Erectile Dysfunction Essence and Age Relation

There are various ways in which industrialization has affected the human population. Though there is no doubt that industrialization has been a crucial step in helping the mankind to achieve various milestones that we have been able to get but there are many things that have come as a side effect of industrialization and those disorders can cause a serious damage to everyone’s life. And the main reason of concern is that in this rat race of gaining luxury at a faster rate than others has cost many people their health. So it is necessary for the people to understand that by ignoring their health they are keeping their life and the lives of the people related and lose to them at risk. So a person should always remember that health should always be the first and the most primary and basic concern in life and therefore should not be taken lightly.

But still, there are times when despite our best efforts some diseases or health relates disorders crawl in our life. And at that time there is nothing much to do except remorse. One such example of a disorder is erectile dysfunction sometimes also known as potency.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the male to have or maintain an erection during intercourse. It is also sometimes known as potency. But in today’s modern era there are more than one causes of erectile deficiency.

  1. Sometimes the causes are organic like any disorder related to the cardiovascular diseases or sometimes there can also be some neurological disorder.
  2. Sometimes the cause of erectile dysfunction can also be the emotional problems or the stress the patient feels in his work environment.
  3. Sometimes the problems may arise due to the persuasion of various bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption or even taking any drugs other than the medically prescribed ones. These all causes lead to erectile dysfunction.
  4. Sometimes there is an imbalance of a hormone called testosterone or a chemical called DHEA in the body which can also lead to erectile dysfunction. All these are some of the various causes which lead to erectile dysfunction and thus medications to uproot these causes have been brought in the market ever since.

Age and erectile dysfunction

Age and erectile dysfunction

  • Many statistics and researches have concluded that as the human male ages there are chances of decline in his libido. So it is a universal phenomenon that male sexual function ebbs with age.
  • And even though the decline is gradual and in a man without any major physical problems there is enough of a threshold of a male sex hormone to let his libido live and allow him to have a satisfactory sexual life till his 70s or even beyond
  • In younger man psychological problem is the major cause of impotence.

Even men whose testosterone level is perfectly normal to experience a definitive slow down, say most of the elite medical professionals across the world. Two studies have also shown that the decline of libido is highest from the 60 s to the 70s. Also, it should be kept in mind that most of the people don’t understand how medical terminologies work and they sometimes think of a lack of interest in intercourse one time as a decrease in their potency, which more often than not is never the case. But thinking like this could cause performance anxiety in most of the younger men and this can ironically cause them to have a disorder they really did not have but would suffer from it just because they thought that they did. So one should always consult an official medical practitioner before making out rash judgments about one’s health.

So if a man thinks he is suffering from erectile dysfunction, he need not worry because in today’s era there are various products offered by companies like Canadian Health&Care Mall which could help him bring back his lost libido. Canadian Health&Care Mall offers a wide range of products for people suffering from erectile dysfunction and once you have taken advice from a medical practitioner he should definitely use it.