Benefits of Hiking: Get up and Go!

Hiking is a component of a healthy active lifestyle and carried out as a result of a complex muscles activity of a body and limbs. The advantage of walking on foot is defined by the fact that it involves the biomechanical and neurophysiological processes which influence the whole organism. The process implicates operating of different legs muscles groups, which activity provides a tone of the whole body.HIKING

What are the benefits of hiking?

  • While walking the organism moves legs in three planes simultaneously: vertical, longitudinal, cross. The higher the speed of walking is, the higher the level of spent energy is;
  • Legs activity during walking produces blood-activity: blood enriches body organs with oxygen, accelerating exchange processes;
  • Regular walks in the fresh air strengthen health: respiratory, muscular, cardiovascular systems become stronger;
  • The activity of muscles improves a blood flow in veins. The result is the prevention of varicosity, an output of slags from an organism;
  • Active energetic processes save us from extra-kilos: 15 min. of average speed walking (1,5 km) burn 100 kcal;
  • The advantage of walking for men is connected with the fact that stagnant processes in a small pelvis are removed;
  • The advantage of walking is also prevention of somatic diseases, a hypodynamia, diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Regular walking increases immunity, endurance, positively influences mental health, improves sleeping.

Running or walking?

What it is more beneficial – running or walking? According to experts, their effect is almost identical. Both types of physical activity involve the same muscles and departments of the musculoskeletal apparatus. But running demands bigger endurance and skills.

The transition from walking to running is rational when walking becomes a habit and the organism is already strengthened. Running is recommended for people with a normal weight. Loading at the surplus of weight will do much harm to joints and heart.

What is a benefit of hiking in comparison with running? Doctors claim that an intensive walk within one hour is more useful to health than 30 minutes of running.

Indications and contraindications

Walking on foot is as a way of health improvement suitable for people of every age and every sex. Everyone chooses a necessary speed, duration, time and a route of walks. But there are situations when it is necessary to be guided by indications and contraindications.

Hiking indications:

  • reduced immunity;
  • slackness;
  • weakness;
  • breakdown.

Hiking contraindications:

  • cardiovascular violations;
  • arrhythmia;
  • the postponed stroke;
  • heart attack;
  • pulmonary insufficiency;
  • high arterial pressure;
  • chronic diseases of kidneys, diabetes;
  • a threat of glaucoma.

Walking for health improvement is based on three main principles:

  • Don’t overdo! Intensity and duration of hiking have to correspond to a condition of an organism.
  • Gradualness. Speed, time and duration should be increased gradually without sudden stress for an organism.
  • Regularity. The ideal frequency of walks is daily. The admissible option is 3-4 times a week not less than 30 minutes.

When should I walk?

  • Walk your way to work and from work (it’s a very good healthy lifestyle habit);
  • If the work is too far, walk at least several stops on foot;
  • The morning exercise invigorates before the day of work, evening – secures sleeping;
  • It is better to walk in the morning or evening in the summer; in the winter the frost stimulates a quick speed, so, it will be a good loading for the organism (excepting abnormal temperatures).

WalkingHow long should I hike?

It depends on a physical state. The unprepared organism will receive charging from slow walking (4 km/h, low intensity, comfortable speed, the pulse doesn’t exceed 80 blows/min.). Duration is about 20 min. at the first stage – up to 30-40 min.

Walking duration for the achievement of improving efficiency is no less than 35 minutes (with a speed 7 km/h, pulse – 65-80 blows/min.).

The advantages of fast walking are in the following:

  • decreased risk of heart diseases ;
  • weight loss;
  • stabilized arterial pressure;
  • physical endurance improvement;
  • better aerobic opportunities.

This stage duration is from several months to one year until your organism get used to hiking for a distance of 6-10 km and does not feel tired. You should regularly maintain your physical shape by health-improving walk.

Walking in one place

Walking in one place is a good load to the main systems of an organism. It can be applied also to the general body strengthening and to endurance increasing. The effect is approximately the same, as at usual walking.

Start walking from 5-10 min., increase up to 60-90 min. The speed of 50-60 steps/min. corresponds to 30-minute walk (a step – an interval between blows of the right leg).

How to live a healthy lifestyle? Climb stairs!

stairsClimbing stairs is a path to health improvement. What to begin with? First of all, you should climb the stairs on foot, not using an elevator.

Another option is more difficult – try rising to the last floor, ignoring your landing, climbing all of the stairs. The main syndrome of the vertical movement is gastrocnemius muscle pain. When muscles cease to react painfully, shortage of breath will stop, and the heartbeat will not beat too fast, the rise should be complicated: try climbing the stairs with tiptoes, later – walk through a step.

The advantages of stairs climbing:

  • development and strengthening of legs muscles;
  • arterial pressure stabilization;
  • weight reduction.

Stairs climbing burns calories much more calories than running on a plain surface. This occupation gives a positive effect if performed no less than 20-35 min. last. But the term of some results achievement is individual for everyone.

The advantage of foot walking isn’t connected with the specially selected time. All you need is to forget about elevators, to ignore escalators if the ladder is near; to refuse transport at the acceptable distances.

In any case, remember, you should constantly strengthen your immune system and body to bear physical loading easily: buy vitamins and herbal supplements at Canadian HealthCare Mall for your sports records improving!