Can Spider Venom Helps to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction may not seem like a major health problem. However, the causes of this disease can be many. Some of those causes include serious health complications such as certain cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Therefore, it is important to get a proper erectile dysfunction treatment as soon as possible.

There are certainly many treatments available these days including Canadian Health&Care Mall medications. However, as an erectile dysfunction treatment, most of them leave something to be desired. That is why studies and researchers into the creation of better medications. Among them, a new study suggests that the venom from a Brazilian spider can hold the key to better ED drugs.

How Can Spider Venom Help?

The researchers studied the properties of the venom from a specific spider in their quest to develop a better medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment. It was the Brazilian wandering spider whose scientific name is Phoneutria nigriventer. The bites from this spider can be very painful due to the venom. The venom can also cause priapism which is a potentially dangerous condition. In priapism, the erection will last for over 4 hours. It can be painful and can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction. In short, the venom of this spider is quite dangerous.

From the venom, the researchers managed to purify a toxin which was then tested on mice and rats. They discovered that the toxin was responsible for a chemical chain reaction. Ultimately, the reaction ends with the blood flow to the penile tissues being improved.

It is this property of the toxin which can be useful in an erectile dysfunction treatment. The toxin can open up avenues for developing new ED drugs for treating the problem. However, the toxin has to undergo further tests, analyses, and developments before it can be used in such a way.medications

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What Are the Medications Currently Available For ED?

Currently, there are many medications available for an erectile dysfunction treatment. The most commonly used kind is the oral medications. Here are the most popular oral medications used.

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Levitra

These medications work in a similar fashion due to the similarity in their chemical structure. They have been proven to be rather effective as ED drugs as their success rates are quite high. However, the instructions for using them tend to differ a bit. There is also a difference in the time they last. Viagra lasts for around 4 hours while Levitra can last for approximately 5 hours. Cialis has the longest effects as it can last up to 36 hours. You can easily get these medications from places like Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Before you consume any of these drugs, you must consult a doctor. It is important to do so as these drugs may react with the other medications you are taking leading to a potentially dangerous effect. Moreover, these drugs can intensify certain medical conditions. There are various other side-effects to these drugs as well. However, they are rather uncommon.

What Other Medications are Available?

Apart from oral ED drugs, there are other ways to take medications for ED. They are given below.

  • Injections
  • Suppositories

These options are generally used if it is not possible to consume the ED drugs orally. However, they are less effective than oral medications. Injections involve putting the medicine inside the body through the penis. The medicines are injected into the side of the organ directly. Injections carry a high risk of developing a prolonged erection and priapism. These injections can be bought from Canadian Health&Care Mall.

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Suppositories are also known by the name medicated urethral system for erections. In this method, medicine pellets are placed inside the penile organ. When required, the pellet is used to achieve an erection. The success rate of this method is lower than that of injections. Consult a doctor to determine if you need to use any of these methods at all.

What about Penile Implants?

If your erectile dysfunction refuses to subside with medications, you may have to opt for a surgery and get an implant. In some cases, the doctor will suggest this method if you are unable to undergo any of the other treatments. However, once you get an implant, you will have to keep using that to achieve an erection.