies are called drugs that are made without waiting for patent’s expiry. They can be compared with production of pirated movies and software. Copies have the same composition and are characterized by the same properties as generics, but are made in violation of legal regulations, it is prohibited by law.
Here is included counterfeiting medicines, the structure of which in order to increase profits, instead of the active substance is added by another substance: less active, but cheap and neutral. Naturally, these medications will not have the expected action.
Generics in the USA are able to perfectly replace inaccessible to most patients branded medicines. Most often, manufacturers offer to buy Canadian Generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

What to Choose: Brand Drugs or Generics?

It is quite clear that company-developer of original medications, spends a lot of money for their offspring’s implementation, and only begins to get substantial income from its selling it will be argued that branded drugs far exceed quality and effectiveness of generic drugs. Although in reality it has not such a picture.

But it is up to you to decide, what drug to buy – brand or generic, which for many are more attractive thanks to an affordable price.
If you decide to order generics, then you should use our online service – Canadian Health and Care Mall online. Our staff will be delighted to answer all your questions and help you choose an effective means suitable exactly for your case. Generic drugs are available in various diseases’ treatment and erectile dysfunction is the most popular. Among most popular medications are Avana and Kamagra.

AvanaAvana Features

After invention of popular all over the world Viagra, increasing erectile function, many pharmaceutical companies have begun to develop drugs with similar effects. The basis of new means are included substances that have the ability to stimulate erection by acting on the natural physiological mechanisms. Medicines containing active ingredients such as vardenafil, tadalafil, or avanafil, successfully cope with the disorder of erectile function and restore potency.

Canadian Generic Avana is a relatively new drug grounded on the basis of avanafil, which is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase. It is produced by an Indian pharmaceutical company, and is proved to be a generic of Canadian Stendra. The clinical trials confirmed drug’s high efficiency, which stimulates the onset of persistent stable erection and promotes its rapid achievement between sexual intercourses. Avanafil content of active substance per tablet is 100 mg.

Pharmacological Properties

The active constituent of Avana has the same effect as Canadian Pharmacy Viagra on the male body.
Avanafil inhibits the phosphodiesterase enzyme and stimulates secretion of nitric oxide that causes relaxation of penile smooth muscle. Against the background of physiological processes blood starts coming more active to penile cavernous bodies and as a result there comes a powerful natural erection.
Generic Avana effect appears after 15 minutes after administration and is observed for 6 hours or more. Due to the rapid and long-acting period, this means has replaced the popular expensive Viagra by the wayside and today is in great demand among men.
Avanafil 100 mg, as well as other similar drugs directed to increase erectile function, helps to achieve erection only if there is sexual stimulation.

Mode of Application

To get the desired result, men should take this means for 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse. Canadian Avana pill is swallowed as a whole, not cracked and washed down with water. The maximum daily intake is 100 mg of avanafil. A single dose may be reduced to 50 mg of active substance.
Men over the age of 65 years is recommended to use half of the daily requirement of this avanafil.
The great advantage of generic Avana is the ability of the drug to absorb fast along with its application with meal. It is also accepted for use in moderate alcohol doses. It is proved that avanafil efficiency is not reduced under the influence of alcohol and fatty food.

Indications for Use

The drug Avanafil is appointed by representatives of the stronger sex in the age of 18 who have problems with erectile dysfunction.
The drug is intended for sexual disorders treatment of any severity and etiology. To buy Avanafil is recommended to every man who is not able to reach sufficient erection and maintain it throughout sexual intercourse. Buy Generic Avana online via Canadian Health&Care Mall.


Avanafil 100 mg is not imposed on persons who have found allergy to its constituent components. It is also prohibited simultaneous reception of pills to raise erectile function with nitrate-containing drugs. If you are under 18 Avana as well as any other medications for erectile function improvement is contraindicated.
Before using this means for erectile disorders treatment, you should consult a specialist.

Adverse Reactions

Adverse effects of the drug are observed very rare and in most cases Avanafil is well tolerated.
Some men after taking the pill observe such reactions as:

  • dizziness;
  • mild headache;
  • nasal mucous swelling;
  • heat sensation.

Side effects tend to be ill-defined and quickly passing.
On Canadian Health and Care Mall you can always order Avanafil online, the price of which is quite affordable in comparison with the original means oriented to increase erectile function. Such high-quality returns male self – confidence and eliminates the problems of intimate nature. Generic Avanafil is an ideal alternative to branded pills Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Generic Cialis and Canadian Levitra!

One more Medication for ED – Generic Kamagra

KamagraAfter the appearance in the world of effective drug Canada Viagra, solving problem of impotence, pharmaceutical companies began to be engaged in the production of its analogues. One of the really powerful substitutes for classical Viagra is considered to be Kamagra- effective and relatively affordable means to combat erectile disorders.


Kamagra pills are based on the active ingredient of sildenafil, which is the main active ingredient of popular Canadian Pharmacy Viagra. One pill’s concentration of sildenafil is 25, 50 or 100 mg. Also other inactive constituents are included in the composition. Kamagra is available in the form of diamond-shaped tablets, greenish-blue color, which is contained in a single blister for 4 pieces. To buy Kamagra online, please visit our specialized shop – Canadian Pharmacy Mall specializing on generics selling.
In contrast to rather high cost of original Viagra, Canadian Kamagra price is more affordable, so these pills can afford to every man, even with low incomes.

Pharmachologic Effect

The drug Kamagra is a complete analog of expensive brand Viagra, therefore has the same powerful features and successfully removes men from the problems with erectile function.

Kamagra is able to cope both with weak and with severe erectile dysfunction. In addition, this means is effective for erectile dysfunction caused by psychological, physiological and other factors.

Sildenafil pills main component refers to selective inhibitors of phosphodiesterase enzyme, affecting the natural processes in the body taking place under the influence of sexual stimulation. Canada Kamagra generic helps to relax penile smooth muscles arteries, resulting in increased blood flow to carvenous bodies and desired erection occurs.

Action of Kamagra tablets can be observed within 40-50 minutes after intake. The achieved result is stored for 4 hours. In some patients, erection may occur after 1 or 2 hours after drug use. Speed onset of effect and its severity can be lowered down by fatty foods and alcohol. For this reason it is not recommended to combine medication with the use of alcohol and heavy meals.

Kamagra as well as Canada Viagra, is not artificial stimulant or aphrodisiac, so the effect only appears when sex excitement.
The drug restores powerful erection, sexual power returns, gaining self-confidence and improves sex quality.

Kamagra Use

Sildenafil should be taken about an hour before sexual intercourse. The tablet is swallowed whole, not chewed and washed down with water. The recommended single dose is 50 mg of Kamagra. Depending on how the agent action, the dosage may be increased to 100 mg (maximum daily rate), or, relatively, reduced to 25 mg. Dosage adjustments should be carried out by the attending physician. Do not take sildenafil more than 1 time per day.

Indications for Use

Generic Kamagra pills are prescribed to patients with a diagnosis of “erectile dysfunction” or “impotence”.
The main indication for drug use is the inability of men to achieve penis stimulation and make a full sexual intercourse. Suitable means to improve potency in men up to 18 and to 65 years. At older ages, drug’s usefulness on the basis of sildenafil is determined by various specialists.


Instructions for Kamagra contains information about the cases in which it is impossible to take these pills:

  • Increased sensitivity to the main active substance or other components of drug;
  • At simultaneous reception donators of nitrogen and drugs containing nitrates;
  • Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy;
  • Severe hepatic or renal function disorders;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Hereditary degenerative retinal diseases;
  • Recently transferred stroke or heart attack;

Kamagra tablets should not be applied by men for whom sexual activity is contraindicated. Typically, these persons are people suffering from unstable angina, congestive heart failure, and other serious diseases of cardiovascular system. You also can not use Kamagra online to enhance erectile function of the minor personages.

Side Effects

After receiving Generic Kamagra it is often observed such ill-defined response from the organism as:

  • headache;
  • nasal congestion;
  • visual disturbances and color perception disruption;
  • dyspepsia;
  • hot flashes;
  • face redness.

In some cases, side effects can manifest themselves clearly supplemented by other symptoms of deterioration of general condition (weakness, drowsiness, ringing in ears, nasal bleeding, nausea and vomiting, allergic reactions, and so on.). Most of the representatives of the stronger sex, using Kamagra, respond well to the drug, noted its high effectiveness and normal tolerability.

If men have problems in bed associated with a weak erection, Kamagra helps in any case, which can be bought in our online store anonymously and at a reasonable price – Canadian Health and Care Mall ( at your disposal.

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