Propecia for Baldness Treatment

Propecia (active component – Finasteride) is a modern drug that not long ago has appeared in the western and American markets, but has already received a lot of positive reviews. Finasteride admission is considered to be a part of drug therapy, the most accessible form of combat hair loss, along with such approaches to treatment like laser therapy and hair transplant.

Propecia: What Is It and How Does It Work?propecia finasteride

Propecia was approved by European Medicines Agency and has been recommended by U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirming this medicine clinical effectiveness and safety.

Previously, in addition to finasteride, the only drug received these organizations approval as a method of alopecia treatment exactly Minoxidil which was originally designed to treat high blood pressure and known as potassium channel activator, a side effect of which is follicles stimulation and hair growth enhancement.

Propecia is unique preparation according to the effect. It is the world’s first tablet, effectively eliminating baldness problem. Its effectiveness and action duration at androgenetic alopecia treatment are much higher than that of minoxidil, so now these pills are called “drug number two” for male baldness.
 After successful clinical trials, Propecia is steadily growing in popularity. As already mentioned, the main active component of the drug is finasteride which was spread in 1992, when it began to be used in medical practice for prostatic hyperplasia treatment. Men treated with finasteride began to point out increased growth of hair on forehead and vertex areas.

What Is Effect of Propecia?

The fact is that excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the male hormones necessary for male body development and maturation, gradually may lead to alopecia. DHT accumulation in follicles leads to their degeneration and gradual narrowing, causing cessation and further hair loss.

For the formation of dihydrotestosterone five-alpha reductase is responsible, and active ingredient of the drug, an inhibitor of this enzyme, prevents the formation of DHT in hair follicles and allows you to deal with baldness cause successfully.

You should also know about Propecia side effects, the video below will tell you everything about this aspect:

Propecia: Test Results

Clinical studies confirm high efficiency of Propecia. According to their results, little less than 90% of participants noticed that their hair stopped falling. A year later of medication intake half of the patients resumed hair growth. And after 18 months, the number of men whose hair acquired a “second life”, rose to 66%.

We emphasize that finasteride gives amazing results, restores hair follicles, but also eliminates receding hairline mastering perfectly with the so-called male type of alopecia.

Canadian Healthcare Pharmacy is glad to provide you with this medication at an attractive price. This drug with proven efficacy provokes hair growth in men.

female baldness

Propecia: Effectiveness in Females

female androgenetic alopecia may be effectively treated with Propecia as well, but there is one indication – finasteride increases fetus congenital abnormalities appearance in pregnant women.

This fact has made company-developer Merck & Co., Inc. introduce definitive ban this drug for women of a childbearing age. Since Finasteride is really effective means in the fight against hair loss, it is still gaining popularity all over the world. This medicine has already received permission to be used in many countries.